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IDEal by Trixx



IDEal is an advanced new IDE for Blitz Plus and Blitz 3D, easy to use for beginners, yet very powerful with many advanced features for power Blitz users.


- IDEal is very fast... IDEal can load, parse and highlight a file with 15000 code lines in just 1 second. The editor itself also loads in 1 second.
- Real-Time STRICT emulation - special ability to highlight ( default in RED color ) all undeclared / misspelled variables immediately as you type ! Many syntax errors will be immediately visible !
- Powerful parsing engine additionally to standard constructs will recognize and separately highlight inbuilt functions, variables, labels etc.
- Totally customizable.. you can fully customize and arrange menus, toolbars, layout, but most importantly, you can customize context menu and all the shortcuts in the editor.
- Advanced, intelligent, project-wide intellisense for types / fields.
- Advanced, very powerful, customizable autocomplete system. Project-wide and also works with inbuilt functions, variables, labels and constants.
- Advanced AutoIndent system will fully autoindent code as you type . Also available is standard autoindenting mode.
- Powerful auto correct of variable/function casing with project-wide realtime correction of all occurrences of the changed variable / function.
- Braces highlighting of matched braces, surrounding braces, and special ability to highlight ( default in red color ) missed / unmatched braces !
- Code Browser - Multiple levels Code browser will allow you to go to the Previous/Next position and works globally across all opened files.
- HotCodes - short abbreviations for long code/variables/functions to speed up typing and reduce typing errors.
- Powerful option to save all defined bookmarks, folding states and other settings embedded in the file ( and restore them on the next load ) !
- Layouts ( aka perspectives ) - save and restore different layouts with just a key press.
- Workspaces - Workspace is all your opened files/projects ... you can save workspace and restore later, you can load last active workspace ( aka 'load last opened files' ) etc.
- User controllable scope completion.
- Scope tips - IDEal will show the first line of Scope/Loop in the status bar when the cursor is over the keyword that ends that scope/loop !
- External tools - define and run external tools that use blitz source files or created executables ( as UPX, Cod2Doc, preprocessors etc...)
- Snippets manager with categories for your code snippets / templates.
- Integrated file explorer with Favorites ( files and directories ) and Windows Explorer context menu.
- Standard and Private clipboard ring.
- Code Explorer with separate list for functions, types, arrays, variables, constants and includes.
- Global bookmark system - works across all opened files.
- Real-time function help with parameter highlighting, also works with inbuilt functions.
- Second type of comment with different color/style, used, for example to mark more important comments in the code.
- Powerful Find and Replace - can also search in all opened files and project wide. Find Next, Previous, Wrap search, Search from cursor / Top of the file etc...
- Supports different versions of both Blitz3D and Blitz+ at the same time.
- Integrated Help / Web Browser with separate MDI interface.
- Line wrapping mode.
- Unlimited number of compilers.
- 6 different user interface styles and XP themes support.
- Very low CPU / Memory usage .
- Customizable, dockable user interface.
- Full drag & drop support , compatible with windows explorer.
- 100% customizable syntax highlighting with various color schemes .
- Code folding with custom foldable blocks of code.
- Indentation guides with highlighting on scope keywords.
- Split views of multiple files.
- Allow / disallow multiple instances of IDEal.
- Project Manager.
- Unlimited undo/redo.
- Color Picker.
- Cutting/Deleting/Moving up - down of whole lines.
- Various coding and debugging help options.
- IDEal is free !

And many more ! Visit www.fungamesfactory.com for additional info, forum discussions, tips and more...

Some screenshots of IDEal:

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