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Blitz Toolbox/DLLs/Blitz.ZipApi

Blitz.ZipApi by Phil Newton



Latest Release: 27th August, 2007

Blitz.ZipApi is a set of userlib declarations and wrapper functions that allow you to extract files from zip archives, and also to create your own zip files.

Quick list of features:
* Open zip files for reading, find information about individual files and extract them.
* Create new zip files, and add files or data directly from Blitz banks.
* Compress and uncompress Blitz banks.
* Supports passwords for protecting your media.

A quick example of creating a zip and adding files to it:

; Open our new archive
Local zipOut	= ZipApi_CreateZip("my-zip.zip")
; Add some test files
ZipApi_AddFile(zipOut, "example1.bb")
ZipApi_AddFile(zipOut, "example2.bb")
ZipApi_AddFile(zipOut, "example3.bb") 

; Close the zip

You can also add data to a zip file directly from a Blitz bank.

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Project Homepage: http://www.sodaware.net/dev/blitz/libs/blitz.zipapi

Online Documentation: http://docs.sodaware.net/blitz.zipapi/
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