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Blitz Toolbox/DLLs/ETNA

ETNA by RepeatUntil



Etna stands for Easy daTabase Network Access. This library helps to connect to a web database of type PHP/MySql (other database type should work as well). This library may be used with all versions of Blitz (BlitzBasic, BlitzPlus, Blitz3D AND BlitzMax), as well as PureBasic and DELPHI.

The two main advantages of this library are
* it uses threads, which means that the flow of the program is never slowed down while there is a request on a server. You can send more than one thread at a time thanks to the queueing system. This makes this library perfect to be implemented in games, where you don't want that an access to a database slows down the game.
* it has the option to encrypt/decrypt the data you are sending over the internet. This is virtually impossible for a hacker to read what you are sending or receiving. This makes games (high score, statistics) more secure.

* Use of threads: no more slow down of the program while you access the database.
* Unlimited number of threads can run, thanks to the queueing system. You don't have to wait for the completion of a request.
* Ultra-secure encryption to protect your data during the communication with the server (using keys to encrypt/decrypt).
* Automatic detection of encryption when receiving a message so that encryption is as easy as no encryption.
* Very easy to use! Less than 10 lines of code to use ETNA, including threads and encryption!
* In bonus, a new version of the gnet code from Mark Sibly (master server) which uses ETNA and threads so that your game will never freeze again!
* 100% free!! (see license)
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