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Blitz Toolbox

No. Tools
3D ModellersTool for creating and editing individual meshes5
3D Map EditorsTools for creating large level meshes2
3D World EditorsTools for creating worlds full of individual entities2
3D LightmappersTools for creating lightmap textures for levels1
3D Texture ToolsTools for assisting in the process of creating and/or applying textures to 3D models6
3D Animation ToolsTools for animating 3D meshes1
3D Terrain ToolsTools for creating and/or texturing 3D terrains2
2D Paint ProgramsTools for creating 2D images6
Image ProcessorsTools that process images in some way rather than create them3
File UtilitiesTools for dealing with files such as file packers etc1
IDEsIntegrated Development Environment's for use with Blitz6
Code ProcessorsTools that process Blitz source code in some way3
Form DesignersForm designers for BlitzPlus2
GUI LibsBlitz source code libs specifically designed for adding GUI functionality to programs3
Other libsBlitz source code libs other than GUI libs13
DLLsDLLs that add extra functionality to Blitz17
MiscTools that don't fit into the other categories11
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