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MirageX by MrCredo

This was my secret GUI-Project "MirageX"

This is definitly the best GUI - that is available for BB - but it's not free (sorry ;-)

-31 bb-include-files (300KB sourcecode)
-192 images (2,2MB bmp's)
-1-2 years of developement

all object are available:

This GUI was designed for graphic-intensive programs - Leveleditor, 3D-Editor, Multimedia-Tools...... All objects with antialiasing!!!

at the moment i stopped the developement - because here are some problems with bb+ (to many changes in bb-syntax) and i waiting for bbmax to rewrite it a bit... The source-code is ULTRA-clean and ULTRA-FAST- 100% modular - i can remove unused objects in minutes... You can't see some other cool features:

-window-priority (top most)
-3d-camera with direct control
-icons in window-titlebar and in buttons
-complete image-based = skinable (but here are too many images = nightmare to create a skin)
-inputbox for integer, float, string, password, hex-value.............
-great event-system (you can catch events before mirageX refresh objects)
-miragex change only changed objects - ultrafast
-and some other features that i forgot *g*

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 72
Average rating: 3.88 / 5

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