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Blobs #2 by ImaginaryHuman

This is a variation of my realtime blobby-object engine. The blobs here are individually animated and in this example are based on inversed blobs - the blobs form as concave shapes rather than convex. These are real metaballs that dynamically merge and split depending on proximity and in this example, due to the inverting of the blobs, they kind of `bubble up` like a viscious liquid. There are about 30 blob objects on-screen in this shot.

This is the foundation of a game which will be based on energy fields and various related metaphysical themes. The aim is to have all of the graphics be rendered in realtime with no (noticeable) use of pre-rendered images. You can use your imagination to visualize various intersting things going on inside the main blob areas. :-)

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 17
Average rating: 3.29 / 5

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