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Pea-Guy: DDR by SopiSoft

Pea-Guy: Defeating Dr.Robotica

This is my first commercial game called "Pea-Guy: Defeating Dr.Robotica" which is published by Astral Entertainment.
Astral Entertainment once created Pea-Guy and made some commercial games with him in it as the main character and this game is a sequel in the storyline. The game is part of A-Sock-Ellipse Now!, a compilation CD with 3 Pea-Guy games and a short movie on it.

Game Description:
In "Defeating Dr. Robotica" Pea-Guy goes on an all-out assault on Dr. Robotica's castle and factory while facing many difficult challenges, especially the Nasty Robots of Dr. Robotica's own creation.
"Defeating Dr. Robotica" is an action-packed shooter where you fight many different types of enemies, from old-fashioned Chompies to walking cannons, often at the same time, and can collect a wide variety of weapons from the basic sword to the highly advanced "shooties".
The controls are simple and you can get into the game and start the action almost immediately, in addition difficulty can be adjusted for all levels of player.

More Screenshots:

For additional info go to:
Astral Entertainment's Website
Pea-Guy:DDR Website

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 22
Average rating: 2.64 / 5

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