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Black Widow by Sokurah

This is my remake of Black Widow in BlitzMax.
The original game was made by Atari in 1982.

Black Widow is an arena-shooter, where the object is to defeat the insects and get as far as you can. As a spider in the center of the web, you must defend it and yourself from invading bugs. These foes will try to run into you, blow you up if shoot them, or fire rockets at you if you do not kill the other enemies! It has been described as a cross between Robotron: 2084 due to one joystick being used for movement and another one for firing. Does not have as many objects on the screen as Robotron but gets intense enough anyway. :-)

Download it from my site here: http://tardis.dk/wordpress/?page_id=445

I hope you like it. :-)

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 12
Average rating: 4.25 / 5

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