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Candy Hop and Go by Xilvan

This is the latest release of Candy World : The Golden Bones Tome II v2.90, this is the semi final release of the game, the next release will have more music made by me...

Candy must get courageous and explore more levels (35), having more habilities she will show more polyvalency and more efficiancy than the latest free game Xilvan Design made this year... Candy must find her Golden Bones to get alive again... 35 Worlds are waiting for her... from dank Mushroom Worlds, Brisk Automn Breeze, Salty dog ocean, Anciant Atlantis City to Spiritual Mountain, by passing into Futuristic city and rural village and Cloudy land until the final in the graveyard... Where you'll uncover the fantastic secret behind her regeneration...
Candy world : The Golden Bones :
a kindly dog's Adventure in the line of Super Mario Galaxy with an enchanting dog relief and a bit of Xilvan Design soul...

Launch date : Fall 2008/Winter 2009

Official website:

Download website:
Lights of Dreams : The Angelical Blade
Candy World : The Golden Bones

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 51
Average rating: 2.78 / 5

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