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Mashup FMC Revisited by AdrianT

I once posted some pics of FMC, Well recently Cygnus and I played aroudn with it for a few days, starting from scratch using slightly updated versions of the old media.

The biggest enhancement is the networking, including networked physics which dynamicaly adjusts depending on whats active in the scene.

It worked out really well even with 100 tokomak boxes, 2 players plus several AI players the game should run quite well on a 128/128 UL/DL client. Assuming that your not too distant from the server.

Just this minute made a quickie streaming video just to show the game moving. Were going to have to add strafe like FMC had. Hard to control after not playing it a couple of weeks.

6.5mb WMV


Submitted: 1+ years ago
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