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Code archives/BlitzPlus Gui/R, G, B To LockedFormat Short/Int

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R, G, B To LockedFormat Short/Int by Snarty1+ years ago
This is an example of how you go about converting 0-255 r,g,b elements into 1 Short or Integer. Pass the mode as returned by "LockedFormat()" along with the colour you wish to convert and it will return the correct Short/Int.

Remember: Modes 1, and 2 you need to PokeShort, otherwise it's PokeInt.
Function ConvertRGB(r,g,b,Mode=0)

	Select Mode
		Case 1
			Col=((r/8) Shl 11) Or ((g/4) Shl 5) Or (b/8) 
			Return Col
		Case 2
			Col=((r/8) Shl 10) Or ((g/8) Shl 5) Or (b/8) 
			Return Col
			Col=(r Shl 16) Or (g Shl 8) Or b
			Return Col
	End Select

End Function



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