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.bbFunctions for returning the file or dir from a path.Functions for returning the file or dir from a path.Rob Hutchinson1+ years ago
.bbLike FunctionSearch strings using wildcardsDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbFunction Roman$Convert number to Roman NumeralsDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbGet-Integer V1.1Converts Hex-Strings (e.g. "$FF" or "$FCE2") in a Variable (Integer)AL901+ years ago
.bbBlitz CompilerA simple compiler written in Blitzmarksibly1+ years ago
.bbKey constantsConstants for all the key scan-codesEricZann1+ years ago
.bbHex-2-DecConverts a Hexidecimal color code into RGB decimal valuesKlapster1+ years ago
.bbDetecting DoubleclicksDetecting Mouse DoubleclicksDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbFloating point trapDemonstrates FFP (in)accuracy becoming a problemEntity1+ years ago
.bbLinked Lists 1.2Amiga style Linked List functionsEntity1+ years ago
.bbnew trim$ functionfixes the trim$ 'bug'dan_upright1+ years ago
.bb2D bullet code for the beginner2D bullet code for the beginner uses typesRob1+ years ago
.bbScripting engineA simple script engine for in game scenesNeo Genesis101+ years ago
.bbBasic Stack structureCreate, Push, Pop, Free onto an Integer stackAngelEyes1+ years ago
.bbRandom Version Number GeneratorGenerates a random version number, so you don't have to! Blu_Matt1+ years ago
.bbAlphabetical SortSort any number of strings into alphabetical ordermrtricks1+ years ago
.bbRotaryDirectionReturns the quickest direction to move in 360 degrees to arrive at the destination angleSkully1+ years ago
.bbVariable Step For..Next loopThis demonstrates the variable For..Next Loop system*1+ years ago
.bbPrinter-routineOutdated !wedoe1+ years ago
.bbBlitzMedia Player!Simple media player!SopiSoft1+ years ago
.bbSimple Blinking TechniqueThis code is if you ever want to have text or images blink on the screen. JoJo1+ years ago
.bbBBpeg Video PlayerPlay MPEG video files through BlitzFoX1+ years ago
.bbPokeString, PeekString to banksPokes a string into a bank or peeks one back out.....AngelEyes1+ years ago
.bbUseful functionsSome useful functions for many types of games*1+ years ago
.bbFPS counterDoes your taxes..no wait. counts your prog's FPS (really!)SurreaL1+ years ago
.bbVerify LoadImage() and LoadAnimImage()LoadImage() functions to verify image exists or otherwise display detailed error .Glitch011+ years ago
.bbHoming Missiles!This code makes unlimited 3D curved path homing missiles!Rob1+ years ago
.bbRelative Radar examplePlots a 2D radar from a 3D sceneRhodan1+ years ago
.bbWindows Screen SaverHas nothing to do with writing games, but is very nice...Kalle1+ years ago
.bbFormat$ (number,digits [,places])Format number with aligned digits and fixed decimal fieldDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbWorking BarCustom working bar functionRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbBB Source Code CounterCounts the number of lines in all .bb filesKing Dave1+ years ago
.bbAnalogue Clock FunctionShows the time as an Analogue ClockRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbCurve Anglesmooth rotation.Ice91+ years ago
.bbColour ChartColour picker... Click the colour and copy the rgb valuesRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbMediaView EnhancedMediaView Enhancements for Drag/Drop, Lighting, ect.superqix1+ years ago
.bbDelphi DLLs in B3DWrite DLLs for Blitz3D in Delphisuperqix1+ years ago
.bbWin32 Access Through Blitz DLL Use Visual C++Just gives you tips on one way to access the Win32 though DLL.ronbravo1+ years ago
.bbReverse an arrayThis example show how to reverse the values into an array without use another temporary array.hub1+ years ago
.bbMath EvaluationWith this you can eval mathmatics through a stringZenith(Matt Griffith)1+ years ago
.bbTypes for newbiesHow make simple windows using typesFilax1+ years ago
.bbCPU InfoA DLL plus Blitz functions for retrieving CPU informationBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbString/Int/Float evaluator for withing BlitzEvalulate dynamic expression during runtimeskn31+ years ago
.bbArrays of typesUsing dim to make a set of typesInner1+ years ago
.bbJulian Days conversionVery useful for day calculationsImphenzia1+ years ago
.bbLinked Lists / Dynamic Lists / Threads / EtcA Type of Types !!!skn31+ years ago
.bbOpen CD DoorOpen CD-audio-doorVertex1+ years ago
.bbSame Door closed ;-)Close the door pleaseRGR1+ years ago
.bbText print queueHandles display of console-like text messagesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDebugTextSpecial debug version of text, mostly for 3D debuggingBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS: MaterialMaterial.class | Material objectpoopla1+ years ago
.bbSimple Transition AlgorithmNifty algo that can be used to increment gradually from one value to another.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbTower of HanoiQuick easy method to solve the Tower of Hanoi PuzzleNeuro1+ years ago
.bblistClassList Managementmakakoman1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Action.bbAction ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Engine SourceEngine SourceTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Level.bbLevel Loader and moreTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Queue.bbBinary Heap Priority Queue that sorts by lowest keyTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Clock.bbA simple 'count-down' timing objectTechlord1+ years ago
.bbBSODThis is just a test piece of coderiotvan1+ years ago
.bbText input boxSimple text input box functionelias_t1+ years ago
.bbSplit FunctionSeparates a string into parts using a specified delimiterMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbCredits ScrollerGives you a movie end credits thingRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbsimple graph libraryallows you to monitor variables with a funky graphRimmsy1+ years ago
.bbFormat a numberFormat$("345233","#,###.##")skn31+ years ago
.bbZones LibraryCreate screen Zones and interact with themMurilo1+ years ago
.bbPortIO Blitz+IO from any port using userlibNigel Brown1+ years ago
.bbCommand line switchesShows to write a custom command line switch routineDaz1+ years ago
.bbAddition ProgramAdds two numbers together using just Or, And, Not, Shr, ShlMichael Reitzenstein1+ years ago
.bbstrip_filename$(filename$)strips filename from full pathnameKev1+ years ago
.bbAppHandle()Get Blitz handle directly and fastlyRed1+ years ago
.bbText and Data UtilitiesUseful code for dealing with text and datapodperson1+ years ago
.bbBlitz HaikuA pseudo-Haiku generator in BlitzSynchronist1+ years ago
.bbGetWord$()This function finds "word" number X within a string.sswift1+ years ago
.bbClipboard - Text Copy & PasteTwo functions to read & write to through the clipboardEOF1+ years ago
.bbcut / copy / paste / undo / redoeasy way to edit TextAreaRed1+ years ago
.bbTextAreaJumpToLineforce textarea to scroll verticallyRed1+ years ago
.bbSetTextAreaSelChange textarea selectionRed1+ years ago
.bbClearBankFills a bank with zeroscbmeeks1+ years ago
.bbFunction SpeedWill return the time taken to perfom functions_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbUsing The Microsoft .NET Framework with BlitzHowto use .NET DLL's with Blitz3D/BlitzPlusJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbDynamic, accurate, and smart frame limitingAccurate frame limitingSecond Chance1+ years ago
.bbGreat Timers!!!!Debuging Timers that work!DH1+ years ago
.bbBlitz Lexical AnalyserBlitz functions to split a Blitz source file into tokensSteve Hill1+ years ago
.bbBlitzBeautifierCreates beautiful looking code from ugly codeSteve Hill1+ years ago
.bbData Bank SystemData Bank SystemKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbAutomated Map LoaderThis is pretty self explanatory, but this will take a specified file that points to a bunch of pieces of your map, and load them all with specific FX settings.N1+ years ago
.bbNeptune's Caverns - OriginalA small text game port, from a kids book from c64 basic, to blitz. Straight Port.Uhfgood1+ years ago
.bbNeptune's Caverns, Updated and modernized.Took the original port I had made, and then removed goto's and gosubs.Uhfgood1+ years ago
.bbManic MinerManic Miner for Blitz BasicBig&1+ years ago
.bbResize and Maximize Blitz Window!How to use Windows functions to modify a Blitz window.fredborg1+ years ago
.bbDisable window Close buttonUses windows API calls to disable the close button on the window system menuPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bb221 lines Snake cloneJust a little game I was working on, since i won't finish (not now anyway) i decided to post the code under GPLInsane Games1+ years ago
.bbHasFocus()This function tells you if your game window currently has focus.sswift1+ years ago
.bbTrue Flag?do what mark doesNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbExtract a number under a string with SPACEUse it for your lan coding !Filax1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Bot.bbBot ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbQuoteLintSimple debugging utilityMuffinRemnant1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: TypeWriter][ Code WizardGenerates a set of commonly used object functions from a type structure.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Stack.bbGeneral Purpose FILO StackTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: How To Get Started Guide.How To Get Started Guide.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Markerset.bbMarketset Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Camera.bbStandard Mouselook Camera Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Waypointer.bbWaypoint Editing UtilityTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Worker.bbWorker Module aka HelperTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Start.bbStart Screen Config Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Vector.bbVector Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbConway's Game of LifeA simple Cellular Automaton in BlitzDarkNature1+ years ago
.bbSetIconSet window/taskbar/task switcher icon at Runtimemearrin691+ years ago
.bbTournamentBlitz.com Event Managment System SDK for Blitz3DTBEMS SDK for Blitz3DTechlord1+ years ago
.bbDelete similar typesDeletes copies of a particular typeShambler1+ years ago
.bbWhat kind of OS?Find the current OS with a WINAPI CallMPZ1+ years ago
.bbForrest fire modelBurn your screen offDarkNature1+ years ago
.bbColorPicker with WinApiColorPicker for Blitz3D in WindowsModusMPZ1+ years ago
.bbCreate List similar to Task Manager with Blitz3DTask Manager like ProgramMike Yurgalavage1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Gadget.bb3D Graphic User Interface ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbLimitFrameRateAnother dynamic framerate limiterPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbTokenizeA function to split strings into smaller pieces by specifying seperators.N1+ years ago
.bbBank peek/poke/read/write 1-32 bits using all mathAllows you to write data using odd numbers of bits. Includes a pokestring function with each charachter=6 bitsBot Builder1+ years ago
.bbgzip files and banksuses zlib.dllKlaas1+ years ago
.bbZen Blaster!Well worth a look!!!AMC1+ years ago
.bbPut some string in bank !You can use memory like file, only for text file !Filax1+ years ago
.bbCustom functions Decl fileCreates a Decl file so you can hit F1 on your own functionsRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbb+ CreateDelayTimer(length)Creates a timer that will trigger after a specified time period.skn31+ years ago
.bbacidstubBuilds external interface for a Blitz project using .dll callback mechanismskidracer1+ years ago
.bbOverhead Spaceship GameThe source code for Space Corps ArmageddonBanshee1+ years ago
.bbMiniShootA small top-down 2D shooter. Enemies, projectiles, and a playerN1+ years ago
.bbMulti Function ReturnsMulti Function variable passing/modifyingKev1+ years ago
.bbBlitzHackerAs your programs are safe?Vertex1+ years ago
.bbAPPP - Almost Pointless PreprocessorAlmost Pointless PreProcessor - A PreProcessor for BlitzBasic that gives you basic OOPL featuresN1+ years ago
.bbsmall exe buildercreates .exe, useful for compiler/wrapperKev1+ years ago
.bbSimple Linked ListsA set of functions to help with list managementdmaz1+ years ago
.bbmini frame counterframe counter in a few linesKel1+ years ago
.bbregistry access functionsfunctions that allow reading/writing to the registrygman1+ years ago
.bbINI access functionsfunctions that allow reading/writing to INI filesgman1+ years ago
.bbKey Constants and String ArrayContains constants for all scancodes and a string array containing key namesPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbChange Desktop WallpaperuserlibEikon1+ years ago
.bbUltimate Mushroom Collector 2004Boulderdash with computer players playing too.... chav fight for 'shrooms!Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbVal()Convert strings containing Hex, Binary or Floating Decimal values to a numeric valueBarliesque1+ years ago
.bbWindows ShutdownShutdown your windowspexe1+ years ago
.bbSystem UpTimeReturn millisecs() with the given formatpexe1+ years ago
.bbAsteroidsA full (except death) asteroids game with a 2D particle system.Jonathan Nguyen1+ years ago
.bbuser and computername with winapigive you the user and computername of you pcMPZ1+ years ago
.bbnewstart-requester with winapinewstart-requesterMPZ1+ years ago
.bbStore structured data in stringsFunctions to create and use structured data consisting of named records and value fields stored in stringsZethrax1+ years ago
.bbPitfall IISource code for Pitfall II remakeWolRon1+ years ago
.bbSystem MemoryuserlibEikon1+ years ago
.bbMovement PegsThese are commonly used in 3d modelling tools to move objects aboutPicklesworth1+ years ago
.bbBinary decision treeCode generator for binary decision treesxMicky1+ years ago
.bmxPole Position/Outrun Racetrack code (2d)Draws a 2d track in perspective on screenDamien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbApplication DirectoryAvoid confusion, and use this to set the real path to your game!fredborg1+ years ago
.bbMySQL Database.bb and PHP Handler ScriptA Simple MySQL Database Lib and PHP Handler ScriptTechlord1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Window FrameworkGive your window a title and center it on screenEikon1+ years ago
.bbDebug Onscreen Text thingyBuilds up a bunch of text to display on screen in one hit.Rob Farley1+ years ago
.bmxSplitSplits a string into an array of words/substringsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bmxTask Icon in WindowsHow to assign a task icon to your programEikon1+ years ago
.bmxSplitStringFunction to split a string at the specified delimiters and returns a Tlist as the resultPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxRoman NumeralsFunction to convert an INT to Roman NumeralsBooticus1+ years ago
.bbSubstring$(string1$,x,y)Substring functionZach3D1+ years ago
.bmxStrInsert FunctionInsert a string into another via a slicePerturbatio1+ years ago
.bb! (Factorial) FinderFinds the factorial of a number.Lattyware1+ years ago
.bbmatrix codecreates the scroling code from the matrix moviesgrindalf1+ years ago
.bmx2 Split String to Array funcs2 Functions to divide a string at given charsklepto21+ years ago
.bmxYet Another String to Array Routine - BMXTakes a string and splits it into either analtitudems1+ years ago
.bbPrint an imageHow to print an image without a DLL/APIKuron1+ years ago
.bmxZooming In/OutZoom with Mouse WheelCruis.In1+ years ago
.bmxTokenize a stringSplit a string in several tokens (substring) using a delimiterRepeatUntil1+ years ago
.bmxCreate Process (windows)Process spawning class for windowsLomat1+ years ago
.bmxGame state engineMakes it easier to split your game into different statesdeps1+ years ago
.bbAnother GUIGUIRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbScancode mnemonic Const'sImprove code readability with mnemonic names instead of numbers for Scancode tests.VP1+ years ago
.bbI/O Ports, Parallel PortAllows Easy I/O Port ControlWayne1+ years ago
.bbRender TweeningI thought it was about time I posted this (it was previously on BlitzCoder) - grief - it's two years old!John Blackledge1+ years ago
.bmxArray concatenation functionsEasily concatenate arrays or portions of themPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Event HandlingBlitzMax port of Gamedev.net tutorial sourcedeps1+ years ago
.bbZX Screen SimulatorZX Spectrum screenfile viewerMikele1+ years ago
.bbInventory example (Bag in bag system)This is a simple Bag in Bag inventory example. Good for RPG games and RTS. Putt Multipple units in a Unit.Wings1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGui Resize & Redraw Canvas ExampleExample of dynamic resizing of a windows display.Shagwana1+ years ago
.bbMouseXSpeed() / MouseYSpeed()Brings the functionality of MouseXSpeed/MouseYSpeed to BMax.Chroma1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI Panel Image ButtonsPanels serving as image buttons with color text (and color background if no image supplied)WendellM1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbc e l l u l a rc e l l u l a r - 3D GameTechlord1+ years ago
.bmxThe little ant that couldSimple rules, interesting patterndeps1+ years ago
.bbBattleTanksDrive your tank around the city with your AI teammates, hunting down your enemies, receiving reinforcements as you progress through multiple waves of enemies.John J.1+ years ago
.bbMove StuffMove /rotate objects and record their positionbingman1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ApplicationAn abstract type for writing event handling applications.Fabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ProcessStreamA module containing a process stream factory using pub.freeprocess.Fabian.1+ years ago
.bmxSmartSplit FunctionSplits Strings Intelligently.CoderLaureate1+ years ago
.bmxLua State WrapperAn object-oriented interface to Lua statesN1+ years ago
.bmxOpenConsoleA simple reconfigurable console for use in your BMax appsPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxStringListBmax stringlist with most of the TList functionalityPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxIntLista hack of my StringList that allows you to maintain a list of IntsPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxObjectLista generic list type using arraysPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxNTFS-LinksCreates NTFS file linksFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.StdIOStreamA module for easy access to the standard input and output streamFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxC qsort WrapperWrapper functions for the C qsort functionN1+ years ago
.bb2D Click 'n' MoveMove an image to the last position clicked with the mousePaul Murray1+ years ago
.bmxMAXGUI - ScrollAreaA Fake ScrollArea TGadgetREDi1+ years ago
.bmxA Simple Text EditorA very simple text editor similar to Notepad.po1+ years ago
.bmxInsert value into an arrayA function to insert a value into any location of an arrayBremer1+ years ago
.bmxModel's Texture NamesGet Texture Filenames from ModelJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbModel's Texture NamesGet Texture Filenames from ModelJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbComponent-Object Entity SystemThe base of a component-object based entity systemN1+ years ago
.bmxSimple RectA VERY simple rect structDiablo1+ years ago
.bmxTVUmeter(MaxGUI) actions in VUmeter fashionCS_TBL1+ years ago
.bbKoalsdemonstrates bouncing ballsmindstorms1+ years ago
.bmxGUI Base CodeSome GUI Base CodeDiablo1+ years ago
.bbButton3D3D look buttonFernhout1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Function Pointers (Hack)Advanced info for C++ programmers!MCP1+ years ago
.bmxSimple system tray moduleSystem tray moduleozak1+ years ago
.bmxObject-Oriented MaxGUI WrapperWhat the title saysN1+ years ago
.bmxCharacter Code ConstantsCharacter code constantsN1+ years ago
.bmxIcon in Top Left corner of WindowIcon in Top LeftGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bbString Handling FunctionsString Handling FunctionsGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bmxWindows Screen Saver FrameworkA simple windows screen saver framework for BMax + MaxGUIYan1+ years ago
.bbGraphics fonts libraryA library to load/draw bitmap fonts (also not-monospace)splinux1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Win32 GUIA simple OO Win32 GUIN1+ years ago
.bmx[bmax] Interval systemCall any function(s) at regular intervals - set & goBeaker1+ years ago
.bmxGetRegistryFunction to get a registry entryN1+ years ago
.bbXGuiEasy and full skinable GUI with WindowsXP and MacOS skinbytecode771+ years ago
.bbSoftware-Renderer3D-Engine written in Blitz2D!bytecode771+ years ago
.bbWhere is my current directory?Ensure current directory is know, and where it should beNicstt1+ years ago
.bbCall dll at runtime (no not CallDLL).Calls DLL functions and com methods during runtimeSpinduluz1+ years ago
.bmxLinked List & Hash Table CollectionsSee title; better than BRL.LinkedList's TListN1+ years ago
.bmxasteroids movementthrust and turn like in classic asteroidsbradford61+ years ago
.bmxSimple TimerType for a simple TimerH&K1+ years ago
.bmxTDateTimeDate Time TypeSmurftra1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbCoder2d(for beginning your code)Generates Base CodeFuller1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI: Make a GUI Window Flash*For Windows Only ATMSebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxMouse controlled "spaceship" firing rockets which explode after a defined timeNothing fancy, just a fully commented code snippet written to help you understand basic movement, gravity, classes (types) etc.kronholm1+ years ago
.bbFading TextMake Text that fades in and then fades out!Petron1+ years ago
.bmxCentering TextCentering TextEric1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI: Adding the correct German hotkey textReplaceGrisu1+ years ago
.bbBinary tree balancedAbstract class for creating trees with O(log(n)) eficiencyPaposo1+ years ago
.bbPeekPoke Module for B3D/B+Allows direct memory access via Kernel32.dllmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbGet File FunctionRemoves the path and returns only the file name in a stringxmlspy1+ years ago
.bmxHook/Redirect functionsHooking/redirecting of function callsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bbQuick Media ViewerDrop any file onto Media Viewer Iconjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bmx[MaxGUI] GUITools classCollection of MaxGUI related functionsJake L.1+ years ago
.bbSimple Math Compilerx86 output and calculationVertex1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.IOStreamA module with some stream definitions used by other modulesFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.SystemTrayA module to add, modify or remove icons in the system icon trayFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.DevelopmentWith this module you can create threads and hook functionsFabian.1+ years ago
.bbSprite Candy Cursortwo functions for scRifRaf1+ years ago
.bmxArmadillo/Software Passport FunctionsFunctions to get information from an Armadillo/Software Passport Protected EXEgellyware1+ years ago
.bmxNumber Formattakes a number and outputs a string with decimal placement, commas and left paddingdmaz1+ years ago
.bbWara text-based war game.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bbCar SalesmanA very easy game to modify, or fun to play.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bmxGC Debug outputOutputs GC debug messagestonyg1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.RequesterA module to show some system requestersFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxFunction HookingHooking function addressesAzathoth1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Event KillerRemoves any events matching an Event ID from the event queue.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxProper BMax Icon SupportLoads and shows an icon on the title barGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bbModel ViewerViews b3d/x/3dsbytecode771+ years ago
.bbreverse a type listhow to reverse a custom typeb321+ years ago
.bbMappy RoutineConversion of my Mappy plug-in from PureBasic/GSDK/DBProNicholas1+ years ago
.bmxINI-like configuration reading and writingINI-like codeNicholas1+ years ago
.bmxFoldable panelsFoldable panels (MaxGUI)CS_TBL1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ObjectToolCode working with objects and its typesFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxPriority QueuePriority queue based in heap treePaposo1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.TweaksOverrides some brl functions correcting some bugsFabian.1+ years ago
.bbLists 1.1Draw scrollable lists, buttons and context menues in blitz (like the windows GUI)Diego1+ years ago
.bbExample to ListsSome example how to work with my listsDiego1+ years ago
.bmxVirtual KeysUses keybd_event from user32.dll, win32 only.plash1+ years ago
.bmxHashtable type for BMaxA hashtable that can store single or multiple objects. Very Fast!SculptureOfSoul1+ years ago
.bmxHigh Resolution TimersA short class for using high resolution timers in BlitzMax (WIN32 only)Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bmxGadget Tooltips (Win32)Tooltips/Balloon tips for MaxGUI gadgetsgrable1+ years ago
.bmxMAXGUI: Multiple file requester[Win32] Allows for selecting multiple files in a file requester.grable1+ years ago
.bmxIcon TypeType for using icons in BlitzMAX appTomToad1+ years ago
.bbCurrentday Currenttime Currentyear3 easy functions for getting the date seperatedLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bmxArbitary Code ExcecutionRun machine code, stored on the heapPantheon1+ years ago
.bbSmiley FaceA smiley faceXzider1+ years ago
.bbalarm.bbA simple alarm library to easily deal with multiple timerskochOn1+ years ago
.bbDatabase functionsDBF reading/modifying/writing functionsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxWin32 DriveInfo GetHardDrives() GetCdDrives() GetNetworkDrives() GetRemoveableDrives() GetRamDrives()Get Hard drive / cd drive / flash drive / etc capacity / available bytesskn31+ years ago
.bmxGetVersionString()Determine Windows OS versionGfK1+ years ago
.bbMore 'traditional' looking smiley face.Have a Nice Day!Tranz1+ years ago
.bmxCheetah DBCheetah DB for BMaxBlueapples1+ years ago
.bbDataAn example of data in a mouse avoider game, few levels included.Petron1+ years ago
.bbTree-like structureDisplays changeable tree-like structure with elements as random colored boxes connected by linesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxRegistry ModuleRead / Write to the windows registry easilyskn31+ years ago
.bmxSimple tprocess wrapper. eof() readline()Easy to use process wrapper for simons free process module. Read process output.skn31+ years ago
.bbScripts using exampleSimple screen-to-screen tile-based RPG scriptMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbSimple interactive tutorial using scriptsLearning controls of simple model viewerMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D commands benchmarkSeveral randomly mixed passes of command execution inside cycleMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbDrag and Drop objects on a gridA simple example of moving objects in a type around on a gridRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbDrag and Drop on a Hexagon GridDrag and Drop tokens on a Hexagon gridRob Farley1+ years ago
.bmxitohProduces C/C++ .h files from BlitzMax modulesskidracer1+ years ago
.bbPHP-based BlitzMax module serverIt's a installation instruction for a PHP-based module server sitting on a webserverFabian.1+ years ago
.bbword parseparses passed stringKev1+ years ago
.bbwin32: start,stop,open,install,uninstall windows services!!!Simplified control over windows servicesskn31+ years ago
.bmxQuestion and Answer TypeA short type that handles multiple choice questions (inc Q&A File)...Dabz1+ years ago
.bbPort ScannerScans Open/Closed PortsXzider1+ years ago
.bbDisplay ASCII chartALl it does is display the ASCII chart_331+ years ago
.bmxPC Beep!PC Speaker beep, with timerspacerat1+ years ago
.bmxCheetah database for blitzmaxCheetah database for blitzmaxFilax1+ years ago
.bmxAnnihilationGeometry ShooterBig&1+ years ago
.bmxHigh Resolution Timer ModuleModule using high resolution timersTomToad1+ years ago
.bmxLambdaLambda Types/FunctionsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bmxStore media encryptedLet you store the media used by your program encrypted within a single filexMicky1+ years ago
.bbTaxi GameThe basics for a Taxi game...JA21+ years ago
.bb[MaxGUI/Win32]: Transparent Window GadgetsTransparent / Alpha Window Gadgetsgrable1+ years ago
.bbSome date functionsDate functions I created for my console project_331+ years ago
.bbCurrent GMT Date/Time Grabbers2 functions to grab the Current date/Time in GMTYahfree1+ years ago
.bmxXml Localization fileAdd simply localization in your programs :)Filax1+ years ago
.bbscreensaver codepreview window works!mindstorms1+ years ago
.bbcircle warsA little game I made to test out an idea of mine...xtremegamr1+ years ago
.bbCSS link color genDefine colors for every link on your page with CSSYo! Wazzup?1+ years ago
.bbBig Bad DragonA simple text-based RPGTechlord1+ years ago
.bbThe 168 Hour Pong Making Contest!The 168 Hour Pong Making Contest!Techlord1+ years ago
.bmxStart/Stop and Control a Windows NT ServiceTo start or stop an Windows NT Service and get the state ofandre721+ years ago
.bmxCPU & Video System InformationDetect CPU and ATI Video adapter informationxlsior1+ years ago
.bbLine point statistics editorStatistics screen with drag featureNebula1+ years ago
.bbWorld Time clocks5 clocks showing world timesNebula1+ years ago
.bbString splitting functionWill split an undetermined # of items from a stringUUICEO1+ years ago
.bbRectsoverlaprects overlap for BmaxLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bmxClone ObjectsThis uses reflection to make deep or shallow copies of objects.Azathoth1+ years ago
.bmxSet desktop wallpaperRandomly choose a new desktop wallpaper from a directoryJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxAppLog ModuleA useful module to handle data loggingJoshK1+ years ago
.bbAppSettings moduleAdvanced settings with the command lineJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxLinkObjects ModuleRetrieve an object related to a pair of objectsJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxMemory MonitorA simple memory monitor for use with BlitzMax & MaxGUIMark Tiffany1+ years ago
.bmxUnicode/UTF-8 en/decodingUTF-8 en/decodingJunkprogger1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI TemplateThis template allow the user to make maxgui apps :)Filax1+ years ago
.bmxUTF8 <-> Unicode converterJust a another UTF8 <-> Unicode converterSpace Fractal1+ years ago
.bbFolder information (b+)Read Folder and make info fileNebula1+ years ago
.bbTop down adventureG=grenade ; cursor movementNebula1+ years ago
.bbBarkanoidColor sorting ; color stackingNebula1+ years ago
.bbMap GeneratorCreates maps for pen and paper RPG'sSauer1+ years ago
.bmxNewton Game Dynamics header converterConverts Newton Game Dynamics header file to BlitzMax codeJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxFryGUI Form Designera form designer for fryguiplash1+ years ago
.bbRadar example (dim)RadarNebula1+ years ago
.bmxConsoleCode for interacting with a consoleN1+ years ago
.bmxWin32 Color Picker DialogShows a color picker where the user can choose a colorIon1+ years ago
.bbDelete mePleaseOiduts Studios1+ years ago
.bmxGame of lifeA simple gamenawi1+ years ago
.bbFloatToDouble Module for B3D/B+Convert floats to doubles and back for DLL functionsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbPsychoScript v0.5Alpha scripting libraryBaystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbFormatOutPrint a string with colors, returns tabs an so on | Zeichenkette mit Farben, Return, Tabulator u.s.w. ausgebenDiego1+ years ago
.bmxautomax.modwin32 only module for various thingsplash1+ years ago
.bmxPak file systemAllows the user to pak all resources together into a single encrypted/compressed file.Helios1+ years ago
.bmxKaleidoscopeKaleidoscope effect on imageTomToad1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Split String FunctionSplit / UBoundSpencer1+ years ago
.bmxTime and DateConvert a time stamp to a date structure, and get online file datesJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxType Access in Lua via ReflectionCode to allow access to BlitzMax types and objects in Lua, including methods and fields, by using brl.ReflectionN1+ years ago
.bbSimple Dungeon GeneratorCreate traditional roguelike dungeons!Ryan Burnside1+ years ago
.bmxType hierarchyGather type hierarchy using reflectionplash1+ years ago
.bbROR/ROLROR and ROL for Blitz3D :)_331+ years ago
.bmx[MaxGUI] MultiButtonListA special list box with checkbox, label, tooltips, and scrollingdegac1+ years ago
.bbPokeByteAdd / PokeByteSubtractInstead of poking a value, Poke an operation!_331+ years ago
.bmxTMap visualiseSee what is happening inside a TMapBeaker1+ years ago
.bmxMethod Call SchedulerAllows object methods to be called at a specific time in the futureUSNavyFish1+ years ago
.bmx(De)serialization llibrarySmall (de)serialization library for runtime saving/loading of complex objects to/from a file/streamJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bmxWorkingQueueImplementation of a WorkingQueue with a ThreadPoolKurator1+ years ago
.bmxString Format modulekind of like perl format or printfdmaz1+ years ago
.bbC64 Sprite DumperDumps sprites from c64 screen capturesMatthew Smith1+ years ago
.bbIP scannerFinds all computers on the network (eventually)schilcote1+ years ago
.bmxMap, Filter, Reduce functions for TListsa bit of functional programmingWarpy1+ years ago
.bmxCode Execution Timerssome functions to help time different parts of your programWarpy1+ years ago
.bmxAlgebraic Data Typesyes, seriously. Functional programming invades bmax!Warpy1+ years ago
.bmxArbitrary precision integershandle integers as large as you like, bigger than 32-bitWarpy1+ years ago
.bmxMoveObjectUp and MoveObjectDownTwo functions for moving objects in a listplash1+ years ago
.bmxListAppendList and InsertListBeforeLinkMore extra list functions - adding lists togetherplash1+ years ago
.bbHigh Score SystemA simple little high score system you can use or modify for most games.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bmxExtended Date and Time FunctionsMore functions for getting the time and date. (Sorry if this has already been done!)Ked1+ years ago
.bmxBMX side scroller/2d tile engine2d tile engine/side scroller frameworkWarner1+ years ago
.bbBB side scroller/2d tile engine2d tile engine/side scroller frameworkWarner1+ years ago
.bbStringListMultipurpose StringList functions for b3dMahan1+ years ago
.bmx2D Camera MouseLookUse the mouse to 'look around' a player.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bb2D Ball CollisionsSmaller program for ball collisions...UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bmxCrude 3D Engine Using 2DMy attempt at making a 3D world of lines with BlitzMax.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bmxText 'Shadow'Draw text on screen with a simple shadow.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bmxLua HooksA simple way of hooking Lua functions with simple string hooks.Galaxy6131+ years ago
.bmxTentacle like armtentacle that tries to reach a point (x,y) on the screenTWH1+ years ago
.bmxDisable aeroglass theme in Windows VistaDisable aeroglass theme in Windows VistaJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxRound to power of twoRounds a float to the closest power of twoOtus1+ years ago
.bmxReplace Method at RuntimeCode to replace a type's method at runtimeN1+ years ago
.bmxConsole or GUI?Checks whether the current (or other) program is compiled in GUI or Console modexlsior1+ years ago
.bmxblitzmax GUIa graphical GUIslenkar1+ years ago
.bmxXPMFromPixmap:String[]()Converts a BlitzMax pixmap into an XPM compliant string array.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bbwait(time)A faster way of using delayNike1+ years ago
.bbblitz + 3d realtime software rendererjust for fun software renderer I made for b+Nate the Great1+ years ago
.bmxMillisecond timer without integer wrap problemsReplacement for MilliSecs () that returns a Long value which won't wrap to negative for (I believe) around 220 million years!BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxPoint inside polyFind out if a point is inside a polygon in a really fast way_JIM1+ years ago
.bbMouse MappingGives Information on MousesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmx..EOF1+ years ago
.bbKey Logging NoiseProgram that uses the SystemBeep.dllsuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmxBallsExample of CreateListjankupila1+ years ago
.bbFollow player's position with delayEntity follows player's position, delayed by a given timeBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDuration TimersSome functions to monitor and set timers that run for a specific duration_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxNumber Class ClusterType for boxing primitive types as objects (int, float, double, etc.)N1+ years ago
.bmxCharacter SetClasses to aid in searching strings for specific ranges of charactersN1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Lua exampleDemonstrates procedural Lua functions.JoshK1+ years ago
.bbDelaunay triangulationDelaunay triangulationWarner1+ years ago
.bmxExtended Lower$() and Upper$()MultiLanguage support of Lower$() and Upper$() functionsSpace Fractal1+ years ago
.bbJelly3d model viewer with controls for all axisGorley1+ years ago
.bmxwxmax generate wxicongenerate wxiconWarner1+ years ago
.bmxwxMax + minib3dplace minib3d on wxmax windowWarner1+ years ago
.bmxFormat StringLight-weight-ish way to compile a string from one string and an array of objectsN1+ years ago
.bbMorse Code ConverterA program to take text and turn it into morse codesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bbMorse Code ConverterA program to take text and turn it into morse codesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmxObject Allocation & Type ChangingMore of an example than something useful, some code that'll do what the title says.N1+ years ago
.bbBitmap Font auto-template (requires Blitzsys.dll)Generates a bitmap image from a selection of Windows' installed fonts_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxTag GeneratorClass to generate unique strings/tags from a set of characters.N1+ years ago
.bmxMSN Messenger Music/Game Hint APISet the user's MSN 'Show what I'm listening to/doing' status to your own track info/game name.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxGetOptsA small GetOpts implementation for parsing arbitrary commandline options.Jim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bmxWallpaper RotaterSelects a random wallpaper imageJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxBank utilitiesBank compression and encryption commandsJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxAnimating FieldsCode to animate the fields of objects over time.N1+ years ago
.bmxTetris993 symbolsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxLua ClassLua virtual machine classJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxbreakoutshort gameMatt McFarland1+ years ago
.bbPearlDiaryCode to type textEsseEmmeErre1+ years ago
.bmxSudoku solverAutomatic solution for Sudoku puzzlesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxLua-Scriptable TypeSmall type that allows for easily binding Lua functions to objectsN1+ years ago
.bbRetro numbersNumber printingMarcell1+ years ago
.bmxTSelectionBox thingMade this and decided to add it here so if I need it again, I'd know where it was!Ked1+ years ago
.bmxlua_objectfromtableFunction to create an object of a specified type from a Lua tableN1+ years ago
.bbCellular ModelA program to replicate cellular life.superStruct1+ years ago
.bmxfaster nested loopsintuitive arrays for faster nested loopsNate the Great1+ years ago
.bmxAnother ConsolePart of my soon to be game engineneos3001+ years ago
.bmxType ExplorerLet's you browse BMax's internal Types. (Requires GUI Module)Zakk1+ years ago
.bmxRandom Password GeneratorGenerates a grid of random ascii characters...Arowx1+ years ago
.bbPlatform movement with slopesfor 3d platformer gamesmutantleg1+ years ago
.bmxMultiline DrawTextTextMe.321+ years ago
.bbsystem statuscomputer checkHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bbss3.0computer checkHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bbss4.03d capable ckeckHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Lexer ModuleModule for tokenizing BlitzMax source codeN1+ years ago
.bbString FunctionsSome handy functions that deal with stringsStreaksy1+ years ago
.bbStreaksy DATABASE Suite 1.4 - Lightening-fast DB building, reading, writing, etc. with definable field typesUniversal, intuitive and portable database library. Easily adopted and very versatile. Uses banks so NO MEMORY IS WASTED! Now with built-in database editor. (FOURTH UPDATED VERSION: NOW v1.4)Streaksy1+ years ago
.bb3D Adventureahahahahahstanrol1+ years ago
.bbskn3[ac]'s String/Int/Float Expression Evaluator with functions, variables, and more operatorsI've been playing with skn3[ac]'s expression evaluator and came up with thisStreaksy1+ years ago
.bbPlants VS Zombies Zen Garden EditorHack your savegame and edit what plants you haveStreaksy1+ years ago
.bbColours By NameChange colour by name instead of remembering codes. It knows 175 colours and they are natural and correct.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbkeefpersistencefast persistence for lots of objectsslenkar1+ years ago
.bbRandom Word GeneratorNot All That Finished, But Works!!!Luke1111+ years ago
.bmxXbox 360 avatar loaderIt loads your Xbox 360 avatar image... or anyone else's!BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbNonsense VMNonsense VM (Now with more nonsense!)Spencer1+ years ago
.bbUserAssist registry cypherA means to decrypt UserAssisy registry values_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmx--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbVector2 LibA 2D Vector LibrarySauer1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Keyword Data listA listing of all the keywords in blitz3d That I know of.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbblitz3D like syntax to c++converts Blitz3D like syntax to c++ codeMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbFile Hex viewerA simple Hex File Viewer.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbRealistic Model of the Solar SystemRealistic 2D-Model of the Solar System considering the N-body problemKrischan1+ years ago
.bmxFighting AI2 AI teams fighting each otherPolan1+ years ago
.bbInterplanetary travelCalculates and shows interplanetary ship travel between two moving celestial bodies in 3DKrischan1+ years ago
.bbMore String FunctonsA Few FUnctions related to Strings_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbRead/Write Progress MetersAn example of accurate progress bars_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxWorm Screen SaverA bunch of worms moving on the screen controled by vectorsTomToad1+ years ago
.bbUse blitzcc.exe to run BlitzPlus/3D code in your BlitzPlus/3D ProgramA start at an interpreter using TCP and loopbackepiblitikos1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax benchmarkTesting various commands of BlitzMaxMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxPrevent multiple processMakes it so only one instance of your app can runJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxTower DefenseSimple begginings of a tower defense game!Baystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbWidescreen16:9 dimensions calculatorThePict1+ years ago
.bmxGet Windows 'special folder' pathsRetrieves the real paths of Windows' special foldersBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxLua For-Each FunctionGo through a TList in Lua using a temporary Lua functionGalaxy6131+ years ago
.bbCountString functionReturns the number of occurences of a sub-string within a larger string.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbFindLastString functionThis function finds the position of the last occurrence of one string inside another string.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxSimple prefix treeA fast look up tree implementation for use in word gamesmatibee1+ years ago
.bb2d Map BuilderBuild 2d map and tiles from an imageMatthew Smith1+ years ago
.bmxHSB Color PickerA simple max2D HSB color pickertesuji1+ years ago
.bmxInstall Cache RootInstalls the multi threaded php server cache root.Luke1111+ years ago
.bmxGame Title Screen using FryGUIFryGUI Game Title Screen with a few buttons and simple fade effect.Abazek1+ years ago
.bb2D Tile MapperPublic Domain tile mapper for your use.Kenshin Yurihara1+ years ago
.bbAVRDude AssistantGUI for AVRDudesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bbLinked List with IteratorSimple double-linked list based on BlitzMax builtinYasha1+ years ago
.bbGet random wiki article title.Random wiki titlesting1+ years ago
.bbCode statisticsShows quantity of code lines, comments and different code items.Matt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxMonkey-style game frameworkBasic framework for writing games in the Monkey styleBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmx--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbScanCode to ASCIIScanCode To ASCIIMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbBank ArraysAccess banks just like multi-dimension arraysTAS1+ years ago
.bbHexTilesMy latest gameThePict1+ years ago
.bbFunction to capitalize the first letter of each word in a stringCapitalizes the first character in each word in a text stringZethrax1+ years ago
.bbSpeed of the turns/moves/animations automatically adjusted to appear constant whatever the FPSThis allows your program to run at the same speed whatever the FPS, whatever is drawn on screen, whatever the computer hardwareRemiD1+ years ago
.bmxTile engineTerraria likeArska1+ years ago
.bmxBasic Stack TypeA basic TStack typecol1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax to Java 2.0Converts BlitzMax code to JavaMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxAuto build numbersA cheat for adding incremental build numbersmatibee1+ years ago
.bbSimple B3D Reference ArrayReference Array. Can be used to pass arrays of various sizes to and from functionsSpencer1+ years ago
.bmxLua - add blitzmax function to lua object methodAdds a member function(method) to any lua objectskn31+ years ago
.bmxHow to tell if a window is FullScreen or not (Win32)Simple True or False if any window is fullscreencol1+ years ago
.bbBasic & Charged Jumping in 3DSingle JumpsNexinarus1+ years ago
.bmxRectanglefind intersections and minimum bounding boxes of rectanglesPineapple1+ years ago
.bbmindreaderguesses a numberHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bmxStackFully featured array-based stack type with options for both static and dynamic sizing and including EachIn support.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bmxType shortcutsBecause not all of them are documented, and I find them useful.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbdeletes an entry in an array list + reorganize the array list0.15ms for a list of 100 entitiesRemiD1+ years ago
.bmxNasty Tetristhis tetris always give you most unconvenient figure, try to beat it and fail miserablyMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxHeapJust a regular old heap type modulePineapple1+ years ago
.bbFAST bank to stringSuper fast conversion between bank and string, 20x faster than native BBYasha1+ years ago
.bmxConvert hex string to byte arrayConverts a hex string to a byte arrayBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbSemiautomatic reference countingObjective-C 1.0 style memory management for B3D (needs FastPointer)Yasha1+ years ago
.bmxObject streamsThe useful interface for (de)serialize bmax objectsAlberto-Diablo1+ years ago
.bmxWindows version detectionDetects and prints Windows versionBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbLexical scanner frameworkAPI for creating general-purpose lexical scanners/tokenisersYasha1+ years ago
.bbParser frameworkAPI for creating general-purpose parsersYasha1+ years ago
.bbSplitString function - Splits a string into fields and returns it in an arrayThis function takes a string value and splits it into fields using a delimiter string. The resulting fields are returned in an array.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbLambda syntax (closures)Anonymous/inline functions, closures, and nested functions for Blitz3D/+Yasha1+ years ago
.bbObject_Edit()Edit any ObjectTAS1+ years ago
.bbGetUnixTimestamp - Function to calculate a Unix timestampA Unix timestamp is the number of seconds since the start of 1970, in UTC time.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmx[OSX] Library/Application Support folderReturn the user's Library/Application Support folder pathGfK1+ years ago
.bbDecodeHtmlEntities$() functionFunction to convert encoded HTML entities in a string into their character counterpart.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbGarbage collector for Blitz3D/+FULLY automated memory management for use with BB custom type objectsYasha1+ years ago
.bmxPermanent Environment VariablesUse this for permanent vars other apps can see.JoshK1+ years ago
.bbString banks/data buffersVery fast access to string data; modify strings in-place!Yasha1+ years ago
.bbGeneric FunctionsUseful little thingies...K1+ years ago
.bmxRun program (Windows-only)Run program with optional maximised/minimised windows, parameters, etcBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxCalculate UPC-A Check DigitConverts a 11 digit UPC to 12 digits.daaan1+ years ago
.bmxSearch MinGW filesSearch and copy MinGW filesHenri1+ years ago
.bmxXOR string encryptSimple encryption function for strings using xor and a phraseShagwana1+ years ago
.bmxGet list of valid drives (Windows-only)Retrieve list of drives on a Windows systemBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbFind Rhyming WordsRhymedna1+ years ago
.bbMetamorphic Code ExampleUseful example for creating metamorphic code. (Code that alters itself during runtime.)deus_deux1+ years ago
.bbbb Tokenizer + parser + bbToDeclssmart simple tokenizer + decls extractorBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxTimestamp typeQuite useful for handling dates and times.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbXKCD Time Castle GeneratorGuy builds castles like on http://xkcd.com/1190/Mr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bmxGet size of type in bytesA way to return the size of a variable/object typeBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbRead a Double from FileRead an Intel style Double from a Filestarfox1+ years ago
.bmxGet default browser path (Windows only)Retrieves path to system default browser on Windows systemsBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmx2D spatial hashData type useful for storing information in an arbitrarily-sized discrete 2D spacePineapple1+ years ago
.bbB+ LoadFont ValidationChecks to see if LoadFont has loaded a valid font_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxDateTimePickerDateTime picker control for Win32Henri1+ years ago
.bmxDeck of playing cardsDeck and card classesPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxWindows clipboard - text and pixmap copy/pasteRead and write strings and pixmapsPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxWord wrapTurn word wrap on and off for MaxGUI - Windowscol1+ years ago
.bbWindowed full screen graphics modeCreates a borderless window the size of the desktop. Also includes code to recover from an alt-tab.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxRemove redundant values from a TListIterates through and removes duplicates in a linked listPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxCondense objects in a list or arrayCause references to equivalent but separate objects to all point to a single instancePineapple1+ years ago
.bmxCross-platform Dynamic LibrariesLoad dynamic libraries (.dll and .so files) on all platformsJoshK1+ years ago
.bb2d scrolling PlatformerSimple scrolling platformerPakz1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Expression CompilerCompile basic expressions to x86 assemblyGW1+ years ago
.bbscrolling platformer with movable blocks2d scrolling platformer with pushable and pullable blocksPakz1+ years ago
.bmxFunctional programming primitivesImitate a Haskell/ML style in BlitzMaxYasha1+ years ago
.bmxMax Yourself A Scheme In 48 Hoursa translation/reimplementation of the HaskellYasha1+ years ago
.bmxTStringStreamString streams: Allows reading and writing data in strings using an extension of TStreamPineapple1+ years ago
.bbScrolling Platformer2d scrolling platformer with enemies and shooting.Pakz1+ years ago
.bmxMake the compiler build settings local to your projectTwo methods to make the compiler build settings (console/GUI, threade/unthreaded, debug/release) local to your project rather than being set in the IDE.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxCallback TimerA modified BRL.Timer object that on each tick calls a BlitzMax function that you specify.Kryzon1+ years ago
.bmxHashtable with integer keys and valuesSimple but hopefully useful, provides 1:1 mapping for intsPineapple1+ years ago
.bbSlopes Collision exampleCollision sloped block with rectanglePakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown scrolling mapA big map where a player is moved examplePakz1+ years ago
.bbTop down scrolling with aiMap with simple obstacle avoidant roaming aiPakz1+ years ago
.bbMoving images between 2 pointsMove images between two points (Getangle x1,y1,x2,y2 function)Pakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown racing game ai6 Ai cars that drive around a trackPakz1+ years ago
.bbPlayer Jumping ExampleJump with gravityPakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown Homing Missiles ExampleTopdown 2d Homing Missiles SourceCode.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbSideview shooter exampleI remade a small part of Project X in thisPakz1+ years ago
.bb2d Space Invaders exampleBare version of space invaders. wave, destructable barriers, bulletsPakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown Space shooter ExampleHas enemy turrets and ships. Very basic but playablePakz1+ years ago
.bbBlocks GameSimple Tetris game.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbMesh surface Packer Example2d Example how you can turn a mesh of blocks(map) into bigger blockw.Pakz1+ years ago
.bmxSimple CPU monitor (Windows)Simple CPU monitor to give overall percentage, as per Task ManagerBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbIsometric map with mouse collisionDraw a diamond shape isometric map and find the tile underneath the mouse pionter (64*32) tilesPakz1+ years ago
.bmxSave settings to correct location on WindowsAvoid problems saving to application's local folder on Windows Vista, 7/8 upwards...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxString comparison to pattern using wildcards such as ? and *Support for both greedy and lazy quantifiersPineapple1+ years ago
.bbCustomize your iconCustomize your app icon without fuss (for Blitz3D)Jimmy1+ years ago
.bbShutdown and restart your program or visit a webpageCode shows how to do a shutdown and restart of your program to apply graphics changes, visit a webpage or shell execute a program on exit, etc. Also shows how to get the executable path, including the exe filename.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxLoggerFlexible logger type makes logging to various targets convenientPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxEscape unsafe characters in stringsTurns things like " into \" or ~q and back againPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxApple IIe Text ConsoleAnother Text Consolezoqfotpik1+ years ago
.bmxBriskVM invoker as function pointersConvert BVM invoker from slow select/case to fast function pointers.GW1+ years ago
.bbEasy Changeable TypesEasy Changeable TypesGuy Fawkes1+ years ago
.bmx2D Collision Physics (bounce)Asteroid game wih collision physicsArska1+ years ago
.bmxRail Baron Pay Chart (Mac)Computerised version of the Rail Baron Payment Chartcps1+ years ago
.bmxMasscopy (Mac)Copy multiple files to one foldercps1+ years ago
.bbSimple Test Game Vertical ShooterAsteroid ShooterDan1+ years ago
.bbWords into ArrayChops up a sentence into individual words while placing them into an arraydna1+ years ago
.bbAllow only Single instance, blitz+ blitz3dRun only 1 instance of a Program, using Mutex - B+,B3DDan1+ years ago
.bbwindow (windowed mode) without titlebar and with force redrawThis allows to have a window (windowed mode) without a titlebar and which prevents a bug with WindowsVista Windows7 where some part of the window is not redrawn properly even if it is active. Can also be used for fake fullscreen (windowed mode)RemiD1+ years ago
.bb3 functions Timer_Sec Timer_mSec and ScreenTimer Countdown/Up/Reset in m/Seconds, Screen = GraphicDan1+ years ago
.bbPath(way) EditorPath(way) Editor with Loading and Saving data,Simple File Requester, Scrolling Text, OnScreenDisplayDan1+ years ago
.bmxboardgame creatorcreate hex & chitMainsworthy1+ years ago
.bmxCircle Rotation ThingCircle ArtHead1+ years ago
.bbget available resolutions for fullscreen modean example on how to get the available resolutions for fullscreen mode where the width is superior to the height and height/width >= 0.5 and width/height <=2 and the colors depth is 32bitsRemiD1+ years ago
.bmxSimple work break timerA lightweight timer utility for taking breaks from work, includes intervals like 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.Kryzon1+ years ago
.bmxMinimalist Date+Time typeManage user defined time and datesBobysait1+ years ago
.bbDisplaying leading zero'sadd zero's for the e.g score displayDan1+ years ago
.bmxPhotoshop Like ColorPickerusing Maxgui proxy - generate event in realtimeBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxIcon Tabber for MaxguiNice minimalist looking tabber with icons instead of textBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxFoldable Panel GadgetCreate Collapsable GadgetsBobysait1+ years ago
.bbcommandline compile (b3d/Bplus)batch files for windows commandline (cmd)Dan1+ years ago
.bbsay something or ask something to the userto say something to the user, to ask something to the userRemiD1+ years ago
.bb2d RPG player and map exampleCollision with walls and items (Non scrolling map)Pakz1+ years ago
.bbRPG 2d scrolling game exampleplayer, scrolling, multi maps, coins, doors,keysPakz1+ years ago
.bmx2d RPG scrolling final2d scrolling rpgAdamStrange1+ years ago
.bbB3D Screensaver with working previewScreensaver with working preview, from MANIAK_dobriiDan1+ years ago
.bb7 AI steering behaviorsDrak's AI Steering BehaviorsRustyKristi7 months ago
.bmxBasic EvasionDodge the trajectory of moving objectsGW6 months ago
.bmxCommand-line text overwriteLittle text effectBlitzSupport6 months ago
.bbRetro Platformer RemakeOne level remake of Adams Family Values (amiga)Pakz5 months ago
.bmxShapes with points moving on a straight lineA interesting visual effectFlanker2 months ago
.bbEnd ProgramEnd ProgramShadowTurtle2 weeks ago
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