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.bmxShapes with points moving on a straight lineA interesting visual effectFlanker4 weeks ago
.bbRetro Platformer RemakeOne level remake of Adams Family Values (amiga)Pakz4 months ago
.bmxCommand-line text overwriteLittle text effectBlitzSupport5 months ago
.bmxBasic EvasionDodge the trajectory of moving objectsGW5 months ago
.bb7 AI steering behaviorsDrak's AI Steering BehaviorsRustyKristi6 months ago
.bbB3D Screensaver with working previewScreensaver with working preview, from MANIAK_dobriiDan11 months ago
.bmx2d RPG scrolling final2d scrolling rpgAdamStrange1+ years ago
.bbRPG 2d scrolling game exampleplayer, scrolling, multi maps, coins, doors,keysPakz1+ years ago
.bb2d RPG player and map exampleCollision with walls and items (Non scrolling map)Pakz1+ years ago
.bbsay something or ask something to the userto say something to the user, to ask something to the userRemiD1+ years ago
.bbcommandline compile (b3d/Bplus)batch files for windows commandline (cmd)Dan1+ years ago
.bmxFoldable Panel GadgetCreate Collapsable GadgetsBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxIcon Tabber for MaxguiNice minimalist looking tabber with icons instead of textBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxPhotoshop Like ColorPickerusing Maxgui proxy - generate event in realtimeBobysait1+ years ago
.bbDisplaying leading zero'sadd zero's for the e.g score displayDan1+ years ago
.bmxMinimalist Date+Time typeManage user defined time and datesBobysait1+ years ago
.bmxSimple work break timerA lightweight timer utility for taking breaks from work, includes intervals like 30 minutes, 1 hour etc.Kryzon1+ years ago
.bbget available resolutions for fullscreen modean example on how to get the available resolutions for fullscreen mode where the width is superior to the height and height/width >= 0.5 and width/height <=2 and the colors depth is 32bitsRemiD1+ years ago
.bmxCircle Rotation ThingCircle ArtHead1+ years ago
.bmxboardgame creatorcreate hex & chitMainsworthy1+ years ago
.bbPath(way) EditorPath(way) Editor with Loading and Saving data,Simple File Requester, Scrolling Text, OnScreenDisplayDan1+ years ago
.bb3 functions Timer_Sec Timer_mSec and ScreenTimer Countdown/Up/Reset in m/Seconds, Screen = GraphicDan1+ years ago
.bbwindow (windowed mode) without titlebar and with force redrawThis allows to have a window (windowed mode) without a titlebar and which prevents a bug with WindowsVista Windows7 where some part of the window is not redrawn properly even if it is active. Can also be used for fake fullscreen (windowed mode)RemiD1+ years ago
.bbAllow only Single instance, blitz+ blitz3dRun only 1 instance of a Program, using Mutex - B+,B3DDan1+ years ago
.bbWords into ArrayChops up a sentence into individual words while placing them into an arraydna1+ years ago
.bbSimple Test Game Vertical ShooterAsteroid ShooterDan1+ years ago
.bmxMasscopy (Mac)Copy multiple files to one foldercps1+ years ago
.bmxRail Baron Pay Chart (Mac)Computerised version of the Rail Baron Payment Chartcps1+ years ago
.bmx2D Collision Physics (bounce)Asteroid game wih collision physicsArska1+ years ago
.bbEasy Changeable TypesEasy Changeable TypesGuy Fawkes1+ years ago
.bmxBriskVM invoker as function pointersConvert BVM invoker from slow select/case to fast function pointers.GW1+ years ago
.bmxApple IIe Text ConsoleAnother Text Consolezoqfotpik1+ years ago
.bmxEscape unsafe characters in stringsTurns things like " into \" or ~q and back againPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxLoggerFlexible logger type makes logging to various targets convenientPineapple1+ years ago
.bbShutdown and restart your program or visit a webpageCode shows how to do a shutdown and restart of your program to apply graphics changes, visit a webpage or shell execute a program on exit, etc. Also shows how to get the executable path, including the exe filename.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbCustomize your iconCustomize your app icon without fuss (for Blitz3D)Jimmy1+ years ago
.bmxString comparison to pattern using wildcards such as ? and *Support for both greedy and lazy quantifiersPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxSave settings to correct location on WindowsAvoid problems saving to application's local folder on Windows Vista, 7/8 upwards...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbIsometric map with mouse collisionDraw a diamond shape isometric map and find the tile underneath the mouse pionter (64*32) tilesPakz1+ years ago
.bmxSimple CPU monitor (Windows)Simple CPU monitor to give overall percentage, as per Task ManagerBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbMesh surface Packer Example2d Example how you can turn a mesh of blocks(map) into bigger blockw.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbBlocks GameSimple Tetris game.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown Space shooter ExampleHas enemy turrets and ships. Very basic but playablePakz1+ years ago
.bb2d Space Invaders exampleBare version of space invaders. wave, destructable barriers, bulletsPakz1+ years ago
.bbSideview shooter exampleI remade a small part of Project X in thisPakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown Homing Missiles ExampleTopdown 2d Homing Missiles SourceCode.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbPlayer Jumping ExampleJump with gravityPakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown racing game ai6 Ai cars that drive around a trackPakz1+ years ago
.bbMoving images between 2 pointsMove images between two points (Getangle x1,y1,x2,y2 function)Pakz1+ years ago
.bbTop down scrolling with aiMap with simple obstacle avoidant roaming aiPakz1+ years ago
.bbTopdown scrolling mapA big map where a player is moved examplePakz1+ years ago
.bbSlopes Collision exampleCollision sloped block with rectanglePakz1+ years ago
.bmxHashtable with integer keys and valuesSimple but hopefully useful, provides 1:1 mapping for intsPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxCallback TimerA modified BRL.Timer object that on each tick calls a BlitzMax function that you specify.Kryzon1+ years ago
.bmxMake the compiler build settings local to your projectTwo methods to make the compiler build settings (console/GUI, threade/unthreaded, debug/release) local to your project rather than being set in the IDE.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbScrolling Platformer2d scrolling platformer with enemies and shooting.Pakz1+ years ago
.bmxTStringStreamString streams: Allows reading and writing data in strings using an extension of TStreamPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxMax Yourself A Scheme In 48 Hoursa translation/reimplementation of the HaskellYasha1+ years ago
.bmxFunctional programming primitivesImitate a Haskell/ML style in BlitzMaxYasha1+ years ago
.bbscrolling platformer with movable blocks2d scrolling platformer with pushable and pullable blocksPakz1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Expression CompilerCompile basic expressions to x86 assemblyGW1+ years ago
.bb2d scrolling PlatformerSimple scrolling platformerPakz1+ years ago
.bmxCross-platform Dynamic LibrariesLoad dynamic libraries (.dll and .so files) on all platformsJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxCondense objects in a list or arrayCause references to equivalent but separate objects to all point to a single instancePineapple1+ years ago
.bmxRemove redundant values from a TListIterates through and removes duplicates in a linked listPineapple1+ years ago
.bbWindowed full screen graphics modeCreates a borderless window the size of the desktop. Also includes code to recover from an alt-tab.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxWord wrapTurn word wrap on and off for MaxGUI - Windowscol1+ years ago
.bmxWindows clipboard - text and pixmap copy/pasteRead and write strings and pixmapsPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxDeck of playing cardsDeck and card classesPineapple1+ years ago
.bmxDateTimePickerDateTime picker control for Win32Henri1+ years ago
.bbB+ LoadFont ValidationChecks to see if LoadFont has loaded a valid font_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmx2D spatial hashData type useful for storing information in an arbitrarily-sized discrete 2D spacePineapple1+ years ago
.bmxGet default browser path (Windows only)Retrieves path to system default browser on Windows systemsBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbRead a Double from FileRead an Intel style Double from a Filestarfox1+ years ago
.bmxGet size of type in bytesA way to return the size of a variable/object typeBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbXKCD Time Castle GeneratorGuy builds castles like on http://xkcd.com/1190/Mr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bmxTimestamp typeQuite useful for handling dates and times.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbbb Tokenizer + parser + bbToDeclssmart simple tokenizer + decls extractorBobysait1+ years ago
.bbMetamorphic Code ExampleUseful example for creating metamorphic code. (Code that alters itself during runtime.)deus_deux1+ years ago
.bbFind Rhyming WordsRhymedna1+ years ago
.bmxGet list of valid drives (Windows-only)Retrieve list of drives on a Windows systemBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxXOR string encryptSimple encryption function for strings using xor and a phraseShagwana1+ years ago
.bmxSearch MinGW filesSearch and copy MinGW filesHenri1+ years ago
.bmxCalculate UPC-A Check DigitConverts a 11 digit UPC to 12 digits.daaan1+ years ago
.bmxRun program (Windows-only)Run program with optional maximised/minimised windows, parameters, etcBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbGeneric FunctionsUseful little thingies...K1+ years ago
.bbString banks/data buffersVery fast access to string data; modify strings in-place!Yasha1+ years ago
.bmxPermanent Environment VariablesUse this for permanent vars other apps can see.JoshK1+ years ago
.bbGarbage collector for Blitz3D/+FULLY automated memory management for use with BB custom type objectsYasha1+ years ago
.bbDecodeHtmlEntities$() functionFunction to convert encoded HTML entities in a string into their character counterpart.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmx[OSX] Library/Application Support folderReturn the user's Library/Application Support folder pathGfK1+ years ago
.bbGetUnixTimestamp - Function to calculate a Unix timestampA Unix timestamp is the number of seconds since the start of 1970, in UTC time.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbObject_Edit()Edit any ObjectTAS1+ years ago
.bbLambda syntax (closures)Anonymous/inline functions, closures, and nested functions for Blitz3D/+Yasha1+ years ago
.bbSplitString function - Splits a string into fields and returns it in an arrayThis function takes a string value and splits it into fields using a delimiter string. The resulting fields are returned in an array.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbParser frameworkAPI for creating general-purpose parsersYasha1+ years ago
.bbLexical scanner frameworkAPI for creating general-purpose lexical scanners/tokenisersYasha1+ years ago
.bmxWindows version detectionDetects and prints Windows versionBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxObject streamsThe useful interface for (de)serialize bmax objectsAlberto-Diablo1+ years ago
.bbSemiautomatic reference countingObjective-C 1.0 style memory management for B3D (needs FastPointer)Yasha1+ years ago
.bmxConvert hex string to byte arrayConverts a hex string to a byte arrayBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbFAST bank to stringSuper fast conversion between bank and string, 20x faster than native BBYasha1+ years ago
.bmxHeapJust a regular old heap type modulePineapple1+ years ago
.bmxNasty Tetristhis tetris always give you most unconvenient figure, try to beat it and fail miserablyMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbdeletes an entry in an array list + reorganize the array list0.15ms for a list of 100 entitiesRemiD1+ years ago
.bmxType shortcutsBecause not all of them are documented, and I find them useful.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bmxStackFully featured array-based stack type with options for both static and dynamic sizing and including EachIn support.Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbmindreaderguesses a numberHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bmxRectanglefind intersections and minimum bounding boxes of rectanglesPineapple1+ years ago
.bbBasic & Charged Jumping in 3DSingle JumpsNexinarus1+ years ago
.bmxHow to tell if a window is FullScreen or not (Win32)Simple True or False if any window is fullscreencol1+ years ago
.bmxLua - add blitzmax function to lua object methodAdds a member function(method) to any lua objectskn31+ years ago
.bbSimple B3D Reference ArrayReference Array. Can be used to pass arrays of various sizes to and from functionsSpencer1+ years ago
.bmxAuto build numbersA cheat for adding incremental build numbersmatibee1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax to Java 2.0Converts BlitzMax code to JavaMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxBasic Stack TypeA basic TStack typecol1+ years ago
.bmxTile engineTerraria likeArska1+ years ago
.bbSpeed of the turns/moves/animations automatically adjusted to appear constant whatever the FPSThis allows your program to run at the same speed whatever the FPS, whatever is drawn on screen, whatever the computer hardwareRemiD1+ years ago
.bbFunction to capitalize the first letter of each word in a stringCapitalizes the first character in each word in a text stringZethrax1+ years ago
.bbHexTilesMy latest gameThePict1+ years ago
.bbBank ArraysAccess banks just like multi-dimension arraysTAS1+ years ago
.bbScanCode to ASCIIScanCode To ASCIIMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bmx--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bmxMonkey-style game frameworkBasic framework for writing games in the Monkey styleBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbCode statisticsShows quantity of code lines, comments and different code items.Matt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbGet random wiki article title.Random wiki titlesting1+ years ago
.bbLinked List with IteratorSimple double-linked list based on BlitzMax builtinYasha1+ years ago
.bbAVRDude AssistantGUI for AVRDudesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bb2D Tile MapperPublic Domain tile mapper for your use.Kenshin Yurihara1+ years ago
.bmxGame Title Screen using FryGUIFryGUI Game Title Screen with a few buttons and simple fade effect.Abazek1+ years ago
.bmxInstall Cache RootInstalls the multi threaded php server cache root.Luke1111+ years ago
.bmxHSB Color PickerA simple max2D HSB color pickertesuji1+ years ago
.bb2d Map BuilderBuild 2d map and tiles from an imageMatthew Smith1+ years ago
.bmxSimple prefix treeA fast look up tree implementation for use in word gamesmatibee1+ years ago
.bbFindLastString functionThis function finds the position of the last occurrence of one string inside another string.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbCountString functionReturns the number of occurences of a sub-string within a larger string.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bmxLua For-Each FunctionGo through a TList in Lua using a temporary Lua functionGalaxy6131+ years ago
.bmxGet Windows 'special folder' pathsRetrieves the real paths of Windows' special foldersBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbWidescreen16:9 dimensions calculatorThePict1+ years ago
.bmxTower DefenseSimple begginings of a tower defense game!Baystep Productions1+ years ago
.bmxPrevent multiple processMakes it so only one instance of your app can runJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax benchmarkTesting various commands of BlitzMaxMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbUse blitzcc.exe to run BlitzPlus/3D code in your BlitzPlus/3D ProgramA start at an interpreter using TCP and loopbackepiblitikos1+ years ago
.bmxWorm Screen SaverA bunch of worms moving on the screen controled by vectorsTomToad1+ years ago
.bbRead/Write Progress MetersAn example of accurate progress bars_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbMore String FunctonsA Few FUnctions related to Strings_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbInterplanetary travelCalculates and shows interplanetary ship travel between two moving celestial bodies in 3DKrischan1+ years ago
.bmxFighting AI2 AI teams fighting each otherPolan1+ years ago
.bbRealistic Model of the Solar SystemRealistic 2D-Model of the Solar System considering the N-body problemKrischan1+ years ago
.bbFile Hex viewerA simple Hex File Viewer.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbblitz3D like syntax to c++converts Blitz3D like syntax to c++ codeMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Keyword Data listA listing of all the keywords in blitz3d That I know of.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbVector2 LibA 2D Vector LibrarySauer1+ years ago
.bmx--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbUserAssist registry cypherA means to decrypt UserAssisy registry values_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbNonsense VMNonsense VM (Now with more nonsense!)Spencer1+ years ago
.bmxXbox 360 avatar loaderIt loads your Xbox 360 avatar image... or anyone else's!BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbRandom Word GeneratorNot All That Finished, But Works!!!Luke1111+ years ago
.bbkeefpersistencefast persistence for lots of objectsslenkar1+ years ago
.bbColours By NameChange colour by name instead of remembering codes. It knows 175 colours and they are natural and correct.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbPlants VS Zombies Zen Garden EditorHack your savegame and edit what plants you haveStreaksy1+ years ago
.bbskn3[ac]'s String/Int/Float Expression Evaluator with functions, variables, and more operatorsI've been playing with skn3[ac]'s expression evaluator and came up with thisStreaksy1+ years ago
.bb3D Adventureahahahahahstanrol1+ years ago
.bbStreaksy DATABASE Suite 1.4 - Lightening-fast DB building, reading, writing, etc. with definable field typesUniversal, intuitive and portable database library. Easily adopted and very versatile. Uses banks so NO MEMORY IS WASTED! Now with built-in database editor. (FOURTH UPDATED VERSION: NOW v1.4)Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbString FunctionsSome handy functions that deal with stringsStreaksy1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Lexer ModuleModule for tokenizing BlitzMax source codeN1+ years ago
.bbss4.03d capable ckeckHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bbss3.0computer checkHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bbsystem statuscomputer checkHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bmxMultiline DrawTextTextMe.321+ years ago
.bbPlatform movement with slopesfor 3d platformer gamesmutantleg1+ years ago
.bmxRandom Password GeneratorGenerates a grid of random ascii characters...Arowx1+ years ago
.bmxType ExplorerLet's you browse BMax's internal Types. (Requires GUI Module)Zakk1+ years ago
.bmxAnother ConsolePart of my soon to be game engineneos3001+ years ago
.bmxfaster nested loopsintuitive arrays for faster nested loopsNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbCellular ModelA program to replicate cellular life.superStruct1+ years ago
.bmxlua_objectfromtableFunction to create an object of a specified type from a Lua tableN1+ years ago
.bmxTSelectionBox thingMade this and decided to add it here so if I need it again, I'd know where it was!Ked1+ years ago
.bbRetro numbersNumber printingMarcell1+ years ago
.bmxLua-Scriptable TypeSmall type that allows for easily binding Lua functions to objectsN1+ years ago
.bmxSudoku solverAutomatic solution for Sudoku puzzlesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbPearlDiaryCode to type textEsseEmmeErre1+ years ago
.bmxbreakoutshort gameMatt McFarland1+ years ago
.bmxLua ClassLua virtual machine classJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxTetris993 symbolsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxAnimating FieldsCode to animate the fields of objects over time.N1+ years ago
.bmxBank utilitiesBank compression and encryption commandsJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxWallpaper RotaterSelects a random wallpaper imageJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxGetOptsA small GetOpts implementation for parsing arbitrary commandline options.Jim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bmxMSN Messenger Music/Game Hint APISet the user's MSN 'Show what I'm listening to/doing' status to your own track info/game name.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxTag GeneratorClass to generate unique strings/tags from a set of characters.N1+ years ago
.bbBitmap Font auto-template (requires Blitzsys.dll)Generates a bitmap image from a selection of Windows' installed fonts_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxObject Allocation & Type ChangingMore of an example than something useful, some code that'll do what the title says.N1+ years ago
.bbMorse Code ConverterA program to take text and turn it into morse codesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bbMorse Code ConverterA program to take text and turn it into morse codesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmxFormat StringLight-weight-ish way to compile a string from one string and an array of objectsN1+ years ago
.bmxwxMax + minib3dplace minib3d on wxmax windowWarner1+ years ago
.bmxwxmax generate wxicongenerate wxiconWarner1+ years ago
.bbJelly3d model viewer with controls for all axisGorley1+ years ago
.bmxExtended Lower$() and Upper$()MultiLanguage support of Lower$() and Upper$() functionsSpace Fractal1+ years ago
.bbDelaunay triangulationDelaunay triangulationWarner1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Lua exampleDemonstrates procedural Lua functions.JoshK1+ years ago
.bmxCharacter SetClasses to aid in searching strings for specific ranges of charactersN1+ years ago
.bmxNumber Class ClusterType for boxing primitive types as objects (int, float, double, etc.)N1+ years ago
.bbDuration TimersSome functions to monitor and set timers that run for a specific duration_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbFollow player's position with delayEntity follows player's position, delayed by a given timeBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bmxBallsExample of CreateListjankupila1+ years ago
.bbKey Logging NoiseProgram that uses the SystemBeep.dllsuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmxParameter EditorParameter EditorJim Brown1+ years ago
.bbMouse MappingGives Information on MousesuperStruct1+ years ago
.bmxPoint inside polyFind out if a point is inside a polygon in a really fast way_JIM1+ years ago
.bmxMillisecond timer without integer wrap problemsReplacement for MilliSecs () that returns a Long value which won't wrap to negative for (I believe) around 220 million years!BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbblitz + 3d realtime software rendererjust for fun software renderer I made for b+Nate the Great1+ years ago
.bbwait(time)A faster way of using delayNike1+ years ago
.bmxXPMFromPixmap:String[]()Converts a BlitzMax pixmap into an XPM compliant string array.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxblitzmax GUIa graphical GUIslenkar1+ years ago
.bmxConsole or GUI?Checks whether the current (or other) program is compiled in GUI or Console modexlsior1+ years ago
.bmxReplace Method at RuntimeCode to replace a type's method at runtimeN1+ years ago
.bmxRound to power of twoRounds a float to the closest power of twoOtus1+ years ago
.bmxDisable aeroglass theme in Windows VistaDisable aeroglass theme in Windows VistaJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxTentacle like armtentacle that tries to reach a point (x,y) on the screenTWH1+ years ago
.bmxLua HooksA simple way of hooking Lua functions with simple string hooks.Galaxy6131+ years ago
.bmxText 'Shadow'Draw text on screen with a simple shadow.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bmxCrude 3D Engine Using 2DMy attempt at making a 3D world of lines with BlitzMax.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bb2D Ball CollisionsSmaller program for ball collisions...UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bmx2D Camera MouseLookUse the mouse to 'look around' a player.UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bbStringListMultipurpose StringList functions for b3dMahan1+ years ago
.bbBB side scroller/2d tile engine2d tile engine/side scroller frameworkWarner1+ years ago
.bmxBMX side scroller/2d tile engine2d tile engine/side scroller frameworkWarner1+ years ago
.bmxExtended Date and Time FunctionsMore functions for getting the time and date. (Sorry if this has already been done!)Ked1+ years ago
.bbHigh Score SystemA simple little high score system you can use or modify for most games.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bmxListAppendList and InsertListBeforeLinkMore extra list functions - adding lists togetherplash1+ years ago
.bmxMoveObjectUp and MoveObjectDownTwo functions for moving objects in a listplash1+ years ago
.bmxArbitrary precision integershandle integers as large as you like, bigger than 32-bitWarpy1+ years ago
.bmxAlgebraic Data Typesyes, seriously. Functional programming invades bmax!Warpy1+ years ago
.bmxCode Execution Timerssome functions to help time different parts of your programWarpy1+ years ago
.bmxMap, Filter, Reduce functions for TListsa bit of functional programmingWarpy1+ years ago
.bbIP scannerFinds all computers on the network (eventually)schilcote1+ years ago
.bbC64 Sprite DumperDumps sprites from c64 screen capturesMatthew Smith1+ years ago
.bmxString Format modulekind of like perl format or printfdmaz1+ years ago
.bmxWorkingQueueImplementation of a WorkingQueue with a ThreadPoolKurator1+ years ago
.bmx(De)serialization llibrarySmall (de)serialization library for runtime saving/loading of complex objects to/from a file/streamJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bmxMethod Call SchedulerAllows object methods to be called at a specific time in the futureUSNavyFish1+ years ago
.bmxTMap visualiseSee what is happening inside a TMapBeaker1+ years ago
.bbPokeByteAdd / PokeByteSubtractInstead of poking a value, Poke an operation!_331+ years ago
.bmx[MaxGUI] MultiButtonListA special list box with checkbox, label, tooltips, and scrollingdegac1+ years ago
.bbROR/ROLROR and ROL for Blitz3D :)_331+ years ago
.bmxType hierarchyGather type hierarchy using reflectionplash1+ years ago
.bbSimple Dungeon GeneratorCreate traditional roguelike dungeons!Ryan Burnside1+ years ago
.bmxType Access in Lua via ReflectionCode to allow access to BlitzMax types and objects in Lua, including methods and fields, by using brl.ReflectionN1+ years ago
.bmxTime and DateConvert a time stamp to a date structure, and get online file datesJoshK1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Split String FunctionSplit / UBoundSpencer1+ years ago
.bmxKaleidoscopeKaleidoscope effect on imageTomToad1+ years ago
.bmxPak file systemAllows the user to pak all resources together into a single encrypted/compressed file.Helios1+ years ago
.bmxautomax.modwin32 only module for various thingsplash1+ years ago
.bbFormatOutPrint a string with colors, returns tabs an so on | Zeichenkette mit Farben, Return, Tabulator u.s.w. ausgebenDiego1+ years ago
.bbPsychoScript v0.5Alpha scripting libraryBaystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbFloatToDouble Module for B3D/B+Convert floats to doubles and back for DLL functionsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bmxGame of lifeA simple gamenawi1+ years ago
.bbDelete mePleaseOiduts Studios1+ years ago
.bmxWin32 Color Picker DialogShows a color picker where the user can choose a colorIon1+ years ago
.bmxConsoleCode for interacting with a consoleN1+ years ago
.bbRadar example (dim)RadarNebula1+ years ago
.bmxFryGUI Form Designera form designer for fryguiplash1+ years ago
.bmxNewton Game Dynamics header converterConverts Newton Game Dynamics header file to BlitzMax codeJoshK1+ years ago
.bbMap GeneratorCreates maps for pen and paper RPG'sSauer1+ years ago
.bbBarkanoidColor sorting ; color stackingNebula1+ years ago
.bbTop down adventureG=grenade ; cursor movementNebula1+ years ago
.bbFolder information (b+)Read Folder and make info fileNebula1+ years ago
.bmxUTF8 <-> Unicode converterJust a another UTF8 <-> Unicode converterSpace Fractal1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI TemplateThis template allow the user to make maxgui apps :)Filax1+ years ago
.bmxUnicode/UTF-8 en/decodingUTF-8 en/decodingJunkprogger1+ years ago
.bmxMemory MonitorA simple memory monitor for use with BlitzMax & MaxGUIMark Tiffany1+ years ago
.bmxLinkObjects ModuleRetrieve an object related to a pair of objectsJoshK1+ years ago
.bbAppSettings moduleAdvanced settings with the command lineJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxAppLog ModuleA useful module to handle data loggingJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxSet desktop wallpaperRandomly choose a new desktop wallpaper from a directoryJoshK1+ years ago
.bmxClone ObjectsThis uses reflection to make deep or shallow copies of objects.Azathoth1+ years ago
.bbRectsoverlaprects overlap for BmaxLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bbString splitting functionWill split an undetermined # of items from a stringUUICEO1+ years ago
.bbWorld Time clocks5 clocks showing world timesNebula1+ years ago
.bbLine point statistics editorStatistics screen with drag featureNebula1+ years ago
.bmxCPU & Video System InformationDetect CPU and ATI Video adapter informationxlsior1+ years ago
.bmxStart/Stop and Control a Windows NT ServiceTo start or stop an Windows NT Service and get the state ofandre721+ years ago
.bbThe 168 Hour Pong Making Contest!The 168 Hour Pong Making Contest!Techlord1+ years ago
.bbBig Bad DragonA simple text-based RPGTechlord1+ years ago
.bbCSS link color genDefine colors for every link on your page with CSSYo! Wazzup?1+ years ago
.bbcircle warsA little game I made to test out an idea of mine...xtremegamr1+ years ago
.bbscreensaver codepreview window works!mindstorms1+ years ago
.bmxXml Localization fileAdd simply localization in your programs :)Filax1+ years ago
.bbCurrent GMT Date/Time Grabbers2 functions to grab the Current date/Time in GMTYahfree1+ years ago
.bbSome date functionsDate functions I created for my console project_331+ years ago
.bb[MaxGUI/Win32]: Transparent Window GadgetsTransparent / Alpha Window Gadgetsgrable1+ years ago
.bbTaxi GameThe basics for a Taxi game...JA21+ years ago
.bmxStore media encryptedLet you store the media used by your program encrypted within a single filexMicky1+ years ago
.bmxLambdaLambda Types/FunctionsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bmxHigh Resolution Timer ModuleModule using high resolution timersTomToad1+ years ago
.bmxAnnihilationGeometry ShooterBig&1+ years ago
.bmxCheetah database for blitzmaxCheetah database for blitzmaxFilax1+ years ago
.bmxPC Beep!PC Speaker beep, with timerspacerat1+ years ago
.bbDisplay ASCII chartALl it does is display the ASCII chart_331+ years ago
.bbPort ScannerScans Open/Closed PortsXzider1+ years ago
.bmxQuestion and Answer TypeA short type that handles multiple choice questions (inc Q&A File)...Dabz1+ years ago
.bbwin32: start,stop,open,install,uninstall windows services!!!Simplified control over windows servicesskn31+ years ago
.bbword parseparses passed stringKev1+ years ago
.bbPHP-based BlitzMax module serverIt's a installation instruction for a PHP-based module server sitting on a webserverFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxitohProduces C/C++ .h files from BlitzMax modulesskidracer1+ years ago
.bbDrag and Drop on a Hexagon GridDrag and Drop tokens on a Hexagon gridRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbDrag and Drop objects on a gridA simple example of moving objects in a type around on a gridRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D commands benchmarkSeveral randomly mixed passes of command execution inside cycleMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbSimple interactive tutorial using scriptsLearning controls of simple model viewerMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbScripts using exampleSimple screen-to-screen tile-based RPG scriptMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxSimple tprocess wrapper. eof() readline()Easy to use process wrapper for simons free process module. Read process output.skn31+ years ago
.bmxRegistry ModuleRead / Write to the windows registry easilyskn31+ years ago
.bbTree-like structureDisplays changeable tree-like structure with elements as random colored boxes connected by linesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbDataAn example of data in a mouse avoider game, few levels included.Petron1+ years ago
.bmxCheetah DBCheetah DB for BMaxBlueapples1+ years ago
.bbMore 'traditional' looking smiley face.Have a Nice Day!Tranz1+ years ago
.bmxGetVersionString()Determine Windows OS versionGfK1+ years ago
.bmxWin32 DriveInfo GetHardDrives() GetCdDrives() GetNetworkDrives() GetRemoveableDrives() GetRamDrives()Get Hard drive / cd drive / flash drive / etc capacity / available bytesskn31+ years ago
.bbDatabase functionsDBF reading/modifying/writing functionsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbalarm.bbA simple alarm library to easily deal with multiple timerskochOn1+ years ago
.bbSmiley FaceA smiley faceXzider1+ years ago
.bmxArbitary Code ExcecutionRun machine code, stored on the heapPantheon1+ years ago
.bbCurrentday Currenttime Currentyear3 easy functions for getting the date seperatedLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bmxIcon TypeType for using icons in BlitzMAX appTomToad1+ years ago
.bmxMAXGUI: Multiple file requester[Win32] Allows for selecting multiple files in a file requester.grable1+ years ago
.bmxGadget Tooltips (Win32)Tooltips/Balloon tips for MaxGUI gadgetsgrable1+ years ago
.bmxHigh Resolution TimersA short class for using high resolution timers in BlitzMax (WIN32 only)Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bmxHashtable type for BMaxA hashtable that can store single or multiple objects. Very Fast!SculptureOfSoul1+ years ago
.bmxVirtual KeysUses keybd_event from user32.dll, win32 only.plash1+ years ago
.bbExample to ListsSome example how to work with my listsDiego1+ years ago
.bbLists 1.1Draw scrollable lists, buttons and context menues in blitz (like the windows GUI)Diego1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.TweaksOverrides some brl functions correcting some bugsFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxPriority QueuePriority queue based in heap treePaposo1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ObjectToolCode working with objects and its typesFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxFoldable panelsFoldable panels (MaxGUI)CS_TBL1+ years ago
.bmxINI-like configuration reading and writingINI-like codeNicholas1+ years ago
.bbMappy RoutineConversion of my Mappy plug-in from PureBasic/GSDK/DBProNicholas1+ years ago
.bbreverse a type listhow to reverse a custom typeb321+ years ago
.bbModel ViewerViews b3d/x/3dsbytecode771+ years ago
.bmxProper BMax Icon SupportLoads and shows an icon on the title barGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Event KillerRemoves any events matching an Event ID from the event queue.SebHoll1+ years ago
.bmxFunction HookingHooking function addressesAzathoth1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.RequesterA module to show some system requestersFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxGC Debug outputOutputs GC debug messagestonyg1+ years ago
.bbCar SalesmanA very easy game to modify, or fun to play.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bbWara text-based war game.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bmxNumber Formattakes a number and outputs a string with decimal placement, commas and left paddingdmaz1+ years ago
.bmxArmadillo/Software Passport FunctionsFunctions to get information from an Armadillo/Software Passport Protected EXEgellyware1+ years ago
.bbSprite Candy Cursortwo functions for scRifRaf1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.DevelopmentWith this module you can create threads and hook functionsFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.SystemTrayA module to add, modify or remove icons in the system icon trayFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.IOStreamA module with some stream definitions used by other modulesFabian.1+ years ago
.bbSimple Math Compilerx86 output and calculationVertex1+ years ago
.bmx[MaxGUI] GUITools classCollection of MaxGUI related functionsJake L.1+ years ago
.bbQuick Media ViewerDrop any file onto Media Viewer Iconjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bmxHook/Redirect functionsHooking/redirecting of function callsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bbGet File FunctionRemoves the path and returns only the file name in a stringxmlspy1+ years ago
.bbPeekPoke Module for B3D/B+Allows direct memory access via Kernel32.dllmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbBinary tree balancedAbstract class for creating trees with O(log(n)) eficiencyPaposo1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI: Adding the correct German hotkey textReplaceGrisu1+ years ago
.bmxCentering TextCentering TextEric1+ years ago
.bbFading TextMake Text that fades in and then fades out!Petron1+ years ago
.bmxMouse controlled "spaceship" firing rockets which explode after a defined timeNothing fancy, just a fully commented code snippet written to help you understand basic movement, gravity, classes (types) etc.kronholm1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI: Make a GUI Window Flash*For Windows Only ATMSebHoll1+ years ago
.bbCoder2d(for beginning your code)Generates Base CodeFuller1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bmxTDateTimeDate Time TypeSmurftra1+ years ago
.bmxSimple TimerType for a simple TimerH&K1+ years ago
.bmxasteroids movementthrust and turn like in classic asteroidsbradford61+ years ago
.bmxLinked List & Hash Table CollectionsSee title; better than BRL.LinkedList's TListN1+ years ago
.bbCall dll at runtime (no not CallDLL).Calls DLL functions and com methods during runtimeSpinduluz1+ years ago
.bbWhere is my current directory?Ensure current directory is know, and where it should beNicstt1+ years ago
.bbSoftware-Renderer3D-Engine written in Blitz2D!bytecode771+ years ago
.bbXGuiEasy and full skinable GUI with WindowsXP and MacOS skinbytecode771+ years ago
.bmxGetRegistryFunction to get a registry entryN1+ years ago
.bmx[bmax] Interval systemCall any function(s) at regular intervals - set & goBeaker1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Win32 GUIA simple OO Win32 GUIN1+ years ago
.bbGraphics fonts libraryA library to load/draw bitmap fonts (also not-monospace)splinux1+ years ago
.bmxWindows Screen Saver FrameworkA simple windows screen saver framework for BMax + MaxGUIYan1+ years ago
.bbString Handling FunctionsString Handling FunctionsGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bmxIcon in Top Left corner of WindowIcon in Top LeftGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bmxCharacter Code ConstantsCharacter code constantsN1+ years ago
.bmxObject-Oriented MaxGUI WrapperWhat the title saysN1+ years ago
.bmxSimple system tray moduleSystem tray moduleozak1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Function Pointers (Hack)Advanced info for C++ programmers!MCP1+ years ago
.bbButton3D3D look buttonFernhout1+ years ago
.bmxGUI Base CodeSome GUI Base CodeDiablo1+ years ago
.bbKoalsdemonstrates bouncing ballsmindstorms1+ years ago
.bmxTVUmeter(MaxGUI) actions in VUmeter fashionCS_TBL1+ years ago
.bmxSimple RectA VERY simple rect structDiablo1+ years ago
.bbComponent-Object Entity SystemThe base of a component-object based entity systemN1+ years ago
.bbModel's Texture NamesGet Texture Filenames from ModelJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bmxModel's Texture NamesGet Texture Filenames from ModelJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bmxInsert value into an arrayA function to insert a value into any location of an arrayBremer1+ years ago
.bmxA Simple Text EditorA very simple text editor similar to Notepad.po1+ years ago
.bmxMAXGUI - ScrollAreaA Fake ScrollArea TGadgetREDi1+ years ago
.bb2D Click 'n' MoveMove an image to the last position clicked with the mousePaul Murray1+ years ago
.bmxC qsort WrapperWrapper functions for the C qsort functionN1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.StdIOStreamA module for easy access to the standard input and output streamFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxNTFS-LinksCreates NTFS file linksFabian.1+ years ago
.bmxObjectLista generic list type using arraysPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxIntLista hack of my StringList that allows you to maintain a list of IntsPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxStringListBmax stringlist with most of the TList functionalityPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxOpenConsoleA simple reconfigurable console for use in your BMax appsPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxLua State WrapperAn object-oriented interface to Lua statesN1+ years ago
.bmxSmartSplit FunctionSplits Strings Intelligently.CoderLaureate1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ProcessStreamA module containing a process stream factory using pub.freeprocess.Fabian.1+ years ago
.bmxfmc.ApplicationAn abstract type for writing event handling applications.Fabian.1+ years ago
.bbMove StuffMove /rotate objects and record their positionbingman1+ years ago
.bbBattleTanksDrive your tank around the city with your AI teammates, hunting down your enemies, receiving reinforcements as you progress through multiple waves of enemies.John J.1+ years ago
.bmxThe little ant that couldSimple rules, interesting patterndeps1+ years ago
.bbc e l l u l a rc e l l u l a r - 3D GameTechlord1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGUI Panel Image ButtonsPanels serving as image buttons with color text (and color background if no image supplied)WendellM1+ years ago
.bbMouseXSpeed() / MouseYSpeed()Brings the functionality of MouseXSpeed/MouseYSpeed to BMax.Chroma1+ years ago
.bmxMaxGui Resize & Redraw Canvas ExampleExample of dynamic resizing of a windows display.Shagwana1+ years ago
.bbInventory example (Bag in bag system)This is a simple Bag in Bag inventory example. Good for RPG games and RTS. Putt Multipple units in a Unit.Wings1+ years ago
.bbZX Screen SimulatorZX Spectrum screenfile viewerMikele1+ years ago
.bmxSimple Event HandlingBlitzMax port of Gamedev.net tutorial sourcedeps1+ years ago
.bmxArray concatenation functionsEasily concatenate arrays or portions of themPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbRender TweeningI thought it was about time I posted this (it was previously on BlitzCoder) - grief - it's two years old!John Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbI/O Ports, Parallel PortAllows Easy I/O Port ControlWayne1+ years ago
.bbScancode mnemonic Const'sImprove code readability with mnemonic names instead of numbers for Scancode tests.VP1+ years ago
.bbAnother GUIGUIRob Farley1+ years ago
.bmxGame state engineMakes it easier to split your game into different statesdeps1+ years ago
.bmxCreate Process (windows)Process spawning class for windowsLomat1+ years ago
.bmxTokenize a stringSplit a string in several tokens (substring) using a delimiterRepeatUntil1+ years ago
.bmxZooming In/OutZoom with Mouse WheelCruis.In1+ years ago
.bbPrint an imageHow to print an image without a DLL/APIKuron1+ years ago
.bmxYet Another String to Array Routine - BMXTakes a string and splits it into either analtitudems1+ years ago
.bmx2 Split String to Array funcs2 Functions to divide a string at given charsklepto21+ years ago
.bbmatrix codecreates the scroling code from the matrix moviesgrindalf1+ years ago
.bb! (Factorial) FinderFinds the factorial of a number.Lattyware1+ years ago
.bmxStrInsert FunctionInsert a string into another via a slicePerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbSubstring$(string1$,x,y)Substring functionZach3D1+ years ago
.bmxRoman NumeralsFunction to convert an INT to Roman NumeralsBooticus1+ years ago
.bmxSplitStringFunction to split a string at the specified delimiters and returns a Tlist as the resultPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bmxTask Icon in WindowsHow to assign a task icon to your programEikon1+ years ago
.bmxSplitSplits a string into an array of words/substringsAzathoth1+ years ago
.bbDebug Onscreen Text thingyBuilds up a bunch of text to display on screen in one hit.Rob Farley1+ years ago
.bmxBlitzMax Window FrameworkGive your window a title and center it on screenEikon1+ years ago
.bbMySQL Database.bb and PHP Handler ScriptA Simple MySQL Database Lib and PHP Handler ScriptTechlord1+ years ago
.bbApplication DirectoryAvoid confusion, and use this to set the real path to your game!fredborg1+ years ago
.bmxPole Position/Outrun Racetrack code (2d)Draws a 2d track in perspective on screenDamien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbBinary decision treeCode generator for binary decision treesxMicky1+ years ago
.bbMovement PegsThese are commonly used in 3d modelling tools to move objects aboutPicklesworth1+ years ago
.bbSystem MemoryuserlibEikon1+ years ago
.bbPitfall IISource code for Pitfall II remakeWolRon1+ years ago
.bbStore structured data in stringsFunctions to create and use structured data consisting of named records and value fields stored in stringsZethrax1+ years ago
.bbnewstart-requester with winapinewstart-requesterMPZ1+ years ago
.bbuser and computername with winapigive you the user and computername of you pcMPZ1+ years ago
.bbAsteroidsA full (except death) asteroids game with a 2D particle system.Jonathan Nguyen1+ years ago
.bbSystem UpTimeReturn millisecs() with the given formatpexe1+ years ago
.bbWindows ShutdownShutdown your windowspexe1+ years ago
.bbVal()Convert strings containing Hex, Binary or Floating Decimal values to a numeric valueBarliesque1+ years ago
.bbUltimate Mushroom Collector 2004Boulderdash with computer players playing too.... chav fight for 'shrooms!Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbChange Desktop WallpaperuserlibEikon1+ years ago
.bbKey Constants and String ArrayContains constants for all scancodes and a string array containing key namesPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbINI access functionsfunctions that allow reading/writing to INI filesgman1+ years ago
.bbregistry access functionsfunctions that allow reading/writing to the registrygman1+ years ago
.bbmini frame counterframe counter in a few linesKel1+ years ago
.bbSimple Linked ListsA set of functions to help with list managementdmaz1+ years ago
.bbsmall exe buildercreates .exe, useful for compiler/wrapperKev1+ years ago
.bbAPPP - Almost Pointless PreprocessorAlmost Pointless PreProcessor - A PreProcessor for BlitzBasic that gives you basic OOPL featuresN1+ years ago
.bbBlitzHackerAs your programs are safe?Vertex1+ years ago
.bbMulti Function ReturnsMulti Function variable passing/modifyingKev1+ years ago
.bbMiniShootA small top-down 2D shooter. Enemies, projectiles, and a playerN1+ years ago
.bbOverhead Spaceship GameThe source code for Space Corps ArmageddonBanshee1+ years ago
.bbacidstubBuilds external interface for a Blitz project using .dll callback mechanismskidracer1+ years ago
.bbb+ CreateDelayTimer(length)Creates a timer that will trigger after a specified time period.skn31+ years ago
.bbCustom functions Decl fileCreates a Decl file so you can hit F1 on your own functionsRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbPut some string in bank !You can use memory like file, only for text file !Filax1+ years ago
.bbZen Blaster!Well worth a look!!!AMC1+ years ago
.bbgzip files and banksuses zlib.dllKlaas1+ years ago
.bbBank peek/poke/read/write 1-32 bits using all mathAllows you to write data using odd numbers of bits. Includes a pokestring function with each charachter=6 bitsBot Builder1+ years ago
.bbTokenizeA function to split strings into smaller pieces by specifying seperators.N1+ years ago
.bbLimitFrameRateAnother dynamic framerate limiterPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Gadget.bb3D Graphic User Interface ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbCreate List similar to Task Manager with Blitz3DTask Manager like ProgramMike Yurgalavage1+ years ago
.bbColorPicker with WinApiColorPicker for Blitz3D in WindowsModusMPZ1+ years ago
.bbForrest fire modelBurn your screen offDarkNature1+ years ago
.bbWhat kind of OS?Find the current OS with a WINAPI CallMPZ1+ years ago
.bbDelete similar typesDeletes copies of a particular typeShambler1+ years ago
.bbTournamentBlitz.com Event Managment System SDK for Blitz3DTBEMS SDK for Blitz3DTechlord1+ years ago
.bbSetIconSet window/taskbar/task switcher icon at Runtimemearrin691+ years ago
.bbConway's Game of LifeA simple Cellular Automaton in BlitzDarkNature1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Vector.bbVector Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Start.bbStart Screen Config Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Worker.bbWorker Module aka HelperTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Waypointer.bbWaypoint Editing UtilityTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Camera.bbStandard Mouselook Camera Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Markerset.bbMarketset Code ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: How To Get Started Guide.How To Get Started Guide.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Stack.bbGeneral Purpose FILO StackTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: TypeWriter][ Code WizardGenerates a set of commonly used object functions from a type structure.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbQuoteLintSimple debugging utilityMuffinRemnant1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Bot.bbBot ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bbExtract a number under a string with SPACEUse it for your lan coding !Filax1+ years ago
.bbTrue Flag?do what mark doesNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbHasFocus()This function tells you if your game window currently has focus.sswift1+ years ago
.bb221 lines Snake cloneJust a little game I was working on, since i won't finish (not now anyway) i decided to post the code under GPLInsane Games1+ years ago
.bbDisable window Close buttonUses windows API calls to disable the close button on the window system menuPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbResize and Maximize Blitz Window!How to use Windows functions to modify a Blitz window.fredborg1+ years ago
.bbManic MinerManic Miner for Blitz BasicBig&1+ years ago
.bbNeptune's Caverns, Updated and modernized.Took the original port I had made, and then removed goto's and gosubs.Uhfgood1+ years ago
.bbNeptune's Caverns - OriginalA small text game port, from a kids book from c64 basic, to blitz. Straight Port.Uhfgood1+ years ago
.bbAutomated Map LoaderThis is pretty self explanatory, but this will take a specified file that points to a bunch of pieces of your map, and load them all with specific FX settings.N1+ years ago
.bbData Bank SystemData Bank SystemKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbBlitzBeautifierCreates beautiful looking code from ugly codeSteve Hill1+ years ago
.bbBlitz Lexical AnalyserBlitz functions to split a Blitz source file into tokensSteve Hill1+ years ago
.bbGreat Timers!!!!Debuging Timers that work!DH1+ years ago
.bbDynamic, accurate, and smart frame limitingAccurate frame limitingSecond Chance1+ years ago
.bbUsing The Microsoft .NET Framework with BlitzHowto use .NET DLL's with Blitz3D/BlitzPlusJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbFunction SpeedWill return the time taken to perfom functions_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbClearBankFills a bank with zeroscbmeeks1+ years ago
.bbSetTextAreaSelChange textarea selectionRed1+ years ago
.bbTextAreaJumpToLineforce textarea to scroll verticallyRed1+ years ago
.bbcut / copy / paste / undo / redoeasy way to edit TextAreaRed1+ years ago
.bbClipboard - Text Copy & PasteTwo functions to read & write to through the clipboardJim Brown1+ years ago
.bbGetWord$()This function finds "word" number X within a string.sswift1+ years ago
.bbBlitz HaikuA pseudo-Haiku generator in BlitzSynchronist1+ years ago
.bbText and Data UtilitiesUseful code for dealing with text and datapodperson1+ years ago
.bbAppHandle()Get Blitz handle directly and fastlyRed1+ years ago
.bbstrip_filename$(filename$)strips filename from full pathnameKev1+ years ago
.bbAddition ProgramAdds two numbers together using just Or, And, Not, Shr, ShlMichael Reitzenstein1+ years ago
.bbCommand line switchesShows to write a custom command line switch routineDaz1+ years ago
.bbPortIO Blitz+IO from any port using userlibNigel Brown1+ years ago
.bbZones LibraryCreate screen Zones and interact with themMurilo1+ years ago
.bbFormat a numberFormat$("345233","#,###.##")skn31+ years ago
.bbsimple graph libraryallows you to monitor variables with a funky graphRimmsy1+ years ago
.bbCredits ScrollerGives you a movie end credits thingRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbSplit FunctionSeparates a string into parts using a specified delimiterMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbText input boxSimple text input box functionelias_t1+ years ago
.bbBSODThis is just a test piece of coderiotvan1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Clock.bbA simple 'count-down' timing objectTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Queue.bbBinary Heap Priority Queue that sorts by lowest keyTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Level.bbLevel Loader and moreTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Engine SourceEngine SourceTechlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS 2004: Action.bbAction ModuleTechlord1+ years ago
.bblistClassList Managementmakakoman1+ years ago
.bbTower of HanoiQuick easy method to solve the Tower of Hanoi PuzzleNeuro1+ years ago
.bbSimple Transition AlgorithmNifty algo that can be used to increment gradually from one value to another.Techlord1+ years ago
.bbProject PLASMA FPS: MaterialMaterial.class | Material objectpoopla1+ years ago
.bbDebugTextSpecial debug version of text, mostly for 3D debuggingBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbText print queueHandles display of console-like text messagesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbSame Door closed ;-)Close the door pleaseRGR1+ years ago
.bbOpen CD DoorOpen CD-audio-doorVertex1+ years ago
.bbLinked Lists / Dynamic Lists / Threads / EtcA Type of Types !!!skn31+ years ago
.bbJulian Days conversionVery useful for day calculationsImphenzia1+ years ago
.bbArrays of typesUsing dim to make a set of typesInner1+ years ago
.bbString/Int/Float evaluator for withing BlitzEvalulate dynamic expression during runtimeskn31+ years ago
.bbCPU InfoA DLL plus Blitz functions for retrieving CPU informationBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbTypes for newbiesHow make simple windows using typesFilax1+ years ago
.bbMath EvaluationWith this you can eval mathmatics through a stringZenith(Matt Griffith)1+ years ago
.bbReverse an arrayThis example show how to reverse the values into an array without use another temporary array.hub1+ years ago
.bbWin32 Access Through Blitz DLL Use Visual C++Just gives you tips on one way to access the Win32 though DLL.ronbravo1+ years ago
.bbDelphi DLLs in B3DWrite DLLs for Blitz3D in Delphisuperqix1+ years ago
.bbMediaView EnhancedMediaView Enhancements for Drag/Drop, Lighting, ect.superqix1+ years ago
.bbColour ChartColour picker... Click the colour and copy the rgb valuesRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbCurve Anglesmooth rotation.Ice91+ years ago
.bbAnalogue Clock FunctionShows the time as an Analogue ClockRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbBB Source Code CounterCounts the number of lines in all .bb filesKing Dave1+ years ago
.bbWorking BarCustom working bar functionRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbFormat$ (number,digits [,places])Format number with aligned digits and fixed decimal fieldDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbWindows Screen SaverHas nothing to do with writing games, but is very nice...Kalle1+ years ago
.bbRelative Radar examplePlots a 2D radar from a 3D sceneRhodan1+ years ago
.bbHoming Missiles!This code makes unlimited 3D curved path homing missiles!Rob1+ years ago
.bbVerify LoadImage() and LoadAnimImage()LoadImage() functions to verify image exists or otherwise display detailed error .Glitch011+ years ago
.bbFPS counterDoes your taxes..no wait. counts your prog's FPS (really!)SurreaL1+ years ago
.bbUseful functionsSome useful functions for many types of games*1+ years ago
.bbPokeString, PeekString to banksPokes a string into a bank or peeks one back out.....AngelEyes1+ years ago
.bbBBpeg Video PlayerPlay MPEG video files through BlitzFoX1+ years ago
.bbSimple Blinking TechniqueThis code is if you ever want to have text or images blink on the screen. JoJo1+ years ago
.bbBlitzMedia Player!Simple media player!SopiSoft1+ years ago
.bbPrinter-routineOutdated !wedoe1+ years ago
.bbVariable Step For..Next loopThis demonstrates the variable For..Next Loop system*1+ years ago
.bbRotaryDirectionReturns the quickest direction to move in 360 degrees to arrive at the destination angleSkully1+ years ago
.bbAlphabetical SortSort any number of strings into alphabetical ordermrtricks1+ years ago
.bbRandom Version Number GeneratorGenerates a random version number, so you don't have to! Blu_Matt1+ years ago
.bbBasic Stack structureCreate, Push, Pop, Free onto an Integer stackAngelEyes1+ years ago
.bbScripting engineA simple script engine for in game scenesNeo Genesis101+ years ago
.bb2D bullet code for the beginner2D bullet code for the beginner uses typesRob1+ years ago
.bbnew trim$ functionfixes the trim$ 'bug'dan_upright1+ years ago
.bbLinked Lists 1.2Amiga style Linked List functionsEntity1+ years ago
.bbFloating point trapDemonstrates FFP (in)accuracy becoming a problemEntity1+ years ago
.bbDetecting DoubleclicksDetecting Mouse DoubleclicksDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbHex-2-DecConverts a Hexidecimal color code into RGB decimal valuesKlapster1+ years ago
.bbKey constantsConstants for all the key scan-codesEricZann1+ years ago
.bbBlitz CompilerA simple compiler written in Blitzmarksibly1+ years ago
.bbGet-Integer V1.1Converts Hex-Strings (e.g. "$FF" or "$FCE2") in a Variable (Integer)AL901+ years ago
.bbFunction Roman$Convert number to Roman NumeralsDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbLike FunctionSearch strings using wildcardsDJWoodgate1+ years ago
.bbFunctions for returning the file or dir from a path.Functions for returning the file or dir from a path.Rob Hutchinson1+ years ago
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