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Code archives/File Utilities

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.bbExport stlExport an entity as an stlTomToad1+ years ago
.bbPrintF() functionPrints text to a file - the easy wayDan1+ years ago
.bbCompile Blitz3D with Blitz3DCompile and run source and script files in Blitz3D using Blitzcc.exeSpencer1+ years ago
.bbfile requester - B3dsingle directory - file requesterDan1+ years ago
.bbCommandline SplittingSplits the commandline, usefull for the file handlingDan1+ years ago
.bbPreference libraryThis lib allows you to set, get, save, and load configuration preferences.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbData buffer system for loading/saving data filesThis library allows you to create buffers to simplify write and read operations for data files.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbFile Loading Progress BarOne file writes an Int (1-100) to a .dat file, the other reads the .dat file and presents a progress bar. Run both the files from the same directoryBlitzplotter1+ years ago
.bbSave debugging messages to a debuglog fileAllows you to save debug messages to a file while your program is running. An optional 'name' string and separator can be added before the value.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbGetFileFromShortcutRetrieves the internal filename from a shortcut.John Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbSaveString - saves a string value as a fileSaves the specified string value as a file.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbGetInternetFile - downloads a file as a stringGrabs a file from the internet and stores it in a global string variable.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbLoad and Display Text using types B3D (b+ need modification)load+display text +typeDan1+ years ago
.bbRead/Write Progress MetersCheck Progress of Reading/Writing_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbAny File to b64 BB data statementsPost small images with your sourceAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbSafe Loads (b3d)Get the missing filename reportedRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbAddLineToFileSticks a line of text or data to the end of a fileThePict1+ years ago
.bbCheck Free Disk SpaceTest a device or path for enough disk space left to write your dataDanny1+ years ago
.bbText extractorExtracts all text inside quotesTAS1+ years ago
.bbShortcutCreate a shortcut file (*.lnk)Subirenihil1+ years ago
.bbINI-format data filesLoad and save data to and from human-readable text filesYasha1+ years ago
.bbRead/Write PureText StringsConverts strings to pure alphanumerics to read/write_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbosx file attributesFind common attributes for files. (BMX)Dabhand1+ years ago
.bbLoad TGA (Targa) With Alpha MapLoad a TGA file to texture, retaining alpha channel.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbEncodeZip - Distribute zipped .decls & .dlls via code archives.Distribute zipped .decls & .dlls via code archives.MCP1+ years ago
.bbBB Data packingMore manageable data packaging_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbRenameFileFunctions to allow for file renaming_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbBetter WriteFile() and ReadFile() etc.Faster file handling, and with optional RLE compression and encryption.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbSuper-simple C-style preprocessorUse #define, #ifdef, #include etc. with any fileYasha1+ years ago
.bbSimple INI GetterGets a field from an ini fileneos3001+ years ago
.bbFile SearcherStores results of file searches with various options for criteria_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbBank IO commandsWrite files to a bank before hard diskRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbLZMA Streams[BMX] Easily read and write to compressed streamsOtus1+ years ago
.bbDelete files to Recycle Bindelete file to recycle binKev1+ years ago
.bbdatabombuse to erase folderscipherdude91+ years ago
.bbComment Box GeneratorGenerates code comments for legal and readmesBaystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbGIFLoad Module for B3D/B+Loads animated gifsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbText Editor (b+)Edit textNebula1+ years ago
.bbFile Date/Time/Attr functions for b+File Date/Time FunctionsSnarkbait1+ years ago
.bbNTFS Alternate Data StreamsAllows to handle/enumerate NTFS Alternate Data Streamsgrable1+ years ago
.bbFileName, FileExtention, FilePath, AddFileExtentionGet file name, file extention or file path or add a file extention | Bekomme den Dateinamen, die Dateiendung oder den Pfad oder fürge eine Dateiendung hinzuDiego1+ years ago
.bbIn game scripting B3d BplusPorted the bmx version to bbLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bbfind mydocumentsget path for 'my documents' folderb321+ years ago
.bbCode2HTMLTurns code into an HTML file, good for open source distributionsXtremeCoder1+ years ago
.bbSelf-Destructing .exeA program that removes itself when its done runningSubirenihil1+ years ago
.bbLoad a menu from a fileLoads a menu (*.mnu) file and creates a window menuJoshK1+ years ago
.bbRead mesh and write to bb dataFor packing meshes in executablemarkcw1+ years ago
.bbRead image and write to bb data fileFor packing images in executablemarkcw1+ years ago
.bbSaveImageDDS functionSaves an image to DDS file format.markcw1+ years ago
.bbBB Code FormatterStrips away and re-adds blank lines and tabsAlaric1+ years ago
.bbConfig file reader/changereasy functions to read/edit config fileAndres1+ years ago
.bb.decls ConverterConvert .decls files to BlitzMax sourcecodeN1+ years ago
.bbHigh Score Entry and SavingHigh Score Entry and SavingGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bbBasic Game Ini FileBasic Game Ini FileGrey Alien1+ years ago
.bbData ArchiverStoring archiver not packingAndres1+ years ago
.bbFixPathCreates every missing folder in a file pathPicklesworth1+ years ago
.bb3D fileexplorerA funny fileexplorer in 3DOJay1+ years ago
.bbThreadingEmulate threading so that you can make animated loading screens etc.Andy1+ years ago
.bbSimple ini functions for BmaxOriginal code by skn3[ac]Filax1+ years ago
.bbConvert any file to bb data filesome code to convert binary data into bb data filemarkcw1+ years ago
.bbCreate directory with the name of curent dateCreates a directory in curent dir with the name of curent dateWings1+ years ago
.bbOnline Patcher using the recursive CRC-32 builderHTTP Patcherozak1+ years ago
.bbRecursive CRC-32 file builderCRC-32 file builderozak1+ years ago
.bbFileDate$() and GetFileTime$()Get the time and date that the given file was created, last accessed, or last written.turtle17761+ years ago
.bbShortcut FinderFind the REAL file from a windows .LNK (shortcut) file!Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbBlitzXMLLoad, save, and manipulate XML data files with ease and speed!John J.1+ years ago
.bbArem Pack/ DepackAllows packing a directory into a single file, then unpacking it to the directory of your choice.Arem1+ years ago
.bbMerge .cfx AnimationsAppends .cfx animations for identical character models.Jake1+ years ago
.bb.ico file loaderLoad icons as image without DLLSnarkbait1+ years ago
.bbHiscoreSimple Hiscore Examplejfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbImport OBJLoad an .OBJ Mesh in Blitz3Djfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbScreenshot UtilScreenshot UtilMErren1+ years ago
.bbSaving/Loading TypesReload Str$() saved typeBlackJumper1+ years ago
.bbFile Encryption/DecryptionUse this to encrypt/decrypt files.fall_x1+ years ago
.bbmore INI funcsanother set of INI access functionsgman1+ years ago
.bbSave TGA 32Save alpha from rgb sumHulk1+ years ago
.bbPatchIconPut your own Icon instead of Blitz Rocket IconRGR1+ years ago
.bbSimple file output debuggerDebug a file both in and out.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbSimple File Save, File LoadFunctions to save information to a *.dat file.wizzlefish1+ years ago
.bbSource Code CLeanerRemovesDamien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbFilecheckIf a file doesn't exist, exit application.JPD1+ years ago
.bbgile[s] .gls LoaderLoads gile[s] .gls scenesN1+ years ago
.bbB3d loader for cartography shopb3d loaderD4NM4N1+ years ago
.bbSimple ini functionsIni file read/write access, without hte headacheskn31+ years ago
.bbreadzipUseful Zip file reader!Captain Laser1+ years ago
.bbRandom Access File UtilitiesAllows you to randomly access a fileTygerWulf1+ years ago
.bbCheck if an image have good sizeTest if an image have good sizeFilax1+ years ago
.bbFilename listerFile listerGraythe1+ years ago
.bbCommand Line ParserObtain values and switches in the command linePantsOn1+ years ago
.bbFile-Function collectionsome function to deal with files and foldersKlaas1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Filerequester (2.Update)Use a Filerequester in Blitz 3DMPZ1+ years ago
.bbLoading Screen with Progress BarA Loadscreen module and test programRogue Vector1+ years ago
.bbGet TTF Font File DataGet any TTF file fontname directly from the file.pantsonhead.com1+ years ago
.bbbin2ascBinary To Ascii, Ascii To Binary ConvertersTechlord1+ years ago
.bbUSERLIB: Add/Read Bank resources from executableRead / Write blitz bank as resource, from and to any executable file!skn31+ years ago
.bbRead Comma Delimited StringUse ReadCSVString$(Stream) to read quote enclosed comma delmited data into strings.Ziltch1+ years ago
.bbHow encrypt a stringFunction for crypt a string with a keyFilax1+ years ago
.bbExtractFileName$, ExtractFileExt$, ExtractFilePath$Allows extraction of Filename, FileExtension and FilePath from a stringPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbsimple ini file commands (broken)read/write ini files using the win apidan_upright1+ years ago
.bbIni File UpdaterUpdate, Read and Write to an ini file with one functionRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbGet Filename/Folder/Extension3 useful file functionsNebula1+ years ago
.bbRename File DeluxeRenames a file.-=Darkheart=-1+ years ago
.bbFILE SELECTOR (save/load) for BlitzUIWith double click, extension filtering, creation of new folders, overwrite warning, illegal character warning... very simple to includemrtricks1+ years ago
.bbIniLibA library to load and write .ini filesJaviCervera1+ years ago
.bbReadFileAsString$( ) FastFaster version of Peter Scheutz's ReadFileAsString$( )Michael Reitzenstein1+ years ago
.bbReadFileAsString$()Read file into stringDifference1+ years ago
.bbGet File DateFunction to get the creation date of a file.Kevin_1+ years ago
.bbCopyDirectory([From], [To])Thats a CopyDirectory Function ^^ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbLightwave3d ExporterExport to .lwo from Blitzstarfox1+ years ago
.bbDrive Volume InformationReturns lots of handy drive infoJim Brown1+ years ago
.bbSimple Encrypter/DecrypterAn easy way to scamble/descramble filesRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbINI File Functions v2.2INI file manipulation (read/write).Murilo1+ years ago
.bbSimple way to separete/cut a stringGet just the usefull part of a stringInsane Games1+ years ago
.bbSeq2Stripv1.0Convert a series of images to a single AnimImage "strip"Russell1+ years ago
.bbAuto-formatAuto-format Blitz Sourcecodejfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbGetting Drive Info with KERNEL32.DLLThis short proggy lists all used driveletters ...Klaas1+ years ago
.bbRemove Annoying Backup filesA simple tool/utility to remove all files from directory that you don't likeGiano1+ years ago
.bbMilkshape - ASCIIExport a Milksahpe - ASCII fileVertex1+ years ago
.bbMilkshape - ASCIIExport a Milksahpe - ASCII fileVertex1+ years ago
.bbHard Drive CleanerAllows you to automatically delete certain files and directoriesOldefoxx1+ years ago
.bbMilkshapeLoad Milkshape3D-filesVertex1+ years ago
.bbCSV GeneratorGenerate code for .csv files (Jul03 update)Braneloc1+ years ago
.bbBlitz Resource Compiler v0.3BASE64 encode a file for "include"ing into your Blitz project for later retrival.superqix1+ years ago
.bbBlitz Resource Compiler ExampleExample of the Blitz Resource Compiler v0.3 in actionsuperqix1+ years ago
.bbINI file functionsRead from and Write to INI filesMurilo1+ years ago
.bbFile RequesterA simple file requesterelias_t1+ years ago
.bbXML codeXML loading/parsing/savingGrahamK1+ years ago
.bbBatch Convert .3ds & .x to .b3dBatch convert .3ds & .x files in a dir to .b3delias_t1+ years ago
.bbreformat path in dos 8.3 stylethis function can be usefull to pass long filenames to dos batch or appsford escort1+ years ago
.bbImport STL...A set of functions for importing and exporting '.stl' files for Blitz3D.Anthony1+ years ago
.bbSave a type to fileSimple example of how to save a type to a text fileskn31+ years ago
.bbSplit CSV parameters out of a stringCSV allows text to be encapsulated in "" marks - a simple Split command is no use for getting these parameters out, as the ',' may appear within the string. This is a dirty way of splitting the strings down.AngelEyes1+ years ago
.bbHighscore functionsLoad, save and sort highscores !wedoe1+ years ago
.bbParser FunctionBreaks strings into elements.Includes Val function.add1+ years ago
.bbExamples of the parserShows how the parser function worksadd1+ years ago
.bbAllFiles on AllDrivesDisplays all files as found on all drives from C: to Z:Oldefoxx1+ years ago
.bbTexTileTexture creator/viewerBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbSaveTGAsave texture in TGA formatskidracer1+ years ago
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