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Code archives/Algorithms

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.bbHuffman ExpandUse in cojunction with the huffman compress routines to decompress your files/dataShadowTurtle2 weeks ago
.bbHuffman CompressionHuffman compress your files/dataShadowTurtle2 weeks ago
.bbGet Area Of CircleReturns the area of an oval.Polarix3 months ago
.bbRooms and Doors generatorMake maps/dungeonsPakz1+ years ago
.bbSudoku fillingAlgorithm to randomly fill a plain sudoku gridFlanker1+ years ago
.bbPerlin noiseperlin noise function with parameters and loop abilityFlanker1+ years ago
.bbSimple Smooth NoiseSmooth Random Noise_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbCreate 3D maze in an arrayUses Wilson's algorithm to create a 3D (cuboid) maze stored in an array.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbCreate 2D maze in an arrayUses Wilson's algorithm to create a 2D maze stored in an array.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbCreate a heightmap using the Diamond-Square algorithmUseful for terrain heightmaps and cloud textures. Includes code for tiling (wrappable) and non-tiling heightmaps.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbSingle Byte ArraysMemory Efficient Single-Byte Arrays Using Banks_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbMidpoint Displacement AlgorithmFor making heightmaps and suchPakz1+ years ago
.bbSimple land generatorLand generator using rand()Pakz1+ years ago
.bbMap Generator from roguebasinFrom a description from roguebasinPakz1+ years ago
.bb2d Level GeneratorUses Random walk method to create levels.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbA Star PathfindingBasic A Star pathfinding codePakz1+ years ago
.bbCapitalizationCapitalizes the first letter of each word in a string of words.dna1+ years ago
.bbGetWord() & CountWords()Functions for easy and accurate parsing.misth1+ years ago
.bbPattern Imagedraws dots to create a pattern!EsseEmmeErre1+ years ago
.bbExtract TextAnother Splitter!TAS1+ years ago
.bbVernam-Cipher | Encryption & DecryptionEncrypt & Decrypt Strings with a passwordozzi7891+ years ago
.bbRun LengtRun Length En/DecodingCompresses redundant informationozzi7891+ years ago
.bbBinary HeapsMulti-list ascending and descending binary heaps algorithmpexe1+ years ago
.bbSearch DictionaryCheck if word is in dictionary or notThePict1+ years ago
.bbBlitzMax Big NumbersAdd and Subtract Big NumbersSpencer1+ years ago
.bbLevenshteinDistanceCalculates the minimun amount of basic operations required to transmorm String1 into String2. Three basic operations are considered: Character Delete, Insert, SubstitutionCharrua1+ years ago
.bbMouse Gestures RecognUse of the LevenshteinDistance algorithm for mouse gestures recognCharrua1+ years ago
.bbRotated ellipseRotated ellipseJimmy1+ years ago
.bbElite Planet Name GeneratorThe algorithm the game 'Elite' used to create planet namesKrischan1+ years ago
.bbCONVERTIR A HH:mm:ss (Time hour minute seg)CONVERTIR A HH:mm:ss (Time hour minute seg)virtualjesus1+ years ago
.bbNUMBER FORMAT FOR INTEGERSformat number very easyvirtualjesus1+ years ago
.bbLoading BarJust a simple Loading bar exampleKrischan1+ years ago
.bbBlitzClassPolymorphic object system using B3D banksYasha1+ years ago
.bbString typesUse strings to store composite dataYasha1+ years ago
.bbBit Fiddling (Blitz3D / B+ version)Manipulate/Identify bit values_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbPath following systemCreate paths made by wayPoints and let the system interpolate between themCharrua1+ years ago
.bbEnvelope - Read a Point From Curve-Interpolated Envelope (Easily)Functions to make an envelope wave and read any point within it (0-1)Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbHandy Exotic MathsLots of handy maths essentials.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbWeighted RandomTidy weighted random number generation.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbTimescaleKeep things moving in realtime regardless of framerate and lagStreaksy1+ years ago
.bbEncode$() & Decode() - Like Hex$() but use any character setSuper fast value refolding - Convert any unsigned integer to a string using the key. Can do hex, binary, trinary, anything you want. And convert it back, of course.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbCurve#() - Apply a curve to a value based on a minimum and maxiumum and curve amplitudeNo need to go from A to B in a rigid line anymore.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbLexer generatorUse regular expressions to describe and automatically generate a simple lexical scannerYasha1+ years ago
.bbSimple regular expressionsMatch strings against a flexible keyYasha1+ years ago
.bbGet vars from a stringNow anyone can make a scripting language!neos3001+ years ago
.bbB3D 'Zelda' HeartsA similar concept to the THearts by Ked for Bmax written for B3D_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbSimple CompilerA very simple compiler, with 2 commands.neos3001+ years ago
.bbSafer Millisecs() IntervalObtains time intervals even over the 'Integer-Limit rollover'_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbGetParameterReturns each parameter of the commandline | Gibt jeden Parameter der Befehlszeile zurückDiego1+ years ago
.bbTMap For Blitz3DUse Hash for sorting datasBobysait1+ years ago
.bbrender in threaddeferred rendering using thread(FastPointer)Bobysait1+ years ago
.bbGame of LifeBlitz3D version of Conway's Game of LifeSytzeZ1+ years ago
.bbInteger to Base 36Converts Integers to Base 36 and backSauer1+ years ago
.bbVerlet physics with constraint collisions.Verlet physics, with constraint collisions and an interactive demoJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbSimple Proportional Font RoutineFont routine for further usesWildCat1+ years ago
.bbSimple Tetris300 lines that make you playing tetris :)WildCat1+ years ago
.bbSort Algorithm for positive integersFast yet simple method for sorting a list of positive integers (can be extended to negative easily too)Matty1+ years ago
.bbSine CircleA Drawing Method using the Sine FunctionsuperStruct1+ years ago
.bbAnalytic Geometric AlgorithmsUses basic geometric rules to graph shapessuperStruct1+ years ago
.bbEstimating areaEstimates total visible area from the direction of viewAndy1+ years ago
.bbRandom Maze GeneratorMazesCloseToPerfect1+ years ago
.bbWayPointerA pathfinding programKillerX1+ years ago
.bbSet individual bits in a bankset the individual bits in a bankAndy1+ years ago
.bbPoint In OvalIs a point inside of an oval?UnderwoodNullium1+ years ago
.bbTic tac toe that learnsLearns... slowly but surelyNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbTerm calculatorAn algorithm that calculates the result of a mathematical termNoobody1+ years ago
.bbSudoku solverSolves a sudoku riddle in 1 millisecbytecode771+ years ago
.bbMovemouseMakes mouse bonce aroundNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbmatchPatterncompare a source String with a String expressionShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbFactor CalculatorCalculates factorsschilcote1+ years ago
.bbRandom number with weightingGiven an array of weights, pick an index so probability is proportional to the corresponding weight.Warpy1+ years ago
.bbWord MakerCreates unknown words_331+ years ago
.bbPrime Number FinderYou put in a number and it returns 1 if it's a prime and 0 if it's notGIB3D1+ years ago
.bbAlphabetical sortThis function checks two strings and tells which one is higher in alphabet.bytecode771+ years ago
.bbGenerate Nice Terrain+LightmapTerrain Generator , with ColorMap and ultra fast LightmapingBobysait1+ years ago
.bbDateInt()Converts date to int. Useful to stop a program running after a certain date.boomboom1+ years ago
.bbRound a numberRound x to the nearest y!chwaga1+ years ago
.bbAiA Good Ai ScriptThe_Black_Knight1+ years ago
.bb2 Points into a rectangleTurns 2 Points into a rectangleYo! Wazzup?1+ years ago
.bbProbability_CalculationThe Functions Fac, Binom, Bernoulli and Cumulated BernoulliDiego1+ years ago
.bbAngle360 for B3D/B+Returns a 360 degree angle between 2 pointsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbPush Ai - move baddies awayMove screen parts with mouseNebula1+ years ago
.bb2 point Angle differenceFunction Returns the differenceNebula1+ years ago
.bb2D math functionsIntersection, line to point distance and line to line distance functionsJasu1+ years ago
.bbRhyme detectionDoes a line rhyme.Nebula1+ years ago
.bb3D Short est PathAn implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm for 3DMoraldi1+ years ago
.bbMathEx ModuleSome much-needed math functions including Curve(), RGBA(), and othersJoshK1+ years ago
.bbpoint_in_polygonFast, compact function to determine if a point lies inside a polygon.big10p1+ years ago
.bbIntersectionsGet intersections between line segments and arcsSubirenihil1+ years ago
.bbCalculateDiceFor all the RPG fans here a dice function*1+ years ago
.bbDatestampGet the number of days since 1.1. Year 1 | Bekomme die Anzahl der Tage seit dem 1.1. Jahr 1Diego1+ years ago
.bbBase ConverterConverts a number from one base to another.Arem1+ years ago
.bbRND substituteGenerates random floats without to use RND()jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbsimple a* pathfindingan early attempt at a* pathfinding.Kalisme1+ years ago
.bbLand generatorGenerate islandsNebula1+ years ago
.bbPatrollingDraw patroling paths.Nebula1+ years ago
.bbPoint In PolygonCheck for point in n-sided polygon: uses crossing methodAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbmegacalculsuse strings for mathsVignoli1+ years ago
.bbSplitSplits a string into pices by a seperator / Teilt einen String in Stücke mithilfe eines TrennersDiego1+ years ago
.bbUrlencode / UrldecodeUrl encoder / decoder based on skn3[ac]s algorithmDiego1+ years ago
.bbSmoothly moving object in 3DObject in 3D (sphere) smoothly passing thru random set of points (cubes) visiting them in certain time (triple cubic spline interpolation)Matt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bb2D turret firing algorhytmsrotation, straight, wave, forestalling, simple learningMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbPoint in TriangleChecks if a point in inside a triangleRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbTrinary / TrinitätThe trinary operator as function fpr blitz/ Der Trinitätsoperator als Funktion für BlitzDiego1+ years ago
.bbMin MaxGet the minor or major of two numbers | Die kleinere oder größere zweier Zahlen erhaltenDiego1+ years ago
.bbBase ConverterConverts a Number from any Base to any other BaseDiego1+ years ago
.bb"Life" on infinite fieldJ. H. Conway's Game of Life on nearly infinite fieldMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbConway's Life: experimentsSome interesting additional stuffMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbSmoothly moving objectObject in 2D smoothly passing thru random set of points visiting them in certain time (dual cubic spline interpolation)Matt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbCubic spline interpolationDrawing cubic spline what is passing thru random set of pointsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbLagrange interpolationDrawing Lagrange function graph what is passing thru random set of pointsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbConway's Game of LifeDevelopment of rectangular area filled with random cellsMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbBank as dynamic araySnow fx exampleMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbPac Man EditorTo accompany the Pac Man exampleVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbPac ManSimple pathfinding in this Deluxe Pac Man exampleVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbHandy string parsing functionExtract words, characters, or symbols using delimitersAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbXor ChecksummingChecksum a file to detect corruption tamperingVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbBlitz2HTMLConverts Blitz to HTML for html tutorials, or printingVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbBinary Tetris in ColourUses same binary algorithm as Binary Tetris, but with colourVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbBinary TetrisAlgorithm for Tetris using only binaryVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbCalculating PrimesThe fastest way to calculate prime numbersSubirenihil1+ years ago
.bbSimple Spline InterpolationSimple Spline Function giving y values for xMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbFAST Sieve of EratosthenesFind prime numbersAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbPrime FinderA program that calculates if a given number is prime.Nathaniel1+ years ago
.bbLine-Bezier Intersect DemoCheck for intersection between Line Segment and Bezier CurveAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbYet Another Line Intersect FunctionFunction to check if two line segments crossAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbfractionsinstead of decimalsmindstorms1+ years ago
.bbString parsing functionsLittle string parsing library.bytecode771+ years ago
.bbGetEntityBox()This function returns the entity's bounding box sizes.bytecode771+ years ago
.bbtimersblitzplus like timersmindstorms1+ years ago
.bbsqr functionreturns in radical formmindstorms1+ years ago
.bb2D Particle & Constraints physics with mouse buildmode/interactmodea 2D physics simulation with an interactive demonstrationJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbPi Calculator Rev 2Calculates PiArem1+ years ago
.bbPi CalculatorCalculates PiArem1+ years ago
.bbUnHex/reHexGet a hex value out of int and reverseAndres1+ years ago
.bbGUI object managementType demo for managing overlapping GUI objectsbig10p1+ years ago
.bbSudoku-Solverin GermanMr. Bean1+ years ago
.bbarray of typesarray of types within a typebradford61+ years ago
.bbRecirsive ScanDir() funca little scandir() func!bytecode771+ years ago
.bbBox, Box2 (bb & bmax)extended modulosCS_TBL1+ years ago
.bbBubble SortSorting an arrayNaughty Alien1+ years ago
.bbImage ZoomEasy to adjustQ1+ years ago
.bbLineRectIntersectionThis Function determine if a Line and a Rectangle intersectMarkus Rosse1+ years ago
.bb2D Mountain GenerationA 2D Mountain makerSubirenihil1+ years ago
.bbCreating circles with a certain amount of cornersThis function will create a circle with a variable amount of cornersPhoenix1+ years ago
.bbmathematical algorithmssome mathematical algorithms5t@nKy1+ years ago
.bbSimple GravitySimple gravity effect for a platformerQ1+ years ago
.bbConversion Log DateCounts the number of days since 1-1-00Sonari Eclipsi Onimari1+ years ago
.bbContainer: vectorplug'n'play vector containers which can be used to store objectsoctothorpe1+ years ago
.bbBubble SortingSimple array bubble sortingRegular K1+ years ago
.bbSmooth bezier curves between pointsDraw smooth bezier curves between pointsJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbPathfinding (Pre calculated 2D)Pathfinding routine I use in my gamesMatty1+ years ago
.bbBinary Decision TreeBinary Decision Tree AI AlgorithmTechlord1+ years ago
.bbString - Int - String4 byte int values in string format (ideal for multiplayer)Banshee1+ years ago
.bbContainer: hash table(aka map, dictionary) plug'n'play hash table containers which can be used to store objects - get(key$), set(key$, value), delete(key$), iteratorsoctothorpe1+ years ago
.bbContainer: double-linked listplug'n'play list containers which can be used to store objects - push, pop, shift, unshift, delete, iteratorsoctothorpe1+ years ago
.bbZooming In/OutZoom with the Mouse WheelCruis.In1+ years ago
.bbLook for duplicationsearches through a list of numbers for a duplicate numberNicstt1+ years ago
.bbSoundEx SearchGenerates SoundEx search codesDr. Wildrick1+ years ago
.bbSorting Array BASICA Real Basic Sorting methodNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbRandom 3D/2D Dungeon GeneratorA random 2d/3d dungeon generator, as the title saysErroneouss1+ years ago
.bbRotatatable movable square to movable point collisions in 2DChecks collision of a square with any rotation and any position in 2D space with a movable pointBraincell1+ years ago
.bbConway's Life AlgorithmAnother Life IterationGary B1+ years ago
.bbstar fieldsimple star field simulationPete1+ years ago
.bbInterpolate AnglesInterpolate between two angles...fredborg1+ years ago
.bbbouncybouncy sprite simulationPete1+ years ago
.bbRGB to HSB and backConvert RGB to Hue, Saturation and Brightnessjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbSectors in stringRetrieve easily a sector from within a stringAndres1+ years ago
.bbHex$ to DecimalVery compact function to convert an hex$ to a decimalCybersed1+ years ago
.bbHow to use tilesCreating a maps with tilesKamaShin1+ years ago
.bbpositionsprite()display 3d sprites using 2d screen coordinatesD4NM4N1+ years ago
.bbCalcGunAngleReturns gun's angle to hit the targetMikle1+ years ago
.bbCreate 2D Terrain EDITCreates a 2D terrain with color wich is stored in a array.Berserker [swe]1+ years ago
.bbAllowed lettersHow to avoid unwanted letters/symbolsAndres1+ years ago
.bbPower of twoFinds the next power of two down from a positive integerRottbott1+ years ago
.bbConvert Integers to WordsFunctions to convert Integer values into String words._PJ_1+ years ago
.bbPermutations FunctionReturns the number of Permutations for 'N' valuesKevin_1+ years ago
.bbBasic Cannonballs Physics 3DUses Quadratic EquationsErroneouss1+ years ago
.bbJV-ODE Car DemoA simple Blitz3D car demo using JV-ODEVIP3R1+ years ago
.bbRate Of Exponential Decay & IncreaseExponential Decay & IncreaseErroneouss1+ years ago
.bbTowers of HanoiDepth-first (recursive) solution to the Towers of Hanoi problemKlapster1+ years ago
.bbSinus scrollerA simple sinusscrollerJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbMulti-Dimensional Arrays using a Single ArrayConvert multiple indexes into a linear index for use with Blitz Single Arrays (ie: mytype.alien[100])Techlord1+ years ago
.bbAgain a new Replace commandThis command accepts a NumOfOcc parameter and a CaseSensitive parameterPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbAlternate Replace command (2nd version)Adds a NumberOfOccurances parameter to the commandPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbNew Replace commandReplace-command with NumberOfOccurances parameterPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbThe Ambiguity Engine.Ffront end to a compiler/anything.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbAuto code indenterIndents all your code 'correctly'Rob Farley1+ years ago
.bbGet what's on the other side of the equal sign even faster.Shorter, faster than ever before.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbBox PackingPacks boxes extremely fast, useful for lightmap packing etc.fredborg1+ years ago
.bbNormal MapGenerates a simple normal map from a height map for use with Dot3TetraHC1+ years ago
.bbDelimeted string handlerFind an element of a single delimeted stringRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbCheak if 2 lines crossCheak if 2 lines crossLuke.H1+ years ago
.bbRelativePathTo get a relativepath returnedNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbBlitzODE Car DemoA simple Blitz3D car demo using BlitzODEVIP3R1+ years ago
.bbDynamic string arrayAllows one to modify / create one string containing multiple substrings.Mr Brine1+ years ago
.bbminimum distance from point to linefind the distance from a point to a line in 2DTomToad1+ years ago
.bbPush/Pop Data Functions 2Functions to push and pop data to and from stacks (created from types)N1+ years ago
.bbNeural Net EngineFeed fordward neural net engine, b+/3d.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbPush/Pop Data FunctionsFunctions to push and pop data to and from banksN1+ years ago
.bbCode Cleaner/De-formatterIt would be more confusing than the title.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbNatural Cubic SplineCubic SplineSweenie1+ years ago
.bbVarious Sorting AlgorithmsShell, Bubble, Insertion, Selection, and Quick sort functionsN1+ years ago
.bbHoming Missile Algorithmdoes what it says!Mr Brine1+ years ago
.bbshifted grid collision demoHow to do FAST 2D col-det with large amount of spritesbig10p1+ years ago
.bbPushing ObjectsReal Collision PushingNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbSmartStripSmart version of strip, for remove multiple characters of the same value.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bb2D Collision ExampleCreate circles and lines that collide with each other.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbGet the day of the weekReturns the day of the weekKevin_1+ years ago
.bbKey GeneratorCreate keys for your softwareRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbMaze GeneratorCustomizable!Curtastic1+ years ago
.bbWeighted Random NumbersA simple code example to show how to generate weigthed random numbers where one number appears more often than another,sswift1+ years ago
.bbQuaternion Math libraryMost of the functions required to work with quaternionsBeeps1+ years ago
.bbMatrix Math libraryMatrix maths library including most of the functions you might use.Beeps1+ years ago
.bbVector Math libraryA simple blitz include that gives you most of the vector maths functions.Beeps1+ years ago
.bbquick math evaluatorQuick stack based math evaluator that converts infix to postfix, and then writes intermediate output according to your codeZenith1+ years ago
.bbMultiple Event triggersHandle multiple events without halting program flowralphy1+ years ago
.bbInfix to PostfixInfix to Postfix conversion (without Brackets, heh)Zenith1+ years ago
.bbDistance Between 2 RectanglesCalculates the distance between two rectangles (FAST!)Mr Brine1+ years ago
.bbSin/Cos Lookup TablesSin/Cos Lookup TablesTechlord1+ years ago
.bbUrlencode / UrldecodeActs like the php counterpartsskn31+ years ago
.bbOn a collision courseHow to calculate if two entities are on a collision course in a planeJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bb- Line Helpers -- General y=mx+b type stuff -Jeremy Alessi1+ years ago
.bbAnother IsOdd() function.This is a simple, quick way to find out if a number is odd.dangerdave1+ years ago
.bbIsOddSimple function for working out whether or not a value is odd*1+ years ago
.bbDecimal to the length of the binary equivalentTakes a decimal and quickly returns the length of the binary equivalentBot Builder1+ years ago
.bbContinuous Bezier SplineCreate a continuous bezier spline using multiple splinesJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbRace Timer FunctionsAllows you to start/stop and reset a timer returning a formatted timeRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbBase 64 Encoder/Decoder FunctionsBase 64 encode/decodeAndy_A1+ years ago
.bbDataType FunctionChecks the type of data stored in a stringKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbCRC32 - Checksum calculatorClean CRC32 - Checksum calculator for string/bank/fileMrCredo1+ years ago
.bbRound Floor Celing towards ZeroRounds towards zero. Combined Floor CeilingLostCargo1+ years ago
.bbInterpolationLinear, Cosine, Cubic and Hermite InterpolationKlaas1+ years ago
.bbIsometric collisionDetects collision in a isometric squareNebula1+ years ago
.bb2d distance calculation and approximationSweet ways to calculate 2d distance along a lineShagwana1+ years ago
.bbHoming physics ( 2D )Allow enemies to chase player, with velocity and acceleration.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbObject and Handle with EntitiesObject and Handle to avoid looking up an entity in thousands of typesRob1+ years ago
.bbQueueing behaviourPlease form an orderly lineDarkNature1+ years ago
.bbContainer ClassesList, Array, Heap classes for easy useMarcelo1+ years ago
.bbMathToString$(...)NEW version 1.5ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbCosineinterpolytionInterpolated line with cosinealgorithmVertex1+ years ago
.bbSwift Event SystemAn event system for triggering events in your game, or animating objects.sswift1+ years ago
.bbEuler angles to quaternion and backEuler angles to quaternion and backMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbSpeedLimitKeep your ships from going too fastRatboy1+ years ago
.bbQLimitLimit valuesNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbBase ConversionQuick and easy base conversion functionZenith1+ years ago
.bbRC4 Komp. Algo.De / Encoding ToolPanno1+ years ago
.bbGet what's on the other side of the Equal sign.Fast value extractor.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbRLE compressionBasic Run Length Encoding compression for files.Zenith1+ years ago
.bbZ Pathfinding LibraryA simple, easy, optimized little libZenith1+ years ago
.bbConvert Radians To DegreesRadians to Degrees Conversion Function.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbRadar Scan: Is that enemy within range?Will scan a given radius and return true/false if target is in range.Ghoula1+ years ago
.bbIs In Triangle 2DCheck if point is inside triangleDifference1+ years ago
.bbLines_Intersect()This function determines if two line segments intersect in 2D, and if so, where they intersect.sswift1+ years ago
.bbCRC32 calculator (well similar)This calculates a CRC32 for an file given, it might not be 100% correct to the algorythm though.Drago1+ years ago
.bbAny Zoom Level LineDraw a line at any zoom level..skn31+ years ago
.bbLine NormalThis function will calculate the normal of a line.sswift1+ years ago
.bbRectangle/Box overlap code (Boolean way)A faster way to tell if a rect overlaps!Shagwana1+ years ago
.bbBilliards Style Collision Physics2D circle collision response which can be used for almost anything where 2 objects collide in 2 dimensionsPhish1+ years ago
.bbConverts Degrees to RadiansTakes an angle and converts it to a radian.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbSwift Terrain SystemThe Swift Terrain System - A fast, detailed, tiled mesh terrain with level of detailsswift1+ years ago
.bbIPS RoutinesInternational Patching System - creating and using IPS files.taxlerendiosk1+ years ago
.bbSorted Linked Type ListsCreate and maintain lists sorted on an arbitrary fieldMiracle1+ years ago
.bbLinked Type Lists (Updated)Search through large numbers of types with linked listsMiracle1+ years ago
.bbBresenham line tracing (2d)Lets you iterate through a bresenham line one coord at a timeShagwana1+ years ago
.bbRigid Body Physics SystemA simple particle-based rigid body physics system.Vorderman1+ years ago
.bbBinary GCDFast GCD AlgorithmEntity1+ years ago
.bbNot-So-Faster Sqr( x^2 + y^2 )but Sqr( x*x + y*y ) is faster... hmmmmEntity1+ years ago
.bbTerrain Colormap GeneratorA simple terrain color map generator.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbSmart TurnTurns An Entity Toward Another Choosing The Short Pathsemar1+ years ago
.bbFloatTo4BytesConvert floating point number to 32bit IEEE representationGrahamK1+ years ago
.bbReplaying user input using a collection of Types Replaying user input using a collection of Types matt!1+ years ago
.bbCreate 2D terrainsThe best of many methods i triedskn31+ years ago
.bbStarfox's LOD Mesh SystemManages LOD Meshes for Blitzstarfox1+ years ago
.bbInsertion SortExample of sorting Blitz type collection.Floyd1+ years ago
.bbInsertion Sort with sentinelA faster version of Insertion Sort.Floyd1+ years ago
.bbfaster bin to int :Dconverts a binary string to an integerCurtastic1+ years ago
.bbJulian day functionsCalculate the Julian day for use with date calculationsCraig Watson1+ years ago
.bbgettok$(word$,token,seperator)A handy function to return a token from a string...skn31+ years ago
.bbPointing one image towards another using ATanThis code demonstrates how ATan is used to determine the frame of a rotating imageKlapster1+ years ago
.bbMD5 DigestFunction to create an MD5 DigestCraig Watson1+ years ago
.bbBinary SearchA simple binary search, used to find a value in a large arraydirkduck1+ years ago
.bbBase 64 EncoderFunction to encode string text to base64mangus1+ years ago
.bbPecentage valuesStatistics functions and controlled randomsGiano1+ years ago
.bbCannonball physicsCode which shows how to move objects as if they were shot like a cannonball ( 2D )Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbBinary string to integerConverts a string created w/ bin$ back to an int.Snarkbait1+ years ago
.bbSin() and Cos() demo Tutorial on using Sin() and Cos() to determine movementRhodan1+ years ago
.bbhex2decConverts a hexadecimal number to a decimal oneBlu_Matt1+ years ago
.bbHex 2 StringConverts a Hexidecimal to a StringZenith(Matt Griffith)1+ years ago
.bbBitplane Nostalgy AI tracking functionsTrack,Track_YR,Track_Smooth,Track_YR_SmoothLitobyte1+ years ago
.bb2D Rectangle Collide (FAST)collision detection between two rectanglesNigel Brown1+ years ago
.bbBouncing BallCan be controlled with joypad.Faz1+ years ago
.bbDistance between 2 entities in 3D space for collision!This function checks the distance between 2 entities for collision!SopiSoft1+ years ago
.bbVB InstrRev() commandWorks as Instr() command, but starts search from the end of the stringJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbMore versatile VB Split() CommandSplits a string into a 1 dimensional Array.and..Jim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbHuffman ExpandUse in conjunction with the compress routines (below) to decompress your files/dataMurilo1+ years ago
.bbHuffman CompressionHuffman compress your files/dataMurilo1+ years ago
.bbtime dependant movements and rotationsThis code allows you to run your game the same speed on various PCs, fps independentKostik1+ years ago
.bbVB Split CommandHere's a Visual Basic Command for Blitz.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbBayer-Palbo Ordered DitheringA modified 8x8 Bayer ordered dither algorithmPopstar1+ years ago
.bbHeight Map GeneratorMake unique random nice looking landscapesRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbCar PhysicsCar physics allowing front/rear/4 wheel drive and under/oversteerVorderman1+ years ago
.bbPattern$() FunctionMakes it easy to identify groups of letters/numbersOldefoxx1+ years ago
.bbParsing StringsFunctions for parsing strings based on separation chars.Oldefoxx1+ years ago
.bbA flexable VAL() FunctionThis is an updated versionOldefoxx1+ years ago
.bbPoint in a rectangle detectionBoolean way to detect if a point is in a rectangleShagwana1+ years ago
.bb2 and 4 byte compressor2 byte and 4 byte compressor/decompressorSkully1+ years ago
.bbFlagsHow to store the values of many flags in one numberWarpy1+ years ago
.bbQuickSortThe Fast Quick Sort algoTFT (der Falke)1+ years ago
.bbBubbleSortsorts blitz object collectionsskidracer1+ years ago
.bbFloatStringfloat to string conversion with n decimal pointsskidracer1+ years ago
.bbInsidePolycheck if a point is inside a polygonskidracer1+ years ago
.bbInteger swappingSwapping two integer variables without using a thirdBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbNumber from StringExtract Numbers from StringsCpt. Sovok1+ years ago
.bbk.i.s.s. toggleKeep It Simple Stupid (kiss) integer toggle:Russell1+ years ago
.bbIncr()/Decr() with safety checkIncrement or decrement by a value with bounds checkRussell1+ years ago
.bbUsing types-within-typesAn example of using a custom type within another custom typeBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbAsynchronous timersTimers that don't stop your game from continuingBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDiminish ()Good routine for reducing speeds, power, etc.BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbVector ProductsA couple of helper functions Dot and cross product.David Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
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