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.bbOnline CD Key ValidationBlitz3D/BlitzPlus version of online key validation with serverRaster Ron1+ years ago
.bbTCPIP 3D game exampleFramework for a TCPIP connection blitz3d game. ready to be expanded.Wings1+ years ago
.bbEncodeURLValue() - Function used to encode the value parameter in a URL's query string.By default the function encodes everything except 0 to 9, A to Z, a to z, and the characters: -_.~ and !'()* The last set will also be encoded if 'strict' is set to True.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbHTTP 1.1 GET - Download a FileA simple function to download any desired file from a website via a TCP connection and a HTTP 1.1 GET requestozzi7891+ years ago
.bbHTML WEB READER BMXthis reads html code from a websitewarwulf1+ years ago
.bbUsing Membase (or Memcached) from Blitz+ (or Blitz3D)Membase and Memcached interfaceMahan1+ years ago
.bbIRCLibLibrary for connecting to an IRC networkschilcote1+ years ago
.bbBlitzUnixTimeFunctionsThePict1+ years ago
.bbSnakes Client and ServerRun up to ten snake clients, will work on a LAN or even further if your more adventurous. Not very optimised - apologies for the indentation but I'm moving on from this now.Blitzplotter1+ years ago
.bbSimpleUDP2Network-Library, easy to use, very fastToeB1+ years ago
.bbLAN Network SearchingAllows your program to find others over a LAN network.Serpent1+ years ago
.bburlencode for stringparse a string and remove %codevivaigiochi1+ years ago
.bbServer and client exampleIllustrates communication between server and multiple clientsPowerPC6031+ years ago
.bbchatrooma programHeliotrope1+ years ago
.bbUDP ScannerScan the entire LAN for active UDP serversemar1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPlay Lite + eNetThe easiness of BlitzPlay with the functionality of eNetGIB3D1+ years ago
.bbTracking multiplayer objectsEasy way to track objects over a networkRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbAccess Twitter Search APIGet data from the Twitter Search APILoktar1+ years ago
.bbWhat is my public IP?How to get your public IP on the netZJP1+ years ago
.bbSimple TCP/IP Network LibraryTCP/IP Network Library with simple example.Matty1+ years ago
.bbInputTCP$Input for TCP streams!schilcote1+ years ago
.bbOSALibOSAKit Communication Libraryboomboom1+ years ago
.bbDownload fileSupports downloading files, php sites and redirected sites. (Fast)bytecode771+ years ago
.bbBasic TCP ChatA basic TCP chat programYellBellzDotCom1+ years ago
.bbBasic UDP ChatA simple client/ server chat programYellBellzDotCom1+ years ago
.bbOnline Game CodeFor beginners-Online Game Code-Xzider1+ years ago
.bbTCP engine ULTRA FASTTCP engine 2 show prof that BLitz TCP can work flawless.Wings1+ years ago
.bbTCP - Sending a FileSending a File from Server to ClientXtremeCoder1+ years ago
.bbMusic SyncSyncs Music Over NetworkArem1+ years ago
.bbgetSubnetMask() & getBroadcastAddress()Useful for LAN searches ...Jeremy Alessi1+ years ago
.bbRandom ip generatorGenerates ip numbers (-1. flag)Nebula1+ years ago
.bbTCP/IP NetworkTired of always typing in IP addresses? try this!Subirenihil1+ years ago
.bbRemote File EngineEasy way to download and read remote files via HTTP/FTPAndres1+ years ago
.bbChatA chatroom I created, but don't have anyone to chat with.Ryudin1+ years ago
.bbWrong Client StopperStops unregistered clients from logging into the server.Ked1+ years ago
.bbNetGraphA small netgraphzoom*1+ years ago
.bbNemesis ChatA graphical chatAndres1+ years ago
.bbUDP Protocol ExampleUDP Protocol Examplecermit1+ years ago
.bbWeb BrowserA webbrowser, without a HTML-ViewJan_1+ years ago
.bbMailmanAny new email?Andres1+ years ago
.bbHTTP PosterHTTP multi postingAndres1+ years ago
.bbTCP ENGINEA easier cleaner TCP engineBaystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbPlease delete me...Yan1+ years ago
.bbFTP Using WinInet Userlib FunctionsA program that uses the Windows Internet (WinInet) userlib to access FTP sites and transfer files.turtle17761+ years ago
.bbsmal TCP/IP Game engine.This is a smal tcpip 8 players game engine.Wings1+ years ago
.bbWeb compatible URLConvert an URL to HTTP protocol compatible oneAndres1+ years ago
.bbApplication protocolExecute an application from a webbrowser with certain parameterAndres1+ years ago
.bbHTTP PostHow to Post Data to a Webserverjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbArem IMOpen Source IM ProgramArem1+ years ago
.bbMail SenderA mail senderoracle11241+ years ago
.bbGet integer IP from any hostname EGAllows you to retrieve the proper ip from a given hostname. Useful for udp games wanting to turn named address into usable ip address!!skn31+ years ago
.bbShort Dotted IP to Integer IP ConverterJust trying to get this as small as possible.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbFPSNetUpdateAn Updated NETWORKED FPS ExampleJeremy Alessi1+ years ago
.bbBlitz Browse (update)Simple web browser from samples folder updatedBeaker1+ years ago
.bbRelay Hunter (Hacking)This is a Proof of concept Code, for INFO use only.Paul "Taiphoz"1+ years ago
.bbBlitzLobby example programRegister your multiplayer games and launch from MSN Messenger sessions.skidracer1+ years ago
.bbHttpGet(server,path,port,proxy,proxyport)HttpGet with proxy servers. Returns a handle to a tcp streamskn31+ years ago
.bbMultiLibV1.2 FinalFree, open source network libraryAntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbUDP Client/Server SampleUDP communications program (Client/Server)Wayne1+ years ago
.bbDotted IP to Int FunctionConverts an IP in the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to an IP IntegerPerturbatio1+ years ago
.bbDomain CheckIf you want a domain check , here it is :)GC-Martijn1+ years ago
.bbCubic Spline Interpolation 3d Update3d sampling of Chroma's Interpolation CodeTyler1+ years ago
.bbQuery an DNS Serveryou wanna know an ip from a domainname ...Klaas1+ years ago
.bbPOP3 email retrievalRetrieves emails from your POP3 account...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDynamic IPs - how to workaround...Useful for testing netgamesRGR1+ years ago
.bbWeb Page Exist?Function to see if a web page existsKevin_1+ years ago
.bbBlitzServeA crude multi-stream HTTP server...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbBasic multiple-connection serverHow to handle multiple incoming streams...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPlus Irc Client 0.7 (Update)This is a Irc-chat client for BlitzPlusShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbUse any form of Address with UDP communicationAllows you to connect using UDP, using various types of Network Address's. EG localhost/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/www.address.comskn31+ years ago
.bbsaving files on a remote systemsaves files to a serverckob1+ years ago
.bbServer Operating SystemOperating System for 'Server Tool Programmer'ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbCubic Spline Interpolation - Updated with Recursive MathThis is the recommended method to fight lag in multiplayer online games.Chroma1+ years ago
.bb[UPDATED 3/2/2003] UDP client / Serverworking example of a UDP host/client model.skn31+ years ago
.bbIP ManagementGame Host IP Management: Perl talks to BBjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbNetBlitzThe User Friendly UDPstarfox1+ years ago
.bbFTP FuncsA Collection of FTP FunctionsChevron1+ years ago
.bbHTTP Server ExampleHTTP Serverdendavid1+ years ago
.bbMail Functions>10 Functions for sending (SMTP) and receiving (POP) mails.Cpt. Sovok1+ years ago
.bbUDP CommunicationsSample UDP Chat programWayne1+ years ago
.bbIPManagerGets your IP, converts padded IP's into integer versionsSkully1+ years ago
.bbIntToStr$ - StrToInt%Integer conversion functions, shorter, faster.SurreaL1+ years ago
.bbFTP in a nutshellA minimalistic FTP Proggy in 8 lines.Cpt. Sovok1+ years ago
.bbBlitzGet DeluxeDownloads given HTTP (www) file to diskBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbLoadWebImageLoads an image from the web, straight into your game!BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbTCP client server chat programA full working internet chat programsemar1+ years ago
.bbBlitzMail DeluxeBlitzMail with error-checkingBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbHTTPGetPerform an HTTP Getmarksibly1+ years ago
.bbBlitzMailAn example of sending emailmarksibly1+ years ago
.bbBlitzFTPA simple FTP clientmarksibly1+ years ago
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