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Code archives/3D Graphics - Misc

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.bbLabelEntity (camera, entity, text$)Simple function to clearly label an entity when it's in viewBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDev. Position/Rotate entity w/mouseSimple function to help you position and rotate an entity with the mouse.Rob Hutchinson1+ years ago
.bbTexture manipulationPlaying about with textures -- simple stuffBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbCommented 3D game framework (lite)The basic framework of a NON frame-limited Blitz 3D gameBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbCommented 3D game frameworkThe basic framework of a frame-limited/frame-tweening Blitz 3D gameBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bb3d gameletspace based 3d shooterchriscc1+ years ago
.bbTypes and Entitiesmanipulating entites using TYPE comandsbradford61+ years ago
.bboverlay2d overlay codeskidracer1+ years ago
.bb3D mode Chooser3D graphics mode chooser from a windowbradford61+ years ago
.bbParticle Emitterfree simple particle emitterbradford61+ years ago
.bb3rd person camera (simple)3rd person camera with collisions bradford61+ years ago
.bbCollision Normals demomy first test with Collision Normalsbradford61+ years ago
.bbA tutorial in the basics of 3d.This will get you started in the real of walking around in 3d. Its just very well commented code.poopla1+ years ago
.bb3D Entity PickPick several 3d objects with mouse bradford61+ years ago
.bbEntityScalefunction to calculates entity's scaleskidracer1+ years ago
.bbCreateExplosion()Two simple routines to make simplistic explosions.Neo Genesis101+ years ago
.bbCreateQuad()Create a 3d one sided square from two trianglesZenith(Matt Griffith)1+ years ago
.bbJumping 3D Jumping bradford61+ years ago
.bbBackdrops in 3DCreates tiles from a backdrop imageBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbFrames per secondshows the framecount every secondKostik1+ years ago
.bbLarge scale world/entity managementKeeping the framerate high with really high entity countsRob1+ years ago
.bbLight-trailSimple light-trail using spriteswedoe1+ years ago
.bbFast 3D hud design systemEnables perspective/resolution independant hud overlaysRob1+ years ago
.bbDrawing 3dSome 3d drawing functions for points, lines and segmentsGiano1+ years ago
.bbFLEX - proper shadows, lights and shaped shadowsFLEX will accurately deform any shape to a level or a terrain.Rob1+ years ago
.bbFast Entity FindA method to retrieve type info from an entityDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbCylinders & Cones to make TrailsCylinders & Cones to make trails or useful for 3dLinesGiano1+ years ago
.bbdraw 3d from 2ddraw on a 2d bitmap and add a cube to the 3d worldbradford61+ years ago
.bbpickname demosimple picker with namesbradford61+ years ago
.bbTransparent 2D GUI ExampleA cut down set of functions using a clever method of achieving transparency in "2D" windows.Phish1+ years ago
.bbGamma demoSimple Gamma adjustment demo*1+ years ago
.bbSimple 3D templatevery basic 3d "getting started" templatebradford61+ years ago
.bbLightmesh and rotationUsing lightmesh to fakelight a rotating, moving entityMadJack1+ years ago
.bbperfect ball rollingvery easy to roll a ball in 3 lines of codeRob1+ years ago
.bbarrows on a terraintexturing a terrain in real timebradford61+ years ago
.bbCarve through the fogWispy fog that a moving entity can carve a trail throughVorderman1+ years ago
.bbBox MapperCreates uv coords for a meshDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbCylinderical MappingCreates uv coords for a meshDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbWierd rtc colortextureNothing special, just a nice looking effect - sort of plasma-like.toxic_waste1+ years ago
.bbIndependant texture scale per entityScaleTexture scales all entitie's textures using the same texuture, this avoids that issue.Rob1+ years ago
.bbMathLightseasy way to light an object and beat the 8 light limitRob1+ years ago
.bb2D and 3D waterthe underlying algo to create water ripplesRob1+ years ago
.bbParticle SystemsSimple particles showing how tiny code can achieve muchRob1+ years ago
.bbVertex lighting Lambert shading using multiple lightsIce91+ years ago
.bbRadar with True BearingRadar example with sweep display of targetsDoggie1+ years ago
.bbLazer rays functionsCreate laser rays stretching sprites (billboard)Giano1+ years ago
.bbPoint an Entity at x,y,z Does exactly what it says. Works perfect and FAST!!! Chroma1+ years ago
.bbSave terrain as heightmap bmpSave terrain as heightmap bmpPer Jonsson1+ years ago
.bbHandle 3D Sprites as 2D SpritesPosition Sprites to Screencoordinate system.jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbCreateShadowmap()function to make terrain shadow mapnadia1+ years ago
.bbDynamic storage for entitiesStore as many entities as you like, instead of being limited by an arrayGrahamK1+ years ago
.bbReturn Entity Angle 0-360This takes an entity's yaw and converts it to the correct 0-360 component.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbDragSelect 3D objectsSimple method of selecting a 3d point in spaceskn31+ years ago
.bbRealtime ShadowPretty fast thanks Peter Scheutz's Turbo Hackjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbTruespace .cob / .scn loaderImport truespace objects (.cob) or scenes (.scn) into BlitzDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bb3d starfield/spacedust/snow/rain simefficient re-use of sprites without any worry and no need for variables...Rob 1+ years ago
.bbCSP VIS CompilerVisibility Occlusion Workshopjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbChrysanthemum & Butterfly CurvesChrysanthemum & Butterfly Curves drawed using triangleselias_t1+ years ago
.bbHeightlandHeightmap based Texture Landscape GeneratorDoiron1+ years ago
.bbLOD handling codeRather useful lod routine. Handles detail levels easily.Rob 1+ years ago
.bb60's PONG-3D!I wrote this 3d pong game with fun in mind - you have just got to see it!Rob 1+ years ago
.bbFirst Person Shooter Camera ControlThis source code allows you to move and look around, jump, walk and fly.*1+ years ago
.bbCorrect OffsetCorrects the offsetstarfox1+ years ago
.bbVertex projectionSome functions for getting world/2D co-ords of verticesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbBoxMeshDraws a 2D rectangle to enclose a meshBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbGet 2D entity SizeDamn James below :) anyway this is my take on it that I made without realising...Rob 1+ years ago
.bbCreate object shadows on big terrainsCreate object shadows on terrainsWiebo1+ years ago
.bbLight Mapping exampleA demonstration of using lightmaps within simple geometrycol1+ years ago
.bbmove object shadow along terrainsThis example shows how to use a texture to simulate shadowsWiebo1+ years ago
.bbshows the hierarchy of a model.directory view of hierarchyRob 1+ years ago
.bbLevel decalsWill align a sprite to a surfaces collision normalspoopla1+ years ago
.bbPacman mazecreates a pacman type mazeKev1+ years ago
.bbGame Menu Settings moduleBolt-on easily configurable bitmap-based menu systemMustang1+ years ago
.bbDigitTextDisplaying text on a HUD using a custom meshmarkrosten1+ years ago
.bb3D tile systemCreate 3D tiled game levels...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbCopyTexture/LoadImageTextureUsed to make copies of texturesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbLoadMaskedSpriteLoads a sprite or texture masked with your chosen RGB valuesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbTriMeshDraws 2D version of mesh as overlay...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bb2D-to-3D entity positioning (or something)Positions entity 'at' 2D co-ords. (BTW: Bwu-ha-ha @ Rob! :)BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbEntityScaleX(), EntityScaleY(), EntityScaleZ()These three functions return the current scale of an entity on each axis.sswift1+ years ago
.bb3D Template for beginner3D Template for beginner with loadanim mesh fx functionFilax1+ years ago
.bb3d laser sight codeThis code will create an entity that acts as a laser sight from a firer model to the target*1+ years ago
.bbTransform Texture!Ever wanted to scale a texture and/or rotate it yet keep it in the middle? Now you can!Rob 1+ years ago
.bb2D BSPDemonstrates 2-dimensional bsp trees.JoshK1+ years ago
.bbUnweldThis function unwelds all the pointsstarfox1+ years ago
.bbEntity RecorderRecords an entity's position and rotation to playbackRimmsy1+ years ago
.bbRemoveTRIRemoves an individual Triangle from an Unwelded SurfaceTeraBit1+ years ago
.bbSimple Laser CodeLaser from A to BNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbSteady Delta Time RoutineStabilizes that jumpy delta time.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbPortable LightmapperLightmap Your World!starfox1+ years ago
.bbDynamic ShadowsAn animated Charcter with dynamic Shadowsjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbSimple progress bar3D progress barSmokey1+ years ago
.bbsmokesingle surface particle systemskidracer1+ years ago
.bbFPS Average DisplayEasy way to get an average FPS callDH1+ years ago
.bbSimple FPS CounterVery simple FPS counter with no flutterRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbTerragen terrain loaderLoads a Terragen map as a Blitz terrain (mesh only -- no textures!)BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bb*** Sprite Control *** UPDATED 07 March 04Controls 3D sprites just like 2D images. 26 commands.EOF1+ years ago
.bbDisplacement MappingUsing a texture to modify the height of a mesh's polygons.Ziltch1+ years ago
.bbMoving Platforms democollisions with moving platformsbradford61+ years ago
.bbanimation and shadow realtimeanimation and shadowsmongia21+ years ago
.bbSinging in the rain V2Rain effect ala MGS2fredborg1+ years ago
.bbProject 2D coords to 3DYour 2D mouse can pick any 3D position or Entity without annoying kludgesRob1+ years ago
.bbProject mouse 2D to Orthoganol 3DConverts the mouse 2D position into an Orthoganol 3D positioncol1+ years ago
.bbdefaultTextureEntityAdd a squared texture to a meshGiano1+ years ago
.bbxFormResets all scale transformationsKlaas1+ years ago
.bbEntity RecorderRecord Enitities and save the actions to disksuperqix1+ years ago
.bbPortable Lightmapper optimisationA little optimisationOlive1+ years ago
.bb.X ViewerView .x files_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbVertex LightingVertex lighting give you directX like lighting without the 8 light restrictions (Thanks to Markus Rauch for assistance)*1+ years ago
.bbmoved to math...Vector3D Lib updated and moved to Math Archives.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbYAL - Yet Another LightMapper (update 1.5 )Based on starfox's portable lightmapperMarcelo1+ years ago
.bbPickedU(), PickedV(), PickedW()Returns the U,V, and W coordinates of the last successful pick command!fredborg1+ years ago
.bbYAL improvmentsA new light type, some bugs correctionsOlive1+ years ago
.bbTexture-HUDa texture based HUDtobiasm7671+ years ago
.bbLineOfSight3DUseful for testing whether an enemy can see the player!fredborg1+ years ago
.bbEntity SelectBox as CollectionSelectBoxMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbThief style Luminancesee how visible a player via light sources in game*1+ years ago
.bbInteractivity with 3D objectSimple function for select 3D objectFilax1+ years ago
.bbRotateMeshRecursiveRotate a Mesh Recursive with Entitys ChildsMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbTerrain cos_angleHow to get the angle between a 3dpoint and a terrain areaelias_t1+ years ago
.bbCopy Image to Masked TextureFinding out that I wasn't the only one having trouble when doing this...Pepsi1+ years ago
.bbUnreal style portal effectThis gives you a brief demo of how to do the Unreal portal effect in Blitz*1+ years ago
.bbEntity Chase/FleeMakes an entity follow or run away from anotherShambler1+ years ago
.bbAnimated Texture FrameRate ControlThis will allow you to set the real framerate you want your animated texture to run at.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbShoot'emSimple FPS Shooting / Impact Examplejfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbVIS Compiler NextGenRemoved - Better wait for Maplet 2 VISjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbFont Texture CreatorCreates textures for fonts spanning multiple textures if desired.sswift1+ years ago
.bbTrack AI functionTrack functionsGiano1+ years ago
.bbLoadMeshTerrain( file$, [parent] )Turns a bitmap into a mesh terrain.Neo Genesis101+ years ago
.bbFree Particle EngineFire, Smoke, SciFi-FX/Xplode, Napalm...jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbMax MirrorFixes strange "mirrored" objectsBraneloc1+ years ago
.bb3D Pathfinding Lib3D Pathfinding Lib and Editor3D1+ years ago
.bbMario64 Style Camera ControlCode to show how to implement Mario64 Style Camera and Player ControlRob Pearmain1+ years ago
.bbPath nodingPath noding demonstration*1+ years ago
.bbGetTextures()Get Texture Paths of Surfacesjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbTerrain Colourmap PainterSimple program to help paint a colourmap straight onto a terrain...mrtricks1+ years ago
.bbB+ GUI controlling a B3D programUse GUIs and 3D together. All done with BlitzSkitchy1+ years ago
.bb3d movie playbackplay movies in your 3d scenes on entitiesRob1+ years ago
.bbVScrollVirtual Scrollbar Gadgetjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbBit 256 CheckCheck if the Hardware supports Texture Flag 256jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbcopy the Desktop to Blitz Image and show it in 2D or 3D WindowDesktop to Blitz ImageMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbOne Mountain on TerrainOne Mountain on TerrainMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbSimple RendererSimple Render appelias_t1+ years ago
.bb.b3d and with Skeletal AnimationTake a .b3d animated file, and play built in animations and skeletal deformations at the same timeAmazingJas1+ years ago
.bb.b3d Animation using ExtractAnimSeqAn Example of using The ExtractAnimSeq CommandRicky Smith1+ years ago
.bbB3D - > XML -> B3DB3D text file formatDifference1+ years ago
.bbSet Camera FOVSets the field of view of the camera with degrees instead of a seemingly incomprehensible "zoom" value.sswift1+ years ago
.bbQuadMesh and MeshTerrainQuadMesh and MeshTerrainMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbPerlin Noise HeightMap GeneratorThis function generates fractal heightmaps for terrains.sswift1+ years ago
.bbNew Get Entity Box / Entity 2D Sizefind the outer bounds of an entity (enclose it in a 2D rect or 3D box)Rob1+ years ago
.bbrectangle picking (good for RTSs)PickRect( x, y, width, height )poopla1+ years ago
.bbSpinning platformsHow to do spinning platformsKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbLaunchMenuA Blitz-themed splash screen that let's you set resolutions and optionssuperqix1+ years ago
.bbUsing LinePick to do sphere-to-sphere collisionsUsing LinePick to do sphere-to-sphere collisionsKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbb3d light trails FXSame Light Trail function of below, with the new vertexalpha[and vertex color]command usedLitobyte1+ years ago
.bbBlurTexture()This function blurs a texture using 3D acceleration.sswift1+ years ago
.bbSkyQuadalternative to skyboxRob1+ years ago
.bbPixiessprites with sharp pixel perfect featuresskidracer1+ years ago
.bbRecursive child searchWill search for an entity in children recursively. Using only 1 function call, no function calling itself over and over to search.skn31+ years ago
.bbYet Another Lightmapper ImprovementThis update to version 1.4 of YAL fixes numerous graphical glitches.sswift1+ years ago
.bbNextChild(entity) functionTraverses an entities hierarchy returning all children and grandchildren one after the other.Beaker1+ years ago
.bbSupercam! Another 3rd person cam.Alternative to smoothcam, I guess :)PsychicParrot1+ years ago
.bbParticle Emitteruses Type within a Typebradford61+ years ago
.bbResize an object with mouseResize an object with mouseFilax1+ years ago
.bbDistant Object RendererTurns distant objects into a texture which you can then display as a sky.sswift1+ years ago
.bbEntity properties without using typesEntity properties without using typesKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbB3D Model HierarchyB3D Model HierarchyTechlord1+ years ago
.bbAI code UPDATEDanother AI ballpatisawesome1+ years ago
.bbAlpha Zorder'Instant' z-sorter for alpha'd trianglesBeaker1+ years ago
.bbShadow MapperUltra Fast shadow mapper for blitz terrainsTartanTangerine (was Indiepath)1+ years ago
.bbUV SpyTrack down disobedient texture-trianglesjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbDraw3DMouseDraw a 3d quad as a pointer. Works with any zoom value, as it uses a second camera.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbReplace TextureReplace a texture on a multi-textured mesh*1+ years ago
.bbRotating/Animated Quake2(md2) modelsome simple code to animate and rotate 360 a quake 2 md2 modelCodeD1+ years ago
.bbCompass ClassA pseudo object oriented moduleRogue Vector1+ years ago
.bbWaypointsWaypoints in Blitz3Dpuki1+ years ago
.bbOpenGL-like Point Primitives(Updates! [April 9,2004]: Optimized Speed by: DJWoodgate ) --- Little system to create opengl-like point primitives for use with 3D editorsPepsi1+ years ago
.bbVirtual GLA library of functions to mimic the behavour of OpenGLN1+ years ago
.bbNew Terrain LightMapperVery fast Terrain Light/Shadow mapping application. Uses Heightmaps only.TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)1+ years ago
.bb3D Points Demo(Another) 3D points system for vertex handles etc.big10p1+ years ago
.bbTexture Mask ColorMask off any color in a texture, instead of using black all the timeRoss C1+ years ago
.bbPlaceBallOnEachVertex(mesh) FunctionPlaceBallOnEachVertex(mesh)Sarakan1+ years ago
.bbrotate the camera with the mouse smoothlyriate camera with mousePedro1+ years ago
.bbinsect crawling demo!ewwwww! they crawl everywhere!Rob1+ years ago
.bbSmart 3rd person cameraFollows a entity and avoids geo.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbA Wee Tank Game - Now with Mouse optionDetails BelowStevie G1+ years ago
.bbWatchAnalog Watch that actually worksjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bb3D CITY GENThis generates a 3D citykillwood1+ years ago
.bbSmoothTrackTrack an entity smoothlyAntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbSmoothTrack V2.0 (Quats)Much better version, with built in tracking and internally uses quats.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbinteractive entitiesclickable switches open doorsChris C1+ years ago
.bbAdd an image to a TextureAdd an image to a Texture!Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbDay To Night FunctionChanges day to nightDavid8191+ years ago
.bbKeyImageProduces clean edges for masked texturesskidracer1+ years ago
.bbFirst person perspective movement & mouselooking codeThis code is designed as a basic framework to build a first person perspective game fromZethrax1+ years ago
.bbFPSNetA NETWORKED FPS ExampleJeremy Alessi1+ years ago
.bbLeaf Texture packerPack multiple textures into one bigger one with funcs to convert u,v coords.AntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbSimple 2D in 3D FunctionsVarious functions useful for doing operations that require 2d in 3dN1+ years ago
.bbKanonensimulationa simple canonMErren1+ years ago
.bbDirect Entity-to-Type RelationBasically how to grab the type related to an entity without iterating through the type.Jonathan Nguyen1+ years ago
.bbPortal Occlusion SystemName says it all.N1+ years ago
.bbConnected-AABB Occlusion SystemAn occlusion system handy for FPS or other similar gamesN1+ years ago
.bbZone Occlusion Systemsimple and fast system for managing large levelsRogue Vector1+ years ago
.bbF-UI GUI XML LoaderLoads GUI layouts for F-UI using XMLN1+ years ago
.bbsGLU32.dllDLL to call GL and GLU functions with single floatsJoshK1+ years ago
.bbrpg_style_movementMoves a entity by mouse on a plane like in Diablo. Mouse down 1 to moveRiverRatt1+ years ago
.bbLoadAlphaChannelLoad a Textures Alpha-Channel from a 8 Bit PNGjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbFade in outFade in and Out your intro screenRook Zimbabwe1+ years ago
.bmxGlHelper ClassProvides an easy way to figure out if a card supports Gl extensions and what its limits areN1+ years ago
.bmxTexture typeA texture type for BlitzGL. Includes auto-deleting with FlushMem.Oddball1+ years ago
.bbheadbangerWobble the camera when the FPS player is walking.jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbLine of sight mesh managementMakes mesh object, that block line of sight, transparent!!xmlspy1+ years ago
.bmxSimple texture classSimplest texture class ever :)ozak1+ years ago
.bmxVector 3 classSimple, robust vector class.ozak1+ years ago
.bbusing Object and Handlehow to effect a field of the entity that was cliped!Tin-cat1+ years ago
.bbGraphical GameTimerA simple Gametimer using Quadst3K|Mac1+ years ago
.bbVein R3 2D-in-3D SystemThe 2D-in-3D system used in Vein R3.N1+ years ago
.bbObject Movement Relative to CameraIt moves an object relative to the camera's yaw.xmlspy1+ years ago
.bbTimersSimple timer include..Zach3D1+ years ago
.bbTickersSimple timer\ticker typeJams1+ years ago
.bbAnimation SystemAn animation system using typesxmlspy1+ years ago
.bbLoadMaskedTextureLoad a masked texture without black borders :)fredborg1+ years ago
.bbAnimB3DComplete Bone-Animation ProgramIamhere1+ years ago
.bbCamera_Pick with rangeReturns picked mesh within the given rangexmlspy1+ years ago
.bbOptimizeAlphaChannelAn other solution for the black edges problem of masked texturesjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbWaypointsAnother Waypoint Systemkevin80841+ years ago
.bbRadarAnother Radar Systemkevin80841+ years ago
.bbFinite State Machine (FSM)A simple FSM Systemkevin80841+ years ago
.bb3d Maze GeneratorCreating a 3d Mazekevin80841+ years ago
.bbA* PathfindingA* Pathfinding Examplekevin80841+ years ago
.bbGenetic AlgorithmSimple example of Genetic Algorithmkevin80841+ years ago
.bb3D Engine (Clay3D)Copy Paste PlayNebula1+ years ago
.bbresizeterrainresizes a terrain to an absolute valuemindstorms1+ years ago
.bbHypercube - facesDrawing hypercube (4D cube, tesseract) projection using facesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbHypercube - ribs and vertexesDrawing hypercube (4D cube, tesseract) projection using cylinders as ribs and spheres as vertexesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bb4D octahedron - ribs and vertexesDrawing 4D octahedron projection using cylinders as ribs and spheres as vertexesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D Cube pickerminiB3D version of my cube pick demobradford61+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D cubesminiB3D version of my very first Blitz3D entrybradford61+ years ago
.bmxglPerspectiveAn alternative to gluPespectiveOddball1+ years ago
.bmxSDK Entity WrapperVery Rough SDK Entity oop WrapperH&K1+ years ago
.bbGrass on a landscape2 methods: creating and pre-generating grass squaresMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbGrass on a landscape (lite version)Only most effective method - pre-generating of grass surfaces.Matt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbTesting FPSHow to test the frames per seconds from Blitz3D_331+ years ago
.bmxPre-Rendered backgroundsUse this method when you want to mix 3d actors with 2d scenesDiablo1+ years ago
.bbRandom buildingsRandom buildingsBen(t)1+ years ago
.bbVerlet RagdollAs aboveStevie G1+ years ago
.bb3d movie playbackPlaying a movie onto an entityJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbOpenGL AcceleratorThese two replacement functions will offer slightly faster performance, depending on the application.JoshK1+ years ago
.bbBlok Bewerkscherm naar 3d wereldVrije rondbewegen in een eigen wereld.Nebula1+ years ago
.bbTest if cubemaps are *truly* supported.GFXDriverCaps3D doesn't always give the correct result. This fixes it.Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bb3D city and drive flyingDrive fly thru a city like 3d mapNebula1+ years ago
.bmxDreamotion3D PanelInitialize Dreamotion3D on a canvas/panel.itsdanreed1+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D Simple DungeonAn example of an old school randomly generated Wolfenstein-3D type dungeon.jhans0n1+ years ago
.bbsimple object viewersimple object viewerPongo1+ years ago
.bbSpacegame tech demoSpacegame tech demoKrischan1+ years ago
.bbRealtime Procedural Planet GeneratorCreates a whole Planet Texture in milliseconds!Krischan1+ years ago
.bmxOOP Blitz3dSDK frameworkOOP Blitz3D Game FrameworkFestay1+ years ago
.bbRenderTween EasymodeTween include, one line tweeningRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbAngling ModelsExample of how to angle your model, without need for a pivot.GIB3D1+ years ago
.bb3D Font /Text comandsTo replace slow 2D Text commands_PJ_1+ years ago
.bmxminib3d scenegraphscenegraph system for minib3db321+ years ago
.bmxminib3d platform collisionsa minib3d example of using platform collisionsWarner1+ years ago
.bbCorrect monitor aspect rationo more stretching on different monitors/resolutionschi1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3D Game FrameworkGame framework to help making Blitz3D games.Festay1+ years ago
.bb3D, 2D ImagesA Simple 3D imaging systemLedgerARC1+ years ago
.bbFPS like freelook camerabasic WASD+mouse controlWarner1+ years ago
.bbMake steps in JV-ODEFunction to make a game board or stairsBlitzplotter1+ years ago
.bbHomekeepingKeeps the player in a given distance while the world is movingKrischan1+ years ago
.bbTimeline-event based entity tweening ( position, rotate, size, color, alpha )see title and long description (open the code!)ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbScenegraph for Blitz3Drender scenery fasterWarner1+ years ago
.bbFaster/Smarter Screen-Coordinates > 3D CoordinatesHere's a mega fast way of doing it without even using CamerPick(). You can specify depth (Z) if you need to.Streaksy1+ years ago
.bbChasecam with FlashlightCamera follows Player Character, plus a flashlight.jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bb3D coordinate systemsCartesian, Spherical, and 3D to 2D projectionMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbVerlet intergration LibSimple Verlet Library with by-passable physics.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbCompassanother way to include a compass in your gamestayne1+ years ago
.bbBubbles Screensaver ExampleA Copy of the Windows 7 (But in 3D!)_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbSprites SubstituteGet independent from Spritesjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bb3d Puppet ExperimentSimple puppet you can control with mouse and keysMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbSimpleREPLAY 1.1record 3D entitysToeB1+ years ago
.bbTurn Bilinear Filtering offtitle says it alljfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bmxopenGL vertex/fragment programexample of using 1.5 compatible shadersWarner1+ years ago
.bbPixies 2Pixel perfect sprites with maskingMoore1+ years ago
.bbBasic character controls with FirstPerson view or ThirdPerson view(forward, backward, left, right, jump, fall, land) + collisions Character->EnvironmentRemiD1+ years ago
.bbA few DB commands for B3DA few DarkBasic functions for Blitz3D I had whipped up a while backCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1+ years ago
.bbRecord, Write, Read, Play, the position and rotation of an entityAn example on how to have a replay in a video gameRemiD1+ years ago
.bb4 viewports exampleAn example to have 4 viewports of the same scene, with 4 different views : 3D, Front, Side, TopRemiD1+ years ago
.bmx(Blitz3dSDK) PNG Texture Colorizer And Alpha ModifierModify R/G/B + Alpha (Colorize) for PNG Textures! Even colorizes alpha channeled textures!JesseJoh1+ years ago
.bmx(Blitz3dSDK) Combine alpha texturesThis is a function to combine multiple textures together. Much faster to do this at game load and use a single texture than it is to use hardware multi-texturingJesseJoh1+ years ago
.bbRetrieve the kind (listname), the id (index), of a pickable or of a collidable after a linepick or after a collision (vDim arrays)How to know in which list to search and which id (index) to search after a linepick or after a collision (vDim arrays)RemiD1+ years ago
.bbRetrieve the kind (listname), the id (handle), of a pickable or of a collidable after a linepick or after a collision (vTypes)How to know in which list to search and which id (handle) to search after a linepick or after a collision (vTypes)RemiD1+ years ago
.bmxOpenb3d library wrapperOpenb3d is a version of Minib3d in C++markcw1+ years ago
.bbdemo pivot orbiplanet attractionPrym1+ years ago
.bb3D homing missilesHoming missile example - moves a swarm of cubes towards 3d targetsPakz1+ years ago
.bbFree third-person camera .For a game in the third person .Yue1+ years ago
.bbLoadingLoading resources in the background. FastPointerYue1+ years ago
.bbslidingdoor + trigger + animation (movement)This shows how to create a slidingdoor and update its state and animation (movement) depending on if a character is on the trigger or notRemiD1+ years ago
.bbrotatingdoor + trigger + animation (rotation)This shows how to create a rotatingdoor and update its state and animation (rotation) depending on if a character is on the trigger or notRemiD1+ years ago
.bbFps Controls and Random indoor mapsA indoor random map generator and first person shooter controls.Pakz1+ years ago
.bmxTExportMeshExport mesh to b3d file from codeCocopino1+ years ago
.bb3D Water Waves3D waves and .b3d and texturesSantiworld1+ years ago
.bbcolor of shaded triangles depending on ambientlight color and thing colorthis allows you to calculate the color of the shaded (not lighted) triangles depending on the color of the ambient light and the color of the thingRemiD10 months ago
.bbdemopivorbi4bisplanet attraction 2Prym8 months ago
.bmxIngame Screen Resolution SwitchIngame Screen Resolution Switch using MaxGUI and miniB3DKrischan6 months ago
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