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.bbSystem tray iconAdd icon to your system tray area.Kev1+ years ago
.bbbank -> pointer and object -> pointer conversionGet the pointer for a banks or object, and say bye bye to multiple declarations of DLL functions just for the sake of handling the "NULL pointer parameter case"Koriolis1+ years ago
.bbNewton physicsThe Newton Dynamics engine fully implemented!JaviCervera1+ years ago
.bbdelete MeWrites .log files for reviewasdfasdf1+ years ago
.bbUserlib banksMemory bank userlibSpinduluz1+ years ago
.bbadvapi32.dll decls for registry accessDLL declarations for use with registry functionsgman1+ years ago
.bbkernel32.dll decls for INI accessDLL declarations for use with INI functionsgman1+ years ago
.bbggTray system tray DLLa tray DLL that relies on the app peeking for events instead of the app responding to event generated by the icongman1+ years ago
.bbuser32.dll declsA complete list of the user32.dllBoiled Sweets1+ years ago
.bbkernel32.dll declsA complete list of the kernel32.dllBoiled Sweets1+ years ago
.bbgdi32.dll declsA complete list of the gdi32.dllBoiled Sweets1+ years ago
.bbRead/Write to an app/process's local memoryCould be used to modify the health (a trainer) in an external gameskn31+ years ago
.bbUse FindWindow Without Class NameFind your window without to know the class it belongs tosemar1+ years ago
.bbMciSendStringCan be used to play Avis and Mediajfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbCheetah DBCheetah DB declsKnotz1+ years ago
.bbcards.dll userlibMake playing card games easily with cards.dllSnarkbait1+ years ago
.bbSQLite 3 declsDecls for SQLite 3 lightweight database engineHappyCat1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPDFFor creating PDF documents with blitzSub_Zero1+ years ago
.bbBankAsImageLet a DLL access blitz imagesjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbWin32 constantsThose constants you never find when you need them!jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbFrameGrabber using AVIFil32.dllUse some functions of AVIFil32.dll to extract certain frames from an Avi quicklyjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbSave AVI with SoundSave Movies with Sound using AviFil32.dlljfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbFreeImage Module for B3D/B+Module and Decls for FreeImage.dllmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbCapture Screen functionsUses User32.dll and Gdi32.dll declsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbClipboard Image functionsUses User32.dll and Kernel32.dll declsmarkcw1+ years ago
.bbBlitz DoubleDll that enables double precisionAbram1+ years ago
.bbDoubles for Blitz3DDouble precision calculationsRGR1+ years ago
.bbEntityExists(), iterate entitiesIterate trough all entities and check for existancejfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbBlitz3DSDK - USERLIB DECLS (DLL) TO C/C++ converterBlitz3DSDK : How to use the Userlib/DLL in C/C++ without a .DEF or .LIB fileZJP1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Newton's Itmbin WrapperHow to use Newton's Itmbin wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper Part 1How to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper Part 2How to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP1+ years ago
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper FINAL Part 3/3 - EndHow to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP1+ years ago
.bbHideWindow DLLHides a designated windowXzider1+ years ago
.bbSet Task-Application PrioritySet Task Priority of your Game or Appliaction for running without freezes !Barton1+ years ago
.bbChange Window IconChange Window Iconem221+ years ago
.bbLockPointerToWindowLocks the windows Cursor into a window defined by you.Xaymar1+ years ago
.bbEnumerateDisplaysGet Information about all Displays avaible to the Computer your Program runs on. (C++ DLL)Xaymar1+ years ago
.bbCloseHandlerCatch the WM_CLOSE event before Blitz handles it itself.Xaymar1+ years ago
.bbCode position identityGenerate a unique ID for each PLACE the function is calledYasha1+ years ago
.bbMinimalist exceptionsUse setjmp/longjmp to make a mess of B3D codeYasha1+ years ago
.bbImproved Registry Functions (AdvApi32.dll)Allowing Read/Write/Modify & Delete of Registry_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbMumble Positional AudioDLL for positional audio in MumbleThePaiva1+ years ago
.bbUSERLIB DECLS (DLL) TO CSharp (Unity 3D) converterconvert DECLS blitz3d file to standard DllImport instructionsZJP1+ years ago
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