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Code archives/3D Graphics - Maths

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.bbsimple ball physicsTypes and simple ball physicsbradford61+ years ago
.bbVehicle pitch and roll without child/pivot entitiesLooks at a mesh as a single object on a terrain and calculates the pitch and rollMadJack1+ years ago
.bbArea Collision LibAs the title says..David Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbRay Intersect Triangle TestThis function tests if a ray intersects a triangle, and if so returns true. It also calculates the UV cordinates of the collision.sswift1+ years ago
.bbInsideCheckThe function checks to see if a point is within another point*1+ years ago
.bbPoint Inside Oriented Bounding BoxThis function tells you if a point is inside an entity's oriented bounding box.sswift1+ years ago
.bbQuaternionsSome basic quaternion functions (useful for rotating objects)Wavey1+ years ago
.bbintersection dllintersection dllelias_t1+ years ago
.bbRay intersectCalculates the intersection between a triangle and a ray(vector) in 3d spaceGrahamK1+ years ago
.bbNo Reponse CollisionsNo response collisions.Ken Lynch1+ years ago
.bbTriangle intersection dllchecks intersection between 2 triangleselias_t1+ years ago
.bbBezier Interpolation in 3DBezier Interpolation in 3DMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbgeneric bouncing codewant your objects to bounce? come right in...DarkEagle1+ years ago
.bb3D "Verlet" Collision EngineVERY fast collision code adapted to Blitz3DMiracle1+ years ago
.bbSimple 3D sphere-to-sphere physicsSimple 3D sphere-to-sphere physicsKen Lynch1+ years ago
.bbSimple car physicsDrive a cube around in a spherical worldJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbSphere-Box Intersection RoutineTests to see whether a solid sphere intersects a solid axis-aligned boxsimonh1+ years ago
.bbRay / Line Segment IntersectionRay_Intersect_Triangle, and Ray_Intersect_Meshsswift1+ years ago
.bbBall rolling exampleShows how you can make a ball rollJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbWheel rolling exampleShows how to roll a wheel, unlike a ball it cannot go in any direction.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbVector ExampleGraphically shows the use of aligntovector, dot and cross productsJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbAlign an Object to a Triangle.Align an Object to a Triangle.Richard Betson1+ years ago
.bbObscurer example - With viewangleAn example showing how to calculate if entities can see each otherJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbDynamic Collision LibA small lib that allows for dynamic sphere -> dynamic poly collisions using Blitz's built-in collision systemsimonh1+ years ago
.bbTrue 3D Visibility / Line of Sight code (pseudo LOS)Fast LOS code, accounts for all polysOpticEvIl1+ years ago
.bbray->plane ray->triangle intersectionThe intersection point is calculatedelias_t1+ years ago
.bbPush a row of cubes!Pushes a row of cubes, uses blitz collisions systemRoss C1+ years ago
.bbsphere_and_boxsphere pushing a box aroundRiverRatt1+ years ago
.bbRay->Sphere IntersectionReturns intersection pointselias_t1+ years ago
.bbEnemy chasing with collisionShows how enemies can chase a target, without sliding into same position. No blitz collisions used, only math.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbRay Box IntersectionRay Box Intersection functionelias_t1+ years ago
.bbCrude Little coding Object Pushing!this is a REALY simple pushing items exampleNeochrome1+ years ago
.bbVector/Matrix LibVarious vector/matrix/transform funcsAntonyWells1+ years ago
.bbGradient Of a TriangleFinds the maximum gradient of a triangle's defined planeMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbVector 3D Math Library [v1.7]Vector 3D Library converted from C++.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbPointHeightOnTriFunction that calculates the height y# for position x# z# on a Triangle in a 3D environment.RGR1+ years ago
.bbRigid Body SimulationSimple Rigid Body Simulation (No collisions yet)Sweenie1+ years ago
.bbtriangle - box intersectionChecks intersection between a triangle and a boxelias_t1+ years ago
.bbEntitySphere elapsing box checkdont look at me like that! i know, uber simple but i put it up anyway... still usefullaab1+ years ago
.bb3D math functionsVarious 3D math functions I wrote for Vein R3N1+ years ago
.bbNon-Type Based Vector LibYour standard vector lib. with banks instead of types and many vector functions.Jonathan Nguyen1+ years ago
.bbSee if an Entity is in ViewThis uses Vector Maths to find out if Entity A can See Entity B with angle and range parametersBerbank1+ years ago
.bbPickedVertex()Returns the nearest picked vertexKimoTech1+ years ago
.bbAsteroids FPSDemonstrates how to make an asteroids game in 3D with a First Person ViewAndy1+ years ago
.bbCalc terrain height - Ideal for terrain toolUses Cos#() to calc the vertex/terrain height for ex. a mountainKimoTech1+ years ago
.bbCreate Tiled TerrainCreate a Terrain that exists as a mesh with tile mapping!Leon Drake1+ years ago
.bbNA_ODEMapping ODE with B3d Commandsnamar7771+ years ago
.bbSimple Wheel PhysicsUsing Circumference to calculate wheel rotation based on velocityMCP1+ years ago
.bbInfinite far clipplaneStops clipping entities!bytecode771+ years ago
.bbPool GameJust a simple pool game done in 2 hoursJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbPoint distance to a LineCalculates the shortest distance between a point P and a lineDanny1+ years ago
.bbTriggerplate system for detecting intrusion eventsTriggers an event when an entity with a trigger atached collides with a triggerplate quad. Useful for visibility management, etc. Example includes vis code.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbLib to create an OBB and test if a point or entity is inside its spaceThis lib allows you to create and configure an Oriented Bounding Box (a box that is not locked to the dimensional axiis), and then test if a point or an entity has intruded into the OBB's space.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbSnap to grid movementDemonstrates camerapicking a point on a grid and moving an object so that movement is snapped to the size of the grid cellZethrax1+ years ago
.bbDeltaRollAs belowStevie G1+ years ago
.bbOrbital gravitySimple orbital gravitystu1+ years ago
.bbchaos cubetheory of chaosVignoli1+ years ago
.bbBMAX - Distance from Point to Lineget XYZ and Area distance to a lineLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bb-Please remove--cut-Trader35641+ years ago
.bbYawToEntity function (plus smart missile code).This function yaws the source entity to point to the target entity at the specified rate. Useful for turning bots to face waypoints, 2D-in-3D missiles, etc.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbAvoid_entity functioncone avoids red cubeNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbVerlet Physics (incomplete)Verlet Physics for simple low poly effects in a gameNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbcamera control in 3rd personcontrols camera movement it 3rd personNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbVerlet water :-)verlet water codeNate the Great1+ years ago
.bbtransform point onto planetransform point from plane to realworld coordsWarner1+ years ago
.bbDistance between many entitiesCalculate the distance between several entities, and choose the nearest oneRGF1+ years ago
.bbTForm PointTFormPoint using getmatElementBobysait1+ years ago
.bbTForm VectorTForm Vector using GetMatElementBobysait1+ years ago
.bbRounding NumbersCEIL, FLOOR and INTrolow1+ years ago
.bbImproved Perlin Noise 2D and 3DNoise for 2D and 3D manipulation.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbMouse XY to 3D XYUse Mouse XY coordinates in 3D coordinatesMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbPickedUV / Move texture with mouseCalculates UV coordinates at picked location. Code comes with a sample on how to use this function to move a texture on a mesh with the mouseNoobody1+ years ago
.bbPointy RocketsPlots 4 rockets and rotates them to point to the next one (needs the rocket.3ds)Blitzplotter1+ years ago
.bbFast ATan2 (4 precision)calculates angle using ATan2 method faster than blitz commandBobysait1+ years ago
.bbSmooth Movement for EntitiesSmoothly move an entity from point A to point B (with rotation)Rob the Great1+ years ago
.bbbasic collisions exampleturningmoving colliders (ellipsoid) -> static collidables (mesh) | turningmoving colliders (ellipsoid) <-> turningmoving colliders (ellipsoid)RemiD1+ years ago
.bbPredict time of collision for two moving objectsA function for detecting the time when a collision will occur between two moving entities (maths only - no blitz specific 3d functions actually used)Matty1+ years ago
.bbGeneral solution to the lead target problemFunction which calculates the direction to shoot a bullet in to hit a moving target from a moving platform with fixed muzzle speedMatty1+ years ago
.bbcapsule collider using one pivot + several linepicks + pickablesfor characters, for vehicles, using Blitz3d linepick systemRemiD11 months ago
.bbcapsule collider using one pivot + several ellipsoids + collidablesfor characters, for vehicles, using Blitz3d collision systemRemiD11 months ago
.bbDropping 3 bombsDrops 3 bombs onto a heightmapped terrainBlitzplotter10 months ago
.bbBlitz3D Maths LibraryBlitz3D Entities compatible Vector - Matrix3 - Matrix4 - QuaternionBobysait8 months ago
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