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Code archives/3D Graphics - Mesh

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.bbProcedural Grass Pattern for textureGenerate a grass patternBobysait4 months ago
.bbCreateCubeSphere() functionA function to create a subdivided cubesphere mesh with cubemap UVsFlanker5 months ago
.bbrandom Spore-Like planetGeoSphere + Random stuffBobysait7 months ago
.bbAddSurfaceToOtherSurface(Surface,Mesh,OSurface,OMesh)merges a surface with another surface (alternative to addmesh)RemiD7 months ago
.bbConvert BlitzTerrain To MeshConvert Blitz Terrain To Mesh_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbB3D mesh/entity debbuggerto analyze the surfaces, vertices, triangles, joints/bones, in your mesh/entityRemiD1+ years ago
.bbVent_lib. A B3D-like vector GFX systemDuplicates the B3D commandset for vector entitiesbig10p1+ years ago
.bbCombine Surface VertsCombines Surface Vertices & Triangles_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbPrimitives By PolyCountCreate Primitives By Number Of Triangles_PJ_1+ years ago
.bbSpriteMesh instead of Blitz3d SpriteShows how to use a sprite mesh instead of a Blitz3d spriteRemiD1+ years ago
.bbSetTextureAlphaWithThreshold() functionSet the alpha value for the pixels in a texture based on a color level threshold.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbStarfield Stress Test (Blitz3D)Starfield stress test in blitz3dCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1+ years ago
.bbSpherical Terrains and MathsThis uses a matrix of floats to create a spherical terrain.mk2y101+ years ago
.bbCreating a Diamond.Teach how to create a diamond in raw code.Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1+ years ago
.bbOBJ Exporterexport a mesh in blitz3d to obj formatLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bbImport Unreal T3d into Blitz3dCode to import Unreal Level into Blitz3dLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bb3D letters using blitz sprites3D letters with FastText extensionFilax1+ years ago
.bbDynamic LOD (Level Of Detail)my fist attempt at lodMusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbColorMesh and ColorSurfaceWorks like EntityColor and EntityAlpha except on the actual mesh or a single surface on the mesh.GIB3D1+ years ago
.bbHeightMapped GeoSphereEver wanted to Create your own Planet, well now you can.MusicianKool1+ years ago
.bbTexture Splatting on MeshterrainCreates transparent mesh Layers with different texturesKrischan1+ years ago
.bbFish!A pseudo-fish mesh in codeIon1+ years ago
.bbCenterMeshCenters an off-center mesh. Provides position values which allow the mesh position to be restored.Zethrax1+ years ago
.bbCube to Sphere TransformationDeforms the vertices of a cube that it appears like a sphereKrischan1+ years ago
.bb[BMX] Wedge MeshA wedge mesh like you would see in Maplet.Ked1+ years ago
.bbWipeout vapour style trailsFast 3D mesh for trailsModded1+ years ago
.bbMesh deformdeform all Vertex of a meshSantiworld1+ years ago
.bbCreate bones in codeAdd mesh-deforming bones to a static mesh without using LoadAnimMeshYasha1+ years ago
.bbVertex animationMD2-like animation using VertexCoordsYasha1+ years ago
.bbTerrain ErosionFluvial (rain) and thermal (cracking) erosion for procedural terrainsYasha1+ years ago
.bbCSG routinescsg routinesWarner1+ years ago
.bbSilo3D .obj import for B3DImports .obj meshes from Silo3D, including full automatic material/brush setupVorderman1+ years ago
.bbMesh-MorphingThis function morphs a mesh to the shape of another oneelcoo1+ years ago
.bbSkyPanorama loading codeLoads a skybox created by SkyPanoramaJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbDSA heightmapAnother random heightmap generatorYasha1+ years ago
.bbCLE - Cower Landscape EditorA landscape/terrain editorN1+ years ago
.bbFurys Alpha Terrain example.Alpha terrain example. build of several smal meshes.Wings1+ years ago
.bbTriSteepnesscalculates the steepness of a triangleringwraith1+ years ago
.bbUpdateNormalsAngleEnhanced UpdateNormalsBIG BUG1+ years ago
.bbGetSecMesh(mesh,parent)Retrieves the handle from a child mesh simply and easilyFuller1+ years ago
.bb'Lightmesh' fixed-point lightingLocks the position of the lightpuki1+ years ago
.bbDoors 101 - Simple multiple door systemVery simple latching doors system with triggerD4NM4N1+ years ago
.bb3D chessboardRotational solids editor using exampleMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbRotational solids editorRotational solids editor with curvesMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbpolygon drawing programadd points to polygonb321+ years ago
.bbFindChild command replacementWorks will all model file formats including .b3d.Chroma1+ years ago
.bbAttach Body PartsAttach Body parts to a skeletonLeon Drake1+ years ago
.bbStatic Direct X, hierarchical meshSaves everything under 1 pivot to an X (static only)D4NM4N1+ years ago
.bbDoors!Open/Close/Lock/Unlock DoorsShambler1+ years ago
.bbBox Unbox mesh functionsBox with side on/off switches (optimalization)Nebula1+ years ago
.bbCreatePillMesh()Creates a capsule mesh.bytecode771+ years ago
.bbCreateJointMesh()Creates a joint pivot meshbytecode771+ years ago
.bbSaveMesh3DS functionSaves a mesh to 3DS file format.markcw1+ years ago
.bbLoad/Save Anim .b3dLoading and saving an animated .b3dRicky Smith1+ years ago
.bbCentre MeshCentres a mesh around its centre pointJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbsaveanimmeshsave animated x fileb321+ years ago
.bbMesh-EditorA primitively Mesh-EditorMr. Bean1+ years ago
.bbMesh LoadTerrainCreates a mesh from a heightmap image you choose. Doesn't use blitz terrains.Ross C1+ years ago
.bbQuad functionsSimilar to those you have for Triangles/Vertices - AddQuad(), CountQuads(), QuadVertex() etcBeaker1+ years ago
.bbCopyPartMesh(mesh,start,end,par=0)Copies part of a meshBeaker1+ years ago
.bbForm3Da Free pixel perfect 3d guiPepsi1+ years ago
.bbCreate a ladderCreate a ladderBoiled Sweets1+ years ago
.bbMirror MeshTakes a mesh, and mirrors it along an Axis X, Y or Z. Does NOT copy the mesh.Ross C1+ years ago
.bbDarkMatter Models and B3DHow to use DarkMatter Models in your B3D Programsxmlspy1+ years ago
.bbMultiTextureModel->SingleTextureFile Convertorconverts models with multiple textures into a single surface model.Banshee1+ years ago
.bbCentreAnimMesh()Centres a hierarchical meshJohn Blackledge1+ years ago
.bbFaster vertice manipulationGet a huge speed increase modifying meshes when using collision such as linepick()Damien Sturdy1+ years ago
.bbRandom Tileable Terrain GeneratorGenerate terrain meshes that can be tiled side by sideDelerna1+ years ago
.bbscale animated mesh to set blitz unit sizescales an animated mesh to set blitz unit sizeD4NM4N1+ years ago
.bbWeld MeshWeld mesh and keep vertex infoTartanTangerine (was Indiepath)1+ years ago
.bbMesh Position Getting CommandsUsed to get the position of the center of a mesh, and other such important local coordinatesPicklesworth1+ years ago
.bbAppMeshAppMesh() copies one mesh to another, as AddMesh(), but in more sophisticated way.Mikle1+ years ago
.bbClusterizeMesh Revisitedbreak up large meshesRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbBezier Patches - Editable 3D surfaces.Shows how bezier patches can be created, example demonstrates an interactive 3d surface.Jeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbPolygon ReductionA function to reduce the polygons in a meshJohn J.1+ years ago
.bbnew fast animationanimation mnzmongia21+ years ago
.bbClusterizeMeshDivide a huge Mesh into a 3D Grid of clusters (Updated)jfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bb3D Line With CylindersHow To Draw 3D Lines With CylindersToony1+ years ago
.bbThe Open Source Single Surface Quad LibraryThe Open Source Single Surface Quad LibraryTechlord1+ years ago
.bb3D Line LibDraw lines using 3D acceleration,TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)1+ years ago
.bbMesh builderBuilds a flat mesh planepuki1+ years ago
.bbSingle surface pixel perfect sprite base.Base code for single surface PP sprites.poopla1+ years ago
.bbMake EntityAlpha etc. work with animated MeshesAnimated Meshes with multiple Child-Levels require recursive Manipulationjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbF.L.E ( Free landscape editing code)Alpha blending terrain edinting demoRifRaf1+ years ago
.bbMesh Clipping DemoClips a mesh along an arbitrary plane.big10p1+ years ago
.bbCreateTorusCreate a torus meshBODYPRINT1+ years ago
.bbAsteroidsMake random AsteroidsRob Farley1+ years ago
.bbSegmented quadCreate a segmented plane, to allow blitz to cullaCiD21+ years ago
.bbOPIS2A colormap to .BB utilityBaystep Productions1+ years ago
.bbShow NormalsSimple debug library to visually check normals by drawing them.big10p1+ years ago
.bbIsometric Terrain Loaderloads a terrain from a bitmap but uses isometric tilesMr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bbRemoving Triangles and VerticesIndividually remove tris & verts from a surface.Mr Snidesmin1+ years ago
.bb.ASC Mesh ExporterSaves Multi-Surface Meshes to .ASC formatBug Face1+ years ago
.bbRandom Terrain TileCreates Random Terrain TileAbbaRue1+ years ago
.bbMesh Terrain GeneratorCreateTerrainMesh(x,y) FunctionSarakan1+ years ago
.bbASE LoaderLoads a 3d Studio Max .ASE fileN1+ years ago
.bbCalculate_FrontFacingVerticesThis function calculates all vertices in a mesh which are visible to a camera.sswift1+ years ago
.bbCalculate_FaceNormalsThis function calculates the face normals for a mesh.sswift1+ years ago
.bbCalculateNormalsThis function calculates face and vertex normals for a mesh using a method which works better for levels (and many other types of meshes) than the built in function.sswift1+ years ago
.bbCreate a GridCreate a single surface GridMatty1+ years ago
.bbForestRandom Forest Scenejfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbCrater FunctionThis function creates a crater model out of quads which will align itself with the terrain beneath itMatty1+ years ago
.bbQuad FunctionsCreating Quads for use as billboard/sprite modelsMatty1+ years ago
.bbweld routine performance improvement90% improvement of the performance for "weld" function : 21s to 1,6sPedro1+ years ago
.bbSaveB3DSave multisurface textured Mesh as .B3Djfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbCreateMyCone [Updated:2004-2-18]a CreateCone blitz-like function. The cone looks better then blitz CreateCone's generated cone now! ie: no smoothed edges on the end face.Pepsi1+ years ago
.bbCreateMyCylinder [updated:2004-2-19]a CreateCylinder blitz-like function. Does the Same thing with added ring segment parameter.Pepsi1+ years ago
.bbCreateMySpherea CreateSphere blitz-like function. Does the Same thing. Update[12-22-03] Fix: North & South Pole UV coordsPepsi1+ years ago
.bbRippleMesh ( )Ripple a mesh to parametersRob1+ years ago
.bbmodel vieweryet another .x .3ds .b3d model viewerchurchaxe1+ years ago
.bb3d lines1pixel wide lines in 3dkoekjesbaby1+ years ago
.bbPolyTry Blitz VersionTesselation of mono connected non convex polygonsfredborg1+ years ago
.bbRetro style patchwork landscape generator - ala ZarchdittoStevie G1+ years ago
.bbDirectX X File ExporterSaves MultiSurface meshes with normals+tex coordsShambler1+ years ago
.bbCustom mesh tiled terrain engineA Blitz lib that creates endless terrains using dynamic meshes tiled togetherBeeps1+ years ago
.bbTriangulate ToyTriangulate Points of a Polygon - Oct 27,03: Clean up code, bug fixPepsi1+ years ago
.bbUnlimited Terrain w. Unique meshesAllows the developer to place unique meshes at certain locations while also allwing them to use a 'generic' tile for all other areas. Ie wildernessLostCargo1+ years ago
.bbResizeMesh(mesh,width#,height#,depth#)Do you hate ScaleMesh?AuzingLG1+ years ago
.bbsingle surface particle system modmod to simon@acid's systemelias_t1+ years ago
.bbCircumcenterFind a Triangle's circumcenter in 3DJeppe Nielsen1+ years ago
.bbTrails - As seen in Rocket BoardsFlexible trail mesh that follows two entitiesBinary_Moon1+ years ago
.bbRemove individual triangles,vertices & isolated verticesRemove individual triangles,vertices & isolated vertices functionselias_t1+ years ago
.bbMid3dhandle() functionCenter's an object's handle to a mesh (locational handle)Bot Builder1+ years ago
.bb3dsMax Ase -> B3Dconvert 3ds Max Ase export to B3D file - Support Lightmap and Reflect map not animationDareDevil1+ years ago
.bbExplodable mesh demo (updated)Create a mesh with unwelded, sub-divided tris... then blow it up!big10p1+ years ago
.bbTriangle RotateRotate a triangle on a surface.Birdie1+ years ago
.bbTerrainY equivalent for mesh terrainsTerrainY equivalent for mesh terrainsPsychicParrot1+ years ago
.bbMeshes, surfaces, vertices, trianglesCreate hollowed bisected sphere from bb sphereGraythe1+ years ago
.bbDirectX ExporterExports MultiSurf+TexCoordsstarfox1+ years ago
.bbOutlinesCell Shader Black Outlines scaled Distance Independentlyjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbList Mesh HierarchyLet's you spy recursively a Meshes complete Family/Hierarchyjfk EO-111101+ years ago
.bbVRML Mesh ExporterExport a mesh in VRML format, load in max or whatever.Braneloc1+ years ago
.bbAddMeshToSurfaceThis function allows you to otpimize your levels by addding a single surface mesh to a specific surface of another mesh.sswift1+ years ago
.bbCSG Functions another edition02.11.03 Use Boolean Union/Subtraction/Intersection , with UV and multiple SurfacesMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbCSG FunctionsUse Boolean Union/Subtraction/Intersectionstarfox1+ years ago
.bbMeshEditor and B3DX libraryBeta release 08.01.2003 link to homepage , 30.01.2003 out now , see new description hereMarkus Rauch1+ years ago
.bbRemove overlapping trianglesThis function removes overlapping triangles in a mesh, even across surfaces. For example, if you build a level out of cubes, this function will remove all faces sandwidched between cubes.sswift1+ years ago
.bbNormaliseNormals()Normalises all normals on a particular meshsimonh1+ years ago
.bbTriangleNX#(), TriangleNY#(), TriangleNZ#()Returns the x, y, z normals of a particular trianglesimonh1+ years ago
.bbCreateSquareCreate polygon based 2D square (For blitz3d)Ziltch1+ years ago
.bbWeld()Weld a mesh's VerticesTeraBit1+ years ago
.bbCel ShaderCreates black outlines around a mesh so it looks like a cartoon.sswift1+ years ago
.bbPaintTriangleA Function to Paint Individual TrianglesTeraBit1+ years ago
.bbMesh MergeMerge your high entity count into one entity matching surfacesDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbMesh PlaneCreates a mesh plane of specified sizeNeo Genesis101+ years ago
.bbDotMeshDraws a dotted version of a meshBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbDeleteEntity vs. ClearSurface speed testThis tests the speed of copying one mesh to another constantly in two diffrent ways.sswift1+ years ago
.bb3D WaterCreates the effect of water by moving the vertices of a mesh in a wave like fashionCyBeRGoth1+ years ago
.bbMesh terrainNon-dynamic terrain made from meshes. High polyBadJim1+ years ago
.bbTruespace 2 importer.Import truespace 2 cob models into Blitz. (ASCII only)David Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbmesh reassemblerPut multiple meshes back together easilycarcrash1+ years ago
.bbMeshExpand() It blows a mesh like a baloon moving vertices.Litobyte1+ years ago
.bbManaged Mesh LoaderLoads a specified mesh and makes texture handles availableTeraBit1+ years ago
.bbAutosmoothGive a mesh hard/soft edges. Weld or explodeDifference1+ years ago
.bbSave mesh to .asc file formatThis saves a mesh to .asc file format. Chroma1+ years ago
.bbFITMESH exampledraws a bounding box around a meshbradford61+ years ago
.bbSticky ShadowThis function will allow you to let a shadow mesh 'hug' the underlying meshWiebo1+ years ago
.bbMyPaintMeshThis small function paints a mesh without collapsing surfaces.FlameDuck1+ years ago
.bbOpenMeshExt()Opens a mesh with extenend attributes.Inner1+ years ago
.bbMesh OutlinesA slow method to create outlines on meshesDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbCreateCylinderTaper()Creates a tapered cylinder per user passed valuesDragon571+ years ago
.bbCreateTorus()Creates a torus 'primitive' according to user passed valuesDragon571+ years ago
.bbCreateTree()Create a 3D Tree 'primitive' according to user passed valuesDragon571+ years ago
.bbCreateSegCube([segs],[parent])Creates a segmented cube.David Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbSaving meshes x file formatSave single surface meshes to a x file formatDavid Bird(Birdie)1+ years ago
.bbprimitives2update of samples/mak/primitives.bb with FPS and Poly Countskidracer1+ years ago
.bbCenterMesh ()Fixes problems with weird-offset meshesBlitzSupport1+ years ago
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