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Code archives/BlitzPlus Gui

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.bbSprite Editor 48x48About a 1000 lines now.Pakz1+ years ago
.bbMap editor to MonkeyX codeSimple Map editor 20x15 that reads/writes monkey arrays in textareaPakz1+ years ago
.bbCustomize iconCustomize your app icon without fussJimmy1+ years ago
.bbCreateWindow style flags helperb+ CreateWindow Style flag helper toolDan1+ years ago
.bbColor edit proxy gadgetColor gadgetJoshK1+ years ago
.bbColor picker proxy gadgetSelf-contained color picker proxy gadgetJoshK1+ years ago
.bbFile Viewer-Modification CheckerChecks Files for Modifications In Bytes and Loads Files For ViewingLuke1111+ years ago
.bbMaxGUI text area formattingExample on how to format a MaxGUI text areaDabhand1+ years ago
.bbPopup menuSimple popup menuNebula1+ years ago
.bbAnimation tool (b+)Load Select and view and AnimateNebula1+ years ago
.bbQuick gui designer (b+)Design layouts quickNebula1+ years ago
.bbHtml table ripper (b+)Copy table skeleton from html text files.Nebula1+ years ago
.bbKev's READONLY TextAreaKev's explaination on how to make a textarea readonly.Ked1+ years ago
.bbAnimate WindowsA cool way to animate windowsKed1+ years ago
.bbWin 3.11 style windowEmpty Windows 3.11 style window.Nebula1+ years ago
.bbConvenient menu programmingExample: simple text editorMatt Merkulov1+ years ago
.bbMultiple OptionsA simple way to handle loads of boolean options in a programVic 3 Babes1+ years ago
.bbSimple System CommandsRead the titlePetron1+ years ago
.bbText editorText editorNebula1+ years ago
.bbTooltipsAnother extension to the BlitzPlus Gadgetryplash1+ years ago
.bbis online?My simple way to check user onlineAirilsm1+ years ago
.bbMax menuA colapable menu like 3ds maxAirilsm1+ years ago
.bbEditable comboboxEditable combobox without Api.Tiger1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbDisable Alt+Tab Easily:PSebHoll1+ years ago
.bbKeep A Window On TopExactly What It Says On The Tin :PSebHoll1+ years ago
.bbListBoxSorterSort item gadgets in a list box.Wings1+ years ago
.bbColors by nameTo lazy to remenber all RGB numbers for special colors. Use this and rember only the name of the color.Fernhout1+ years ago
.bbRounded textTo create text serounded by another color.Fernhout1+ years ago
.bbNotifyImagelike Notify, but then for images (B+ only)CS_TBL1+ years ago
.bbFlash and BlitzPlusHow to use Flash for a user interfaceBeaker1+ years ago
.bbSet Client Width\HeightSet the client area width\height of a window without the 'client coordinates' flag!Blaine1+ years ago
.bbGroup BoxesCreates XP style group boxeskfprimm1+ years ago
.bbSibly's Syntax HighlightingSyntax Highlighting by Mark SiblyKuron1+ years ago
.bbtransparent windowsChange the opacity of a window and/or set one color transparentHip Teen1+ years ago
.bbStart Screenmini welcome sreen to choose resolution, windowed and playersNicstt1+ years ago
.bbHyperlink labelAdd Hyperlink labels to your BlitzPlus programs!Blaine1+ years ago
.bbButtons with multiple lines of textMultiline ButtonsCold Harbour1+ years ago
.bbTwo new button styles using APINew buttonsCold Harbour1+ years ago
.bbXp/Normal Group BoxGroup Box, with both the XP and normal style!Helios1+ years ago
.bbRaw keyboard functionsGet the state of the keyboard (and mouse) even when a gadget or other appication has focus!sswift1+ years ago
.bbGetSystemColor()Uses windows GDI functions to tell you what color different interface elements in windows are.sswift1+ years ago
.bbRemoveTabberHottracking()This function stops the tabber gadget in Blitzplus from highlighting the tabs in blue when you mouse over them.sswift1+ years ago
.bbGadgetEnabled()Tells you if a gadget or window is currently enabled.sswift1+ years ago
.bbImproved Mouse FunctionsThis set of functions tells you where the mouse or a gadget is on the screen (or relative to a gadget), and whether the mouse is over a gadget.sswift1+ years ago
.bbMulti-Column ListBoxAs used in outlook to display e-mails.MattVonFat1+ years ago
.bbAdvance Popup Menu extrasadds GetPopupMenuText, FindPopupHandle, SetPopupDataItem, GetPopupDataItem functions and better control over popup positiongman1+ years ago
.bbGoogle Search Bar for BlitzPlus InterfaceAdd a Google Search Bar to any BlitzPlus ApplicationTails1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPluz + Blitz3DBlitzPluz + Blitz3DCronos1+ years ago
.bbB+ window has a Minimize gadgetShow a minimize gadget to the Blitz Plus windowSphinx1+ years ago
.bbCustom Gadget PropertiesAssign unlimited integers/images/banks/etc to any gadget using win apiskn31+ years ago
.bbCreateAgentexample of scripting an activex componentskidracer1+ years ago
.bbAdvanced Statusbars in b+Complete implimentation of the windows status bar controlskn31+ years ago
.bbChange Cursor IconChange the icon of a cursor in your blitz+ apps (also works in B3d)Binary_Moon1+ years ago
.bbGadget TabberTabs through OS GadgetsMr Brine1+ years ago
.bb--Pineapple1+ years ago
.bbBlitz+ Event wrapperA premade chunk of code, to wrap the blitz event systemskn31+ years ago
.bbMinimize/Maximize ButtonsAdd Minimize / Maximize Button To A Non-Resizable Windowpantsonhead.com1+ years ago
.bbGdi font userlibLoad any type of font file, using the GDI functionsskn31+ years ago
.bbLabox FunctionThis is used to make what I call Labox. Check it out, really useful.Apollonius1+ years ago
.bbUnique Colour CounterCounts the amount of colours in a 24bit ImageSnarty1+ years ago
.bbskinnable windowscreates irregular shaped windowsdan_upright1+ years ago
.bbTextArea Html FormattingFormat TextArea using Html-style tagsTodd1+ years ago
.bbProcess TreeList of running processes...BlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbB3D and B+Code a Program with WinAIP and 3D Functions!Xenon1+ years ago
.bbPic-2-DATA utilityInclude image DATA in your source codeKevin_1+ years ago
.bbAdvance Status barmore options for statusbarRed1+ years ago
.bbSetListBoxBackgroundchange background color of listboxRed1+ years ago
.bbAdvance Toolbarmore options for toolbarRed1+ years ago
.bbAdvance PopupMenuEasy popup menuRed1+ years ago
.bbCreateSyntaxArea(...)Syntax Highlighting in B+ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbNice Fire FX for B+ using Blit'sNice Fire FX for B+ using Blit'sRichard Betson1+ years ago
.bbFast FullScreen Blur/FadeBlur/Fade a screen at 640x480x16.Richard Betson1+ years ago
.bbWaitTimer(timername)Replaces the old WaitTimer( timername) commandReaper1+ years ago
.bbWebSearch Plus 1.0Multiple Web-search :)ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbGadGetKey_TextAreaScan key in a TextArea field and save this in a String.ShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbBlitzLeechCrude multi-stream file downloaderBlitzSupport1+ years ago
.bbFoldable menus3dsMax style foldable menusWiebo1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPlus File ExplorerB+ program to populate a treeview gadget with folders and selected filesassari1+ years ago
.bbBlitzPlus Irc Client 0.7 (Update)This is a Irc-chat client for BlitzPlusShadowTurtle1+ years ago
.bbStartupPlus - UPDATED for BlitzPlus v1.34Simple 'Display Options' startup windowEOF1+ years ago
.bbPanelWindowdemonstrates a backdrop panel for changing background color of a windowskidracer1+ years ago
.bbHotspots!MouseOver() events come into being at last, with Hotspots!cyberseth1+ years ago
.bbPopupmenus!How to make a popupmenu at mouse x,ycyberseth1+ years ago
.bbWindow/Canvas frame-timing setupSets up a window and canvas with frame-timingcyberseth1+ years ago
.bbWin32 ConstantsJust about any constant I could come up with for your win32 needsJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbSplitter GadgetA gadget that allows realtime resizing of gadets with a simple mousedragJim Teeuwen1+ years ago
.bbWaitTimer()Replacement for the Blitz2D commandSnarty1+ years ago
.bbSLineUseing a Bank instead of WritepixelfastSnarty1+ years ago
.bbR, G, B To LockedFormat Short/IntConverts Red, Green, Blue elements into 1 Short/IntegerSnarty1+ years ago
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