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About Blitzplus



BlitzPlus provides developers with a complete 2D programming solution for the PC. Utilising a BASIC/C hybrid language for use with its compiler, BlitzPlus is capable of creating any type of 2D program, with minimal development-time and with minimal hassle. Just run the included IDE (or use one of your own), type your code and your Windows executable file will be created, ready to be run on any computer running Windows 95/NT 4 or later.


BlitzPlus' language is a BASIC/C hybrid. As well featuring the classic BASIC constructs such as goto and gosub, it also features C influences such as functions and types. On top of this, BlitzPlus' command set features over 500 commands. This command set is highly streamlined meaning complete programs require very few lines of code indeed.

2D Engine

BlitzPlus' 2D engine is based on 'pure' 2D blitting operations, as opposed to 'fake' 3D ones. This has the combined benefit of allowing for pixel-perfect graphics, as well as allowing for compatibility with virtually all graphics cards, 2D or 3D. The 2D engine itself is highly capable, with the capability of performing thousands of blitting operations per second.

GUI Support

BlitzPlus' GUI support is implemented via an event-driven 'Gadget' system. Simply by adding GUI gadgets to your program, and setting up a small loop which deals with program events, you instantly have yourself a fully-blown application to compare with anything created by other languages.


BlitzPlus comes with its very own Integrated Development Editor (IDE). The IDE allows you to edit, test, debug and compile your program all from the one environment. If the included IDE is not to your liking, then you are free to use the code editor of your choice, as the Blitz compiler features command line capabilities.


Creating executable files (i.e. program files) in BlitzPlus is simply a matter of clicking a button. Once you have done so, the executable will then be able to run on any Windows95/NT4 or later compatible machine independently of BlitzPlus. You are free to do with BlitzPlus executable files what you want, with absolutely no restrictions or obligations with regards to distributing them or selling them.


Included with Blitz is a full and thorough documentation. All 500+ commands have their own help pages, explaining what that command does, and most commands have their own examples too. There are also a language reference and tutorials included with Blitz to help you get started.


The Blitz community is a large and active one. Its main areas of activity are the official Blitz forums on this site and the unofficial, but still busy BlitzCoder forums. Should you ever be in need of assistance with your Blitz programming, or just want someone to take a look at your game - these are the places to go.

Curious? Better check out the demo then!

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