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Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #1
We are proud to announce our indie project Venus Hostage.

The game was developed in two years by a very small team with Blitz3D. We used the following libraries:

- PhysX Wrapper
- FastExtension | http://fastlibs.com
- FastImage | http://fastlibs.com
- OpenAL Wrapper | http://tools.mirage-lab.com

You can download a trial version or buy a full version here:



With Regards, Ilya.

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big10p1+ years ago #2
Nice, but I don't think most women go around with their bra on full display, like that.

WERDNA1+ years ago #3
Wrong big10p. I see it all the time at the local starbucks :P

The game actually looks really cool. Will be looking into the demo when I get the chance :)

Armitage 19821+ years ago #4
If you think so then look at the trailer !!!

Impressive rock anyway.
Reeespect :D

Will try the trial asap.

BlitzSupport1+ years ago #5
I watched a few YouTube gameplay videos of this the other day. Some slightly dodgy content aside, it really is a very impressive piece of work for a small team using Blitz3D.

That first screenshot could easily come from Half-Life 2!

Matty1+ years ago #6
Youtube comments are generally pretty bad....seems like we developers are always less harsh than the general public who have much higher expectations.

Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #7
Thank you for your comments.
If you want to play this game, I can send license keys for your email.

Sorry for my bad English.

slenkar1+ years ago #8
Stella was going to use a piledriver on the poor man, she's mean

This game does look very professional, great animations, graphics, sound

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Kittomer1+ years ago #9
It looks very good, wouldn't have thought you can get that much out of B3D.

But the wiggling breasts... It's almost hypnotic.

nrasool1+ years ago #10
Wow!, Stunning graphics and well put together. Congrats on producing a professional game. Stilll Blitz3d has some power to provide stunning work

slenkar1+ years ago #11
I was thinking maybe you could release a full XXX version of the game. It might sell more?

grindalf1+ years ago #12
I cant believe how harsh the comments on youtube are.... seriously I will never release a vid on there lol

SLotman1+ years ago #13
Technically impressive!

But I truly wish there was no 'sex' in the game, it spoils the mood a little, imho.

Also there are some scaling issues: the door you have to open at first, it's the same size as the woman, for example. There are many more like that.

Anyway - The models are pretty impressive. Congrats!

GaryV1+ years ago #14
Game looks great based on the video.

Kryzon1+ years ago #15
Good job on the production value. This is what Blitz3D misses.

I cant believe how harsh the comments on youtube are.... seriously I will never release a vid on there lol

Yeah I thought so too, but then most people wouldn't bring our level of empathy. I'm sure I would've said something similar to the top comments if it were a DBPro project...

@Mirage-lab Team:
1) Where did you get the music tracks (composer, source library etc.)?
2) What did you use to make the lightmaps?


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Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #16
Hi all!

>> Where did you get the music tracks (composer, source library etc.)?
The soundtrack was written by outsourcers:
-Vladimir Bulaev
-Vadim Krakhmal aka "Jeaniro"

>> What did you use to make the lightmaps?
Lightmaps are rendered with standard scanline renderer with radiosity (3ds max 2008)
I also use a cool plugin RTTGroup (by Andrzej Chomiak http://www.rendertotexture.com) for the unfolding geometry.

Sorry for my bad English.

Steve Elliott1+ years ago #17
lol, yes certainly adult content. But impressively half life 2 in style for a Blitz3D based game.

Naughty Alien1+ years ago #18
..nicely done..only small comment about character appearance in the world is a bit off, because characters doesnt follow lighting setup of scene..maybe you could just read color from lightmap, based on current character location..I believe it will be perfect then..other than that..very nice and polished..also running just fine on win7 64bit..very nice..

slenkar1+ years ago #19
did you use motion capture for the animations?

Kryzon1+ years ago #20
Thanks for the answers.
I thought the lightmaps looked awesome. Good job on them.

Dabhand1+ years ago #21
They say sex sells, so, you'll probably be all a millionaire in a fortnight! :D


Neuro1+ years ago #22
Just tried the demo, very impressive stuff!! I really wanted to play some more but unfortunately got a memory access violation right after the "banging" scene...

Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #23
When you restart the game the error(MAV) disappears. :)

Neuro1+ years ago #24
I just started it back up, hit continue and got the memory access violation again :( .... or did you mean like restart from the very beginning ?

Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #25
The error may be repeated several times in a row. Unfortunately.
After several attempts the error should disappear.

Sorry for my bad English.

Naughty Alien1+ years ago #26

After several attempts the error should disappear.

..it will be good if you could remove that, since it can hurt sales/credibility a lot...

Neuro1+ years ago #27
Ok it actually works now, but now i'm having a heck of a time trying to put something under the bed :). Can't seem to get the bricks to line up correctly..

Cobra Blade1+ years ago #28
Looks pretty impressive.

Blitzplotter1+ years ago #29
Very impressive, I'd even say it has a 'Max Payne' feel about it. Great work!

JazzieB1+ years ago #30
Very impressive. Works well on my system.

One thing I would add though is the option of flipping the Y axis on the mouse. I find it really difficult to aim any other way! Sure there will be others too.

zambani1+ years ago #31
Very Very impressive. I like the style and it's something different than other first person games.

Tri|Ga|De1+ years ago #32
I think this game look amazing!!

jfk EO-111101+ years ago #33
Hats off, you've got my respect. As one who knows how hard it became in the FPS genre these days, when ubisoft hires the 200 best heads of the branche and releases tons of super games...

Great stuff, really.

nrasool1+ years ago #34
Just had a play through the short demo, good introduction to the game. This game reminds me of old giallo movie like The Bird with the Crystal Plumage that Dario Argento fused with David Lynch

Anyway I hate FPS, can't stand it, but playing this, it clicked it worked. The mood settings and the cinematic, all of it works, so I really hope you get exposure on this and sell alot as I want to see more games from you

Kudo on also doing this in Blitz3D, I think that says alot and you lot are truely talents.

Well done and much respect to you all. Maybe ask Si if you could be featured on the site as well. I know this game is for mature market but still this is an impressive game :-)

Kind Regards

Mirage-lab Team1+ years ago #35
Thank you, friends :)

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