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Turn .swf file into an .exe?

Miscellaneous Forums/Monkey Discussion/Turn .swf file into an .exe?

QuickSilva(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
Is it possible to turn a .swf file, generated by Monkey into an .exe file? I`ve played several PC games that are in .exe format that have been made in Flash and just wondered how it is done.


Yasha(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Well, you could use SWFKit, which is incredibly expensive:

Or develop it with Adobe AIR, which is free (kinda):

...but why? If you've written it in Monkey, isn't the whole point that you can just compile to exe instead using the OpenGL target?

QuickSilva(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
I was just curious really. Some Flash games can be downloaded and already include some sort of player that doesn`t need to be installed by the user.


BlitzSupport(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
This seems to work:

QuickSilva(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
Thanks, I will take a look.


skidracer(Posted 1+ years ago) #6
You can try Adobe's own Flash Player, it has a menu item called Create Projector.

QuickSilva(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
Thank you skidracer, I`ll take a look at that too.


AdamRedwoods(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
Screenweaver. opensource, Mac, PC.