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GP2X wiz or Dingoo A320 or Pandora?

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Hotshot2005(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
I really Like the GP2X wiz because it can overclock to 800MHZ which is good as pandora handheld.

I do know that GP2X wiz is lot cheaper than Pandora.

Someone made review of both Handheld(GP2X wiz and Dingoo A320) is interesting to read on good and bad points about them which you can see blow

About Dingoo:

Dingoo is cheap choice. You can install Dingux for it and overclock it's processor. I'm not sure but was Dingoo open-source system? Dingoo is great choice for gamer, that will like to play emulator games with handheld console (SNES games doesn't work 100% with it). It has flash memory, but I prefer to save important things to memory card. One problem is cheap quality (newer version of Dingoo Digital (A330) has cloned PSP !!).

About GP2X Wiz:

GP2X Wiz is for real gamers compared to Dingoo A320. It has great build quality and it does emulate games better (actually Dingoo does too with homebrew apps, like Wiz).
GP2X Wiz does have SD slot, so that is a big plus. One bad thing at Wiz is shoulder buttons. They are way too small.

Well, both are great systems, so it is kinda hard to make choice, so I let you compare from here:

+Flash Memory
+Maybe open-source
+Game emulating works great
+REALLY low price

-Mini SD Slot
-Cheap quality
-Built-in emulators suck if you don't update

GP2X Wiz:
+Great build quality
+Easy to find emulators
+Looks good
+SD Slot

+- Touch Screen

-High price
-Shoulder buttons!

I guess I going to get GP2X Wiz but not sure about Pandora thought

LineOf7s(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Not sure how to word my response without sounding like a elitist fanboi snob or something, but based on what I know of you from the forums and your apparent needs, I'd suggest a Wiz rather than a Dingoo.

Not a Pandora. Not yet.

On a side note, if he turns up in this thread iPrice rocks. That is all. :o)

GaryV(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
I would avoid the Wiz as it is a discontinued product. Wait for the Caanoo.

Zethrax(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
Here's a link with some info on the Caanoo.


taumel(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
I wonder why those niche handhelds always come with some second class designs.

gosse(Posted 1+ years ago) #6
What I really dislike about the Caanoo is that there's no d-pad. A nub to control old classics is really bad.
You might want to check the Letcool n350jp, which is very Dingoo-like. It's rather new, so homebrew is not developed yet, but it's a similar SoC.
(I'm not recommending to order it from chinavasion, this is merely for info)

Hotshot2005(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
I can wait for next Gen Handheld like 1GHZ and enough ram to let me play the PSX, PS 2, Dreamcast and the rest :)

-=Darkheart=-(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
Why would you want to buy one of these over a DS?

They all only play old games I've already completed and finished ages ago if they were any good or crappy knock offs that nobody would want to play.

OK so you can knock up something in the Linux enviornment but it's hardly like we are short of Linux coding enviornments to start with.


gosse(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
Because a Dingoo is 80 bucks and is a great way to try programming for an embedded device.
Because a Pandora is more of an UMPC than a handheld console.

iprice(Posted 1+ years ago) #10
I own a DS, GP2X F100, GP2X F200, Wiz and a Pandora is on it's way. I also develop games and apps for the GP2X, Wiz and soon Pandora - some I've written include Guru Logic Champs, Balloonacy, B'lox!, Drench!, SantaMania, CatTrap and Dicey.

The choice is yours what you spend your money on, but it will depend on what you want/need from the machine you intend to buy.

With regard to overclocking the GP2X - just because it can go high (and 800Mhz might just be possible on some units, but it's no guarantee) doesn't mean it will perform even remotely like a Pandora. They are two very different machines - and obviously the premium you pay for a Pandora should make that clear as should just looking at an image of the Pandora!

Since getting a Wiz I've not used either of my GP2Xs - the Wiz really is a much better alternative - both in terms of emulation and comfort; the Wiz controls are much better than either GP2X and the screen is simply gorgeous. The Caanoo may well be an upgrade to the Wiz (except for the screen which returns to LCD, rather than OLED), but the analogue stick may prove unwieldy for retro games under emulation.

As for playing "only old games" that's bollocks. There are plenty of brand new and fresh homebrew games available for GP2X and Wiz. Yes, there are plenty of emulators available, but the machines can do far more than just emulation, including Media (including video) player, comic book and eBook readers, picture viwer etc. - all out of the box.

GaryV(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
The Caanoo may well be an upgrade to the Wiz (except for the screen which returns to LCD, rather than OLED)
Given the horrendous dead pixel issues with the Wiz, it is easy to understand why they made this decision.

iprice(Posted 1+ years ago) #12
Given the horrendous dead pixel issues with the Wiz, it is easy to understand why they made this decision.

I absolutely agree - The pixel plague (on some units) is indeed awful, so prevention (in using a different screen) is better than curing. But those screens that aren't affected by it are still gorgeous.

The Caanoo's LCD screen is also (slightly) larger thatn the Wiz's - the smaller Wiz screen was always a bone of contention with GP2X owners. It never bothered me though.

LineOf7s(Posted 1+ years ago) #13
Darkheart said:
Why would you want to buy one of these over a DS?
They all only play old games I've already completed

Seriously? The criticisms of your ridiculous comments really do write themselves.

smilertoo(Posted 1+ years ago) #14
The most useful one is the pandora.

D4NM4N(Posted 1+ years ago) #15

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