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Another WIP model: A (yaaar!) Pirate Captain.

Community Forums/Graphic Chat/Another WIP model: A (yaaar!) Pirate Captain.

JustLuke1+ years ago #1
I sat through the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy the other week and this was the result. I've put the model on hold for the time being, but I'm always interested in feedback.

scribbla1+ years ago #2
reminded me of Yosemite Sam

nice stuff

slenkar1+ years ago #3
pretty gud

GfK1+ years ago #4
I like it. It reminds me of Le Chuck.

therevills1+ years ago #5
It reminds me of Le Chuck. 

Me too... must be the dimensions and the skull on the belt ;)

What are you using to model it in?

Im currently doing a Pirate themed game atm :)

JustLuke1+ years ago #6
therevills: I'm using Cheetah3D on OSX to model and render him. And, yeah, I did have LeChuck in mind when I designed him.

Now spill the beans on your pirate game!

Yan1+ years ago #7
Not crazy about the beard, I think it's too 'segmented'.

I really like the rest though and yes, very LeChuck'ish. Which is a *good* thing.

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