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New plants and flowers in my games

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Xilvan1+ years ago #1
Recently, new flowers and plants has been added to my games.

Flowers have now more textures possibilities and uses less polygons.

See what I mean:

As you can see, it looks more realistic than billboard sprites.

I hope you will appreciate !

MadJack1+ years ago #2
Is this where dogs go when they die?

jhocking1+ years ago #3
The flowers look great.

GaryV1+ years ago #4
I agree, the flowers look great and I really like the plants. Good job, Xylvan!

*1+ years ago #5
starting to look polished :)

Yeshu7771+ years ago #6
The overall look of the project is really starting to come together.

Well done.

Xilvan1+ years ago #7
I'm much closer than the end of the development than one month ago...

But a game is hard to finish and theres always errors of problems with bugs and glitches...

Most of them are gone since this edition.

We hope you'll enjoy !

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