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CEGUI Enumerable Type Missing ?

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Armitage 19821+ years ago #1
Hi Brucey

Shouldn't Enumerable C++ Type be present somewhere in CEGUI Module ??
For example the doc about
void CEGUI::Window::setHorizontalAlignment(const HorizontalAlignment alignment)
need AH_LEFT ; HA_CENTRE ; HA_RIGHT ( http://www.cegui.org.uk/api_reference/namespaceCEGUI.html#15bee6ef970b3aab6e7355b278901195 )
Constant which are not present in the Module As Far As I have searched.

Which solution did you choose for internal Const Modules ?


Ps: I recall for the other that you still can use the setProperty() method to set properties via string (list of properties : http://www.cegui.org.uk/wiki/index.php/SetProperty )

Armitage 19821+ years ago #2
Also, would it be hard to add the Log file name parameters in CEGUI::System ?


I would like to set it on another folder and use it as a primary log file.
But since the CEGUI::System is created automatically you can't use the CEGUI::Logger.setLogFilename() because a CEGUI.log is created by default before.


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