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AVG not free anymore!

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JBR1+ years ago #1
Had to reinstall my computer and now I see AVG is not free anymore.

Anyone know of a free antivirus for Windows XP?


GfK1+ years ago #2


Ginger Tea1+ years ago #3
didnt think their were any free anti virus programs anymore
you get free with the pc (i got bullgard which told me to sod and buy it off as i had used my alloted time)
and others that are cheap are normally [for a reason]

Picklesworth1+ years ago #4
I use ClamWin; seems to do the trick. Granted, I don't use Windows much at all. The lack of real-time scanning and relatively weak detection capabilities may be more a problem for others.

Shambler1+ years ago #5
Panda? they a bit rare though...hmm not free any more, mind you they say that 23% of PC's with updated antivirus are infected, ony a 77% chance of it working then? ;)

jhans0n1+ years ago #6
As GfK pointed out, there's still a free version of AVG.

And yes, there are plenty of worms and viruses that are not detected by anti-virus products. Signature-based anti-virus is a reactive form of protection, so they can only protect against what they have seen before.

LineOf7s1+ years ago #7
AVG is free*. http://free.grisoft.com

Avast is free*. http://www.avast.com

BitDefender has a free online scan: http://www.bitdefender.com

TrendMicro has a free online scan: http://housecall65.trendmicro.com

I use all of these regularly.

*'Free' is free for personal use.

googlemesilly1+ years ago #8
the best things in life are free - lol

JBR1+ years ago #9
I downloaded AVG Internet Securuity and it expires in 30 days.

But thanks for the address of the totally free version ... don't know how I missed it.


Winni1+ years ago #10

markcw1+ years ago #11
I use format c: best anti-virus software ever! :)

Zethrax1+ years ago #12
I use Avast (free) and I'm pretty happy with it overall.

xlsior1+ years ago #13
There's still a free version of AVG, it's just that they've been downplaying it over the last couple of years in favor of their paid versions... But you can find it if you look for a few minutes.

Wings1+ years ago #14
yes i run AVG free still..
As soon as a new version come up one have to go and fetch new free version.

Digital Anime1+ years ago #15
I would advise Avast.


You need to register once every year for free for home use.
Advantage of this one is that it doesn't have Popups like Antivir after each update which makes your games crash (I hated Antivir when playing multiplayer games and was winning).

Zethrax1+ years ago #16
Avast does have its little popup update window, which can be a problem when you're playing a game. It might be possible to disable it (perhaps by buying the pro version), but I haven't really looked into it.

Digital Anime1+ years ago #17
Avast does have its little popup update window

But it's not a popup (that tells you to buy the pro version) that minimizes everything and gets on top of all your apps which you must click away manually.

It's a small popup like MSN when someone in your list goes online and it goes away automaticly, so it's a lot less anoying.

LineOf7s1+ years ago #18
...and yes, it's possible to disable it. :o)

Doiron1+ years ago #19
and others that are cheap are normally [for a reason]

Unlike Avira, which strangely hasn't still been mentioned here (www.avira.com).

AVG and Avast are not so good though.

Anyway, companies which offer a free antivirus are not cheaper but are just using a different (and older) kind of revenue: by offering a free antivirus you are automatically getting an enormous number of daily hits. Since personal users can still buy the advanced editions of the product and companies are forced to do so, in the end even deducing server costs they might earn even more than by just using demo versions (and they can count on a bigger userbase).

Dreamora1+ years ago #20
Avira (AntiVir free version) isn't any good as well.

Its false positive rate is as worse as the AVG trash ones.

Molebox -> bad virus
Molebox Pro -> even worse virus
BM Programm that uses the ZLib -> guessed it, a zip based virus.

I reported the molebox false positive about 8 times during 10 months, nothing happened, so now I own 3x 2 year contracts for NOD32 Internet Security and never have been happier.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #21
AVG is still free AFAIK you just have to hunt round their site for it (they make it as hard as poss so you will buy it instead ;).

I always get it from Cnet or somewhere instead.

Doiron1+ years ago #22
Avira (AntiVir free version) isn't any good as well.

I don't rate the validity by false positives: the point is that by personal experience as tech support it stopped in realtime viruses which slip under the nose of Norton, Avg and Avast (even though they all had the viruses in their archive, not with heuristic scan, which is even worse). Nod32 as well has a picky heuristic scan but it's excellent nonetheless. Also, Nod32 and Avira heuristic scan are the most advanced on the market, so even though you can get false positives, you could stop something which Kaspersky could not notice. In conclusion avira's detection rate is on par with Nod32 and Kaspersky, as it is confirmed by tests and comparison charts, and you can't get any better than that.

Personally out of the three one I would avoid AVG as at the moment is the worst of the three, while avast is in the middle (but not enough for unexperienced users).

Dreamora1+ years ago #23
Might be but at least NOD lets me decide what to do, Avira on the other hand behaves like Vista or OSX with its "I know better what to do than you".
Above that NOD32 has firewall and a few other nice things in which is why I am paying for it. I wanted an all in one solution with a high performance low cpu - RAM cost guard, something AVIRA does not offer, as even the free AVIRA is already worse (even thought it does less) than the whole NOD32 together.

Doiron1+ years ago #24
Dreamora: take a look below instead of doing an uninformed chitchat.


Edit: direct link on Av-Comparatives wasn't allowed: link updated

blackbag1+ years ago #25
I am a long time user and evangalist of Avast, never had a virus it didn't detect and clear without problem. But the stats on that last link are interesting, are they accurate? I may have to give AVIRA a go (but it does look like it doesn't do some stuff I want, boot time scans and email scanning for instance).

P.s. If you are going to get on your high horse about being more informed then posting dead links is not the best approach. The one link that did go somwhere didn't even mention NOD. I call the score as Dreamora 1 : Doiron 0 .

Dreamora1+ years ago #26
Doiron: first 2 links don't work, link 3 has no Nod32 Internet Security (no nod32 at all actually) and don't see what you wanted to tell me with them especially.

Nobody said that Avira does not find viruses. Its better than Norton and McAfee which both are expensive antisecurity problems.

But it finds too many false positive.
And as mentioned, the guard is a too large resource hogg for me, compared to Nod32 it feels like a fat allday McDonald eater from the weight and performance.

Beside the problem that you seem to be a common 08-15 webadvertisement lemming believing anything written on Wikis.

Doiron1+ years ago #27
Beside the problem that you seem to be a common 08-15 webadvertisement lemming believing anything written on Wikis.

Comparative tables created from different sources not affiliated with these companies are far from advertisement. This is expecially true when you can't backup with facts and resort to this kind of comments (I also said that I have seen the differences 'on the field' on many infected systems, so your attitude is way out of order).

About the realtime guard, I thought that it is far from fat, expecially compared to other AVs.

Doiron1+ years ago #28
P.s. If you are going to get on your high horse about being more informed then posting dead links is not the best approach. The one link that did go somwhere didn't even mention NOD. I call the score as Dreamora 1 : Doiron 0 .

With a little bit of effort you could have noticed that by clicking on the big "comparatives" button on the left it would give what you were looking for. Anyway, link updated.
About Castlecops, browse the links on that page... the tests are a bit outdated compared to av comparatives though, and not nearly as deep.

I am a long time user and evangalist of Avast, never had a virus it didn't detect and clear without problem.

The ones which are detected are usually removed, of course. On some occasions it didn't notice viruses it had in the archive (among with Norton, which may not be a surprise, and AVG). I noticed Avast being fairly weak on the realtime protection: I had many cases of altered/replaced system files on machines with Avast and XP, resulting in continuous and tedious detections while the problem wasn't solvable by the AV. The kind of threats it was exposed were the usual ones suffered from imprudent IE/MSN/EMail use.

Dreamora1+ years ago #29
One question on Avira out of interest: Did its incapable spyware scanner get some serious rework? I mean if I get a spyware younger than 12 hours, is it quarantined directly even if within a package etc? Because that was one of the most important points for me for NOD32, it is en par with PC Doctor 5 with Spyware which means above anyt free trash I've ever wasted my time with.

Doiron1+ years ago #30
is it quarantined directly even if within a package etc?

As with many other AVs, You can choose to automatically quarantine any file which is recognized as a virus. As soon as you try to extract the file, it gets quarantined before being able to opening it.

Anyway, these are secondary features to people who just want to avoid getting viruses, and you can't argue with that for the sake of it. Detection rate and prevention are the most important aspects, no questions about it. Of course a commercial package (the 'free' ones too have commercial versions) is more complete feature wise. However you can bet that if a user don't want to buy an antivirus, I'll choose the one which lets less viruses slip through his nose, expecially when detection rate is among the three top AVs.

If there wasn't an AV with a detection rate comparable to other commercial ones you would have to press users a lot harder to buy an annual license for a commercial AV, and even then you'll probably not convince them and have yet another undefended PC. That closes the discussion for me.

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