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Glow Roids

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Loktar1+ years ago #1
Finished up my first game in C#. Uses OpenGL, and OpenAL (so id be interested to know how it runs on Vista supposidly Vista cuts OpenGL's speed by 33% or so), also has online highscores. Let me know if you have any issues with it, Ive only been able to test it on about 5 machines so far. And it didnt work on one of them, which worries me it may not work on ATI systesm. I may end up doing a multiplayer portion as well called "Dogfight" where its the same controls in a deathmatch or team deathmatch style. Anyways just looking for input :)

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GfK1+ years ago #2
Glow Roids
I think that's what I had when I got food poisoning in Egypt.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #3
There are creams available for glowing roids :P)

I like it, very retro arcade.

N1+ years ago #4
I think that's what I had when I got food poisoning in Egypt.
It's also what many people working with radiation get.

boomboom1+ years ago #5
how did you find using opengl and C~ compared to Blitz?

Ked1+ years ago #6

Thats all I get.

And I am using an ATI card.

Loktar1+ years ago #7
Haha yeah the name was the going joke at the office there were other nominees such as burning roids, hemroids, and octaroids. I laugh everytime I see the title screen.

Darn. I need to figure out what the issue is with ATI then. It used to work but kind of crazy, then after a few more revisions it stopped working all together on ATI cards. Thanks for verifying that.

GfK1+ years ago #8
The issue with ATI, is OpenGL.

Just tried it on my Vista laptop expecting to see the same as Ked did. Amazingly, it kind of worked, although it was much too slow to be playable.

Loktar1+ years ago #9
On my computer with an ATI card when it did work when there wasnt much on screen everything was really fast, but once you started having a few explosions it slowed to a crawl.

@boom boom

It was pretty fun actually. Besides the ATI issue anyways. I learned ALOT while making this program, mostly OO Principles and Vector math. Plus I now have a decent engine in place to make other games. And writtin in such a way where I should be able to plug managed DX into it instead if need be. C# is a terrific language its really fun to use.

Yahfree1+ years ago #10
works fine here...

windows XP SP2... NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

xlsior1+ years ago #11
Completely unplayable for me -- when I launch it, I hear the noise, and the outline of the window.

It takes like ~8 seconds for the title screen to pop up.

Selecting a button also takes ~5 seconds.
when the game starts I don't hear anything, and the entire display appears frozen. Every 5 seconds or so some of the pixels change, but at this point it's not even a slideshow.
ATI X1650XT, DirectX 9.0c, XP SP2

Loktar1+ years ago #12
Wow its crazy to me how horrible it is on ATI cards... I am using the CSGL library for openGL. I think im going to switch to TAO since it is still being developed and see if that fixes the problems.

plash1+ years ago #13
Doesn't work on my system (XP SP2 ati 512mb X850) the main window is unresponsive, process uses 90-99% cpu and continuously gains memory upto about 50k.

Orca1+ years ago #14
Pretty much same results as xlsior and plash. Sound, then a blank window, then sometime later, a slow motion view of your game. I'm on a "shiny new" ati x700 ( go me, just bought it for $27 :). Big upgrade from my radeon 9000pro ;P </tangent> )

Anyways, I use c# and opengl all the time. I don't have any problems whatsoever. So I dunno whats up with your program.

I would get rid of csgl. AFAIK, development was dropped in favor of tao years ago.

Make sure you get the latest code/binaries from tao. They keep working on them, but no one seems to make a new official release ever.

Just some nit picky-ish tips for ya:

Personally, I wouldn't use system.windows.forms as the base of my game. There's been some dialog on various blogs about the perfect c# game loop. Winforms generates garbage... its been said that its a negligable amount, I don't recall how much. But I prefer to keep things lean where possible, and within reason.

Use something like sdl or glfw, or even your own window management via win32.

Also don't use ArrayList -- use generic lists ;D

..And don't use opengl immediate mode. Immediate mode is slow, but the penalty for using it should be higher in .net since managed-native calls have extra overhead.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #15
ATI is supprisingly very good now on Ubuntu with OGL after the last fglrx driver update & cant remember any probs on XP. I get problems with OGL on vista though, mainly severe slowness in comparison.
OGL does work on my ATI and vista but it almost feels "software rendered".

nawi1+ years ago #16
Microsoft playing their old monopoly abuse tricks.. "hey, lets slow down opengl so everybody will switch to directx!"

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