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What 3d file format does OGRE support?

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Happy Sammy1+ years ago #1
Hi all,

What 3d file format does OGRE support?

Thanks in advance

Amon1+ years ago #2
Don't understand why you couldn't go to the OGRE Website and check but anyway, here's the link:


popcade1+ years ago #3
I remember it has it's native .mesh format which supported by many modelling packages

Or read on their official wiki for exporters.

Happy Sammy1+ years ago #4
Thanks a lot, Amon and yoko

@Amon: this info. usually could be found in features of other 3D engines except this one (be put in "GetStarted").

AdrianT1+ years ago #5
Yeah it has its own mesh format that evolves with the engine. The official exporters export to the binary mesh format. Converters like unwrap3D usualy save in ogres XML format so you can compile your meshes to the latest version of the binary format.

.Mesh format contains a lot more info than just geometry and changes a couple of times a year.

Materials are scripts that can be edited in your favourite text editor. I like Crimson editor as it has Syntax colouring whatever you call it for .Material, as well as .HLSL and .CG so you can do all your shader and material editing in one IDE.

Some exporters have pretty good fixed function material support and will create fixed function material scripts for you, and also let you edit shader parameters with realtime preview which is nice.

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