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Transportando o Brasil

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EmerGki1+ years ago #1
This is the game what I'm working on


big10p1+ years ago #2
Keep on truckin'!

WedgeBob1+ years ago #3
Hmm, Big Rigs clone?

EmerGki1+ years ago #4
Nope! The game are totally different =D.

SLotman1+ years ago #5
Vai fundo! =)

Is this anyway inspired on "Payload" from MSX? :)

Nice to see you here too! =D

EmerGki1+ years ago #6
Now with a little video. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuI3A6p1-eY )


jfk EO-111101+ years ago #7
looks great. would look even better with lightmapping and simple car shadows.

z4g01+ years ago #8

have you used third physic engine like ode or newton for car and towing movements? looks really realistic!

else, can you link something (articles, tutorial, code) that explain a bit how get a hinge physics like that, via bbcode?


EmerGki1+ years ago #9
z4g0 - I'm using the ODE.

jfk EO-11110 - Really, but, I still not do this thing, because I'm developing this game ALONE :(. I'm a programmer and I have no much time to do all the things, but, I'll work in this in the future.
I'm looking for artists what want to help me in this game =D.

EmerGki1+ years ago #10
I'm back here to show two new pictures of my game in development...

I have created a hardware to use with the game too, but, this I'll show to you in the future :)...

Some peoples think what the game is only drive trucks, but, the game is much more than this, In the future, I'll show some other pictures and videos... Hope you like it!

Mortiis1+ years ago #11
Hmm looking nice but I can't see much of a process made in
last 3 months. Maybe you just don't show 'em in screenshots.
Road texture and trees are really nice. Though, no headlight
can reflect that much flash on the road when
it is daytime.

Do you use TreeParty for the trees?

EmerGki1+ years ago #12
I'm using BlitzTree 3D for the Trees =D.

Graphically, don't have much more in this 3 months, only in code... (I'm a programmer, and, I'm making the game ALONE :( )

I've tested the TreeParty demo, but, Is a bit slow than the Blitztree 3D, so, I prefer Blitztree =D...

SLotman1+ years ago #13
Hey man, that's getting pretty nice :)
Being a lone coder myself, I can relate to your troubles :)

Mortiis1+ years ago #14
I am a solo developer / programmer too but 3 months is a huge
time to add new things to any game both visually and tech-

EmerGki1+ years ago #15
But I have 3 other projects in development at the same time =D...

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