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Fredborg's been holding out on us...

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Perturbatio1+ years ago #1

puki1+ years ago #2
Normalized is nothing to me - "fredborg" has other things he needs to hand over.

Duckstab[o]1+ years ago #3
that is excellent

Picklesworth1+ years ago #4
Created in BlitzMax (3D game engine based on the Basic programming language
Hahaha, that's miles off :b

Looks cool! Fredborg is indeed very talented.

Naughty Alien1+ years ago #5
..I dont know why should I walk in 'synthetic' world and try to listen acurately sounds while I can enjoy it in nature?? I think this going to be boring..

Picklesworth1+ years ago #6
It's an artistic thing, of course!

Damien Sturdy1+ years ago #7
I think Mr FredBorg should provide a demo :)

fredborg1+ years ago #8
Nicely spotted :)

Haha, Normalized is 3 or 4 years old... It was made in 2 weeks for an assignment about interactive sound at university/academy. It was done in Blitz3D with BassDLL for the sound and some force feedback userlib by Pepsi (maybe, if I remember correctly), not Blitzmax as stated on the site.

I can upload it in a few weeks, I'm not near a backup of it until then.

degac1+ years ago #9
Cool - I like the style.

puki1+ years ago #10
"fredborg" sits there like a fat little hamster, with his chubby little cheeks, draped over his fat little belly.

He sits on top of his fat little pile of secret stuff he hides away on his hard-drive.

Fatty chub-chops, needs to hand over the sweeties - Normalized is nothing to me. I'll opt for H-D access and just take what should be mine - hand it over "hammy" - I'll send you a 'MyBook' in the mail - you just dump the lot and mail it back (prepaid by me).

caff_1+ years ago #11
Mikkel has done some very cool stuff, and some things that have never been released.

I would love to work with him again and supply some music and sound to his projects. :)

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