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David8191+ years ago #1
Hi, does anyone know where to find good Metasequoia tutorials, i've had a look on google but cant find any that are useful for human modeling etc.

popcade1+ years ago #2



It's made by Japanese.... maybe better luck searching from yahoo JP

David8191+ years ago #3
ok, Thanks, i think i need to install the japaneese character set though. thanks again.

Bob3d1+ years ago #4
there was a plane modelling good tut, all in english. But now I'm in a rush.

John Blackledge1+ years ago #5
I translated (via excite) as much of the Japanese manual as I could (it's a lot bigger than the English manual).
Let me know when you've downloaded it and I'll remove it - I need the webspace ;-)
Metasequoia manual

David8191+ years ago #6
Ok Thanks, i downloaded the manual. it should help me abit. thanks again.

Happy Sammy1+ years ago #7
Hi John Blackledge,

I am also interested in the manual, could you please send me a link?

Thanks in advance.

John Blackledge1+ years ago #8
Hi Sammy,

Get it at:

I think it's the best modeller baring none, and definitely worth the time taken to understand it.
Unfortunately it was the first modeller I tried when I got Blitz3D, and now it's spoiled me - all other modellers seem clunky and just plain awkward.

The latest version is 2.34, but I generally use 2.24 coz I don't like the texturing in 2.34.
You may have noticed that it can't export - the author has not set up e-commerce outside Japan for the exportable version (I keep nagging him).
So also download the latest 'freeware version'.
Save your work as an MQO from 2.24, load it into the freeware version, then save it out as .X, which Blitz code will load.

Bob3d1+ years ago #9
John.I nagged him too... But finally preferred a fully free license, and went to Wings3d. I never regreted it.

Yet though I like it a lot too. I did knew that modeler deeply.
I model with it sometimes for nostalgy.

I have made detailed real time 3d characters with it.

Oh, Ultimate Unwrap opens MQO files PERFECTLY, just so seamless that is incredible.From there you can export to whatever, too.

Happy Sammy1+ years ago #10
To all of you, thank you very much!!!

(BTW, John Blackledge, the current freeware version (2.3b)could export to .x)


John Blackledge1+ years ago #11
Sammy, yes I've got 2.3b.

I just wanted to point out that 2.34 appeared to have bugs in the mapping/texturing section, so I'd dropped back to 2.24 while waiting for him to fix this.
Let me know if you need any of the earlier versions.

Bob, what I liked about Meta was that modelling and texturing could be done in one place (veery civilized) and it still is, in my opinion, the friendliest modeller ever.

Bob3d1+ years ago #12
is very friendly, yup. Some cases I know of people that did not find their way with Wings, but did with Meta.

This I made with Meta(long ago.Not the uvs and textures) :

John Blackledge1+ years ago #13
Nice stuff!

I do have 'Mikoto' which was the animator designed to be used with Meta, but can't make haed or tail of it since it's in Japanese - hey, ho.

Bob3d1+ years ago #14
Thanks :)

I knew of someone using actively mikoto...

I did make a try of it way long ago...well..could guess till how to put some bones, but nothing else, for same reason.

With Frametoon (2d animation tool) I could get it full working though being in japanesse, but with mikoto I either couldn't.

Happy Sammy1+ years ago #15
Hi all,

Does Meta LE contains "Paint" panel? According to the manual, there exists "Paint" panel.

Thanks in advance.

Bolo_Loco1+ years ago #16
@Happy Sammy

yes -you have to uncheck the Basic mode

in the File menu

Doggie1+ years ago #17
Nice cowboy Bob

Bob3d1+ years ago #18
Thanks :)

Happy Sammy1+ years ago #19
Hi Bolo_Loco,

Thanks a lot!

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