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Convert .max, without 3ds Max?!

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Picklesworth1+ years ago #1
I have two 3d models which come in .max format, and I wish to convert them to .3ds, .c4d, .obj, or something else that a program other than 3ds max can understand.

The models are at the following two links:

Do you know of any *.max to *.* converter programs, or would you be willing to convert these and email them to me?

Perturbatio1+ years ago #2
not looked through them, but are any of these any use?

clownhunter1+ years ago #3
Gmax is free and it can open .max files, can't it?

Gabriel1+ years ago #4
Gmax is free and it can open .max files, can't it?

Nope, pretty sure it can't.

Moreover, I'm pretty sure that .max is a closed format and cannot be read by any other app. Even the fantastic 3d Explorations only ever read .Max files if you had 3dsMax installed.

AdrianT1+ years ago #5
I believe you need max .dll's to convert the procedural parts of the models etc and compile the final result.

N1+ years ago #6
.MAX is a closed format that nobody has yet been able to read. The closest anyone has gotten to viewing a .MAX file was in 3D Exploration, and you had to have Max open so it could send the data to 3D Exploration.

Garion1+ years ago #7
I just converted the blimp to 3DS with my old version of 3D Exploration Enterprise Edition.

But the Zep is giving me problems.

The latest version of 3D Exploration wont touch either of them..sigh :(



Opcode1+ years ago #8
Dylan, check your GMail account :)

I didn't want to put up a download link, since they aren't my models.


puki1+ years ago #9
You could just download the 30 day demo of 3DS Max.

Opcode1+ years ago #10
no need, iv'e already converted and sent them to him via e-mail.


Picklesworth1+ years ago #11
Thanks Opcode :)

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