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Texture Studio 1.10 - Seamless texture generator

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John J.1+ years ago #1
Texture Studio is all you need to produce professional quality textures for use in games and tiled backgrounds. Texture Studio includes a set of integrated tools, all extremely useful for creating high quality seamless textures. Texture Studio is so easy to use, a photograph can be converted to a smoothly tiling, seamless texture with a single click. Alternately, you can adjust settings to fine-tune the look of the results.

* Makes an image seamless with an single click, although every aspect can be fine-tuned

* Perspective correction can "extract" textures from a photo, even when the camera is at an angle from the texture.

* Contrast and sharpness adjustsments can transform a dull, blurry image to a crisp, colorful texture.

* Shadow correction removes contrasting shadows that cause noticeable patterns when seamless textures are tiled.

Version 1.14
The memory access violations that were occurring on some computers are now fixed, thanks to Troy Robinson (aka. "Pongo").

Version 1.13
Added the ability to load images from the commandline. This also allows files to be associated with Texture Studio, and for files to be dragged and dropped on to texture studio to load them. Also changed the image load function to CopyRect the pixels from the loaded image into a blank image, possibly fixing the reported memory access violations.

Version 1.12
Fixed a bug in the seamless texture algorithm where some "garbage" pixels would appear in some cases, in addition to improving the algorithm slightly.

Version 1.11:
I made Texture Studio more CPU efficient, so CPU power is efficiently shared with other applications currently running.

Version 1.10:
I significantly improved my perspective correction algorithm by eliminating the "blocky" look (with linear filtering added). I also slightly improved the Open and Save dialog by making them remember the last path used so loading and saving textures from other paths is not so tedious. A few misc. changes were made to the tutorial.

Click here to download the full version of Texture Studio 1.14 (1.05 MB) FREE!

Additionally, you can click here to download the full source code for Texture Studio Version 1.14 (83KB)

This screenshot shows a photograph before all processing: (the yellow dots and the white lines are the perspective correction selection, not actually from the original photo)

This screenshot shows a photograph after all processing:

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Genexi21+ years ago #2
Nice little tool there, got a couple requests though if yer taking any :

1) Can you toss in a delay in yer main loop or something so the app doesnt hog all available CPU resources? Hard to multi-task with the program open.

2) Anychance of us being able to set bezier's to the lines for the perspective correcting in a future version?

Ricky Smith1+ years ago #3
A very useful tool - works extremely well - many thanks !

John J.1+ years ago #4
Genexi2: Thanks for your suggestions. I've just added CPU sharing code, and now it uses less than 2% (instead of ~100%) of my cpu when it's not active. You can use the same download link above if you want to get the latest version.

I may add a bezier feature in the perspective correction of some future version, but I don't see many places for it's use. Any perspective distortion in real life can be corrected with the current four straight lines (as far as I know), but I guess beizers would be very useful for getting a perfect texture from a photo of a wrinkled flag :)

Sterling1+ years ago #5
Excellent - Thankyou very much.

John J.1+ years ago #6
I've just uploaded another version (1.12) which includes a bug fix.

AdrianT1+ years ago #7
I know I mentioned it on IRC, but the biggest drawback I see with it is the Loading requestor. Would it be possible to have the default windows load dialogue box? or a drag and drop icons on the App window to load (not sure thats even possible in blitz).

Reason I ask is that currently I have to find my image first with windows or my thumbnail browser. Once I find it I then load up your utility, click on load image and get a list of files in the app textures dir.

I then have to find the drive that the texture are on, navigate through the directories, find the correct file out of a few dozen with similar names thanks to the digicam, or browse 20's to 100's of bitmap images till I find the right one.

Otherwise this seems like a nice useful utitity, and exceptionaly good as a freebie :)

Sswifts texture generator has a few disadvantages in the interface, and the way that it doesn't have automatic update. On the other hand it does use a conventional windows file browser which makes it much easier navigate your image files, thumbnails etc.

AdrianT1+ years ago #8
THought I'd try setting it up as an alternative app for loading from a file icon with the right click/open with... option windows has, that didn't work unfortunately. If it did that would have been a pretty simple shortcut.

slenkar1+ years ago #9
SSwift is gonna be pissed,

but thanks, useful tool

sswift1+ years ago #10
You get what you pay for. :-)

"Sswifts texture generator has a few disadvantages in the interface, and the way that it doesn't have automatic update."

Please elaborate on what you mean by "disadvantages" in the thread for my program. Also, the most recent version of STG added automatic updating. Perhaps you should take a look at the latest demo!

Grey Alien1+ years ago #11
I personally don't like auto update, I prefer to just say OK calc the final image now.

sswift: I was waiting for you to post, only a matter of time heh. Note that this app doesn't let you tab from the width to the height box either. In fact the tab key seem to add a tab (~4 spaces) to the edit box! This app does have separate save and load folders but the dialogs are limited. For a free app it is good but I find yours better for my requirements. btw your new sharpen thing is really good, I didn't realise how useful it would be until I tried it.

Pongo1+ years ago #12
anyone else get a MAV with this? A progress bar at the bottom says correcting perspective,... as soon as it hits the end I get a MAV.

with the supplied images, I get dumped out on all but the smallrocks.jpg, and that one I have no problems with.

edit: ok, this is just plain bizzare. since I could only get it to work with the smallrocks image, I loaded up Photoshop and copy/pasted some different images into that image and re-saved,... those all work, but without doing that I get a MAV every time.

QuickSilva1+ years ago #13
I get exactly the same problem with the MAV. Shame as it looks like a great program. I hope this can be fixed.


Alienforce1+ years ago #14
Same here :(

Dosent work...


John J.1+ years ago #15
I've just uploaded version 1.13. With version 1.13, you can open textures into Texture Studio from the command line, so now you can associate images with it, drag images over Texture Studio's icon, etc.

I really don't know what could be causing the memory access violation, since all my computers work fine with it. I really would like to get this fixed, so I included a possible fix for the problem in Ver. 1.13. If it does not work, I probably will release the source code of Texture Studio for anyone who would like to step through it and maybe see where the problem is, or even use the algorithims in their projects if they would like.

Alienforce1+ years ago #16
Same problem :(

Can you mail me the sourcecode ?,please! the program is just what i need.



QuickSilva1+ years ago #17
Yep, same problem still :( A little puzzling eh?
Please let us know if you find out what is the cause of this.


AdrianT1+ years ago #18
hmm, I like being able to open the images with the right click menu :) in any explorer window, much better. I'm getting the MAV too now though.

Genexi21+ years ago #19
Why not release a debugger version of the program that writes out important info as to what may be causing the MAV to a .txt file?

Perturbatio1+ years ago #20
I get a MAV as well
it occurs at the end of any image processing command (the progress bar reaches the end).

John J.1+ years ago #21
Genexi2: It would be easier to just release the source code, and I was planning to release it anyway.

So, anyone can download the source now HERE (83 KB).

If anyone who is having trouble with Texture Studio is willing to step through the code to possibly locate the memory access violation, I'd appreciate it.

Pongo1+ years ago #22
very nice of you to post this,... I would try to track this down, but I have a 2 year old climbing all over me atm.

The error occurs in the function CorrectPerspective,... in this line: WritePixelFast x,y,clr,WriteBuff

I'll try to take a look later when things are less distracting if someone else does not beat me to it.

edit: just changed the loops to:
For y=0 To Height - 1
For x=0 To Width -1

that seemed to fix the issue here.

Grey Alien1+ years ago #23
WritePixel fast definitely can cause MAV when you write outside of the buffer! That must have been it...

AdrianT1+ years ago #24
pongo's solution worked. :) If you combined this tool and sswifts you would have a pretty awesome utility. Not that they aren't both pretty damned cool already. One thing problematic with John J's is the small window size. Tried scaling it up and some weirdnes starts happening.

Really good stuff though.

John J.1+ years ago #25
Thankyou so much, Pongo! Thanks to you, this bug is fixed :). I've uploaded Version 1.14 now which includes the fix.

Evak: Even at 1440 x 900 resolution, the window doesn't look too small to me (it's actually a little too big in 800 x 600 res.). But, if you really want I could add an option to make the window bigger.

AdrianT1+ years ago #26
yeah, only reason I say its a little small, is my camera 2akes 200x1500ish photos and often I'm trying to cut out small areas wit fairly accurate cropping. so even though the zoom is great, it can still be difficult. I think 800x600 would be ok if you could toggle the UI on and off or something.

A suggestion:

Another thing I thought would be cool would be some kind of numerical feedback in regards to the dimension of the current selection. so if your trying to crop a portion of a photo, you can guage what dimensions to make your final texture page.(Probably not explaining too well).

Like yesterday I had a door I wanted the perspective and lighting corrected on. Wasn't too worried about tiling. When I cropped the door I really would have found an estimated pixel width for my selection useful, in order to type a good aproximate width in the output texture size. I tried 128x256 but the door was squashed too thin. so some kind of simple measuring size would be good, kind of like in photoshop. (see below)

It's just a suggestion, which I think would make guaging final texture size a lot more intuitive.

Barliesque1+ years ago #27
The program crashes on my machine, with a Memory Access Violation. It starts up okay, but when I proceed with perspective correction, when processing reaches 100% it crashes.

I'm running a dual monitor system with an NVidia 5800FX, 128MB vRAM, and drivers up-to-date. I tried disabling one of the monitors (first one, then the other), and found that the program does NOT crash.....


...I've just downloaded the latest version and it's running fine! Couldn't delete this message, so I'm updating instead. :)

Caff1+ years ago #28
Sorry to dig up an old thread... just wanted to say thanks, this is a nice lil app.

Ziltch1+ years ago #29
I think this is great! Thank you.

jhocking1+ years ago #30
Wow, I just noticed this tool in your sig. I'll give this a try tonight; sounds useful.

John J.1+ years ago #31
I hope you like it. :)

Too bad blitzbasic.com doesn't have a showcase like Blitzcoder - I'm sure there's many forgotten tools in here that would be useful. That's one reason why I submitted Texture Studio in the blitz Toolbox.

Mustang1+ years ago #32
Preveiw? [screenshot] :)

Boiled Sweets1+ years ago #33
Very useful. Many thanks

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