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Sky Panorama generator.

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fredborg1+ years ago #1

Just a small thingie to create sky panoramas (for sky spheres)...

> Downloadio <

Thanks to Eddy!

Doggie1+ years ago #2
Awesome. Thanks!

JoshK1+ years ago #3
Pretty cool. How about a high-res version without the sun?

Thanks dude.

Red1+ years ago #4
No problemo :)

Thanks for your GI sky. LOL

mrtricks1+ years ago #5
Brilliant! Could make a nice little app out of this - some sliders for sky colour, cloud intensity, sun size (sun quantity even!)

Isn't it always typical - release a nice little app and people always want more... :)

slenkar1+ years ago #6
and support for spacescapes

fredborg1+ years ago #7
Click image to download a demo version :)

This one can have any number of planets and suns :) And both day and night... Now if only I had time to finish it :)

JoshK1+ years ago #8
You need to make it high-res if you want to sell it. That's only 256 pixels tall.

Looks nice though.

9572AD1+ years ago #9
That's pretty sweet, but I need a "spacedust"/"plasma" or whatever it is that makes those swirly colors in space generator. :)

fredborg1+ years ago #10
Halo: It can render any resolution.

Rob: Are you running 16 bit perhaps?

Or maybe it's your graphics card that sorts something in a different order...Which card do you have?

fredborg1+ years ago #11

> Click image to download <

jhocking1+ years ago #12
Nice little app. Skyboxes are my preferred approach but this is good to have in my bag of tricks.

fredborg1+ years ago #13
It actually renders a skybox first :)

Red1+ years ago #14
Strange result ...

fredborg1+ years ago #15
Nebula :)

jhocking1+ years ago #16
"It actually renders a skybox first"

Really? In that case can you make an option to save out skybox images instead of a skysphere image? At the moment Terragen is working out great for rendering skybox images, but it can't do space images with all the stars.

mrtricks1+ years ago #17
How do you change settings, resolution etc?

fredborg1+ years ago #18
You can't...I have a sneaking suspision 'Ed From Mars' is doing a version with an interface :)

Red1+ years ago #19
Nebula not cloud
LOL i'm idiot :)

Mustang1+ years ago #20
Nice... like the spacey thingy!

c5ven1+ years ago #21
agree. nice.

Rimmsy1+ years ago #22
Hey, hey, Freddy. Got this still? You know you do.

plash1+ years ago #23
You know you do.
You know you want him to know he does. I'd like to see this again too!

John Blackledge1+ years ago #24
I missed ths one!
Yes please Fred - can you post it again?

fredborg1+ years ago #25
4 more years!

Erhm, I'll see if I can find it...

Damien Sturdy1+ years ago #26
Ooh, man, funny- I was thinking of doing something like this recently when i did my planetgen. :-)

fredborg1+ years ago #27
Alright, here it is again:

Have fun!

andy_mc1+ years ago #28
excellent, thanks!

Rimmsy1+ years ago #29
Freddy, freddy, freddy. What would we do without you? Cheers dude!

Mortiis1+ years ago #30
I didn't see this. Lovely indeed! Having a skybox option would be way cooler IMO.

boomboom1+ years ago #31
Thats fantastic, do you have any other tools lying around Fredborg?

Rimmsy1+ years ago #32
You know, I'd happily pay for a slightly more customisable spacey version of this:

number of stars
sun size/location
background colours
planet/no planet
resolution change.
maybe something like this: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=410954

You got any spare time, Freddy?

fredborg1+ years ago #33
You got any spare time, Freddy?
Yes, I've got a free hour around November 2012 :)

Rimmsy1+ years ago #34
Haha, I'll pencil it in my google calendar!

maximo1+ years ago #35
amazing work!

M2PLAY1+ years ago #36
Thanks, thanks !!!

Chroma1+ years ago #37
Fred, this is great stuff. I'm now using this for sky globes in my flight sim. What I did was create a panorama and export it, create a sphere(32) and resize to 50000 and do a flipmesh and entityfx 8 on it. Then Position the texure at 0,-.002 to get rid of the tiny grey dot at the top of the sky. AWESOME!

I am getting some ugly artifacts on the nighttime sky generation though. Might be my ATI card.

Mustang1+ years ago #38
resize to 50000

Hmmmm... Usually skyboxes/spheres are only like 1m squares or cubes, just draw them first (entity order) - and parented to the camera of course.

Reason for this is keeping the far clip range as close (minimum range) as possible if you don't need whole range for viewing (in flight sim you might). No need to waste z-accuracy and get z-fight if you can avoid it.

Pete Carter1+ years ago #39
cool not sure how i missed this?

Chroma1+ years ago #40
Mustang, that's like the best trick I've seen in years. So simple and it really solves a lot of problems I was having. Many thanks.

Edit: Yeah that rocks. I set the skydome at 999999 and the ground at 999998. Perfect. Eliminates all my clipping problems. Thanks again.

mtnhome3d1+ years ago #41
nice indeed. is there any way we can get the source so as to add gui and such?

grindalf1+ years ago #42
Anybody still have this as the links are no longer valid.
I recently lost my computer while traveling and lost all my files. Im just hunting down some things I use to use every now and then

BlitzSupport1+ years ago #43


grindalf1+ years ago #44
Thanks BlitzSupport :)

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