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I love Gile[s]

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Filax1+ years ago #1
Purchase !!!

ChrML1+ years ago #2
WOACH!!! I'm going to do everything to get my copy of Gile[s] purchased as soon as possible.

fredborg1+ years ago #3
Sweet :) Post it here: http://gilesforum.proboards26.com/ ;)

Filax1+ years ago #4
I do :)

Nebula1+ years ago #5
It does look sweet. Do you make you own textures?

Rob1+ years ago #6
I love gile[s] too :)

ashmantle1+ years ago #7
gile[s] is sexy!

Dynamo1+ years ago #8
Quite beautimous

CyBeRGoth1+ years ago #9
I dont love Giles, he is probably a man!

I like gile[s] tho :)

Filax1+ years ago #10
Lol ;)

Rob Pearmain1+ years ago #11
Fredborg: Excellent

Cybergoth: As Harry Hill would say "If In doubt, kiss a woman"

fredborg1+ years ago #12
Actually gile[s] is a cyborg :)

Filax1+ years ago #13
TermiGilesBorg ? :)

Rob1+ years ago #14
I'd even oil gile[s]'s i/o.

Red Ocktober1+ years ago #15
... oh oh, now there's an imagee I've gotta clear outta my head...

... happy thougts, happythoughts, happy thoughts

hey filax, nice work... about how long did it take to render that and on what speed system?

fredborg... x file export in the future? (sorry to be such a pain with these xfiles:) )


Rob1+ years ago #16
xfile export would be cool.

Caff1+ years ago #17

MadJack1+ years ago #18
Cool, although most doors do have some sort of frame.

And walls usually have sidings where they meet the floor.

Dynamo1+ years ago #19

Cool, although most doors do have some sort of frame.

And walls usually have sidings where they meet the floor.

Yep, called a door jamb

Rob1+ years ago #20
Hardly the point of the screenshot though?

JoshK1+ years ago #21
Do you mean one of these?

CyBeRGoth1+ years ago #22
Thats a nice scene halo

Ross C1+ years ago #23
uh huh!

Sephiroth1+ years ago #24
yeah but where is this gile? and how much does it cost?

Beaker1+ years ago #25

Sephiroth1+ years ago #26
oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh you have to pay for it :P i keep it on blender3d :).

or this gile thing must be very easy to use ;) then i might consider buying it after all

Rob1+ years ago #27
try the demo. it's on discount until january too, then it goes up in price.

and you paid for blitz didn't you? free lunches only go so far :)

Ross C1+ years ago #28
Very easy to use, IMHO. Place a light, then click render :) Lots of setting!

Sephiroth1+ years ago #29
is it compatible with my system? ti says that the requriements are 733 mhz. but really....i dont know.....

i got a:

750 mhz
256 mb ram
voodoo velocity
10 gig hardddisk
1000 watt speakers
7.1 sound card
and some more stuff but those are unimportant i think :/

Sephiroth1+ years ago #30
forgot to add:

direct X 9.1
Windows XP


Sephiroth1+ years ago #31
i have downloaded the demo as you said. and its cool!

unable to create 3D scene! :'(

Mustang1+ years ago #32
Almost nothing is compatible with VooDoo... step boldly into this century and buy new hardware! :)

Sephiroth1+ years ago #33

I was thinking of buying a Asus A9800XT Limited Edition card. but i am not so sure if its good? looking at the price it seems to be the most expensive card tough

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