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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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Grey Alien1+ years ago #1
- I don't have a joypad, just a digital joystick (perfect for platformers).
- as well as the anti-alias fix in Gimp try the 1 pixel border around sprites too! Look up defringe too.
- the worm collision. I was standing jumping in the air trying to hit it (it was at a different height from me), and the ice was moving through the worm. Not right through the middle, but at the top or bottom. I notice the ice changes size as it flies, perhaps it doesn't have a very forgiving collision detection area. I got the worm in the end with a hit right to the middle. Perhaps I need to play it more to check (I'll do that with the next version)
- You need some proper timing ASAP. Delta time is easy, you simply record the current time, do all your logic, then drawing (they are separate right?), then check the time again. Say it's moved on 16ms (at 60Hz it will have), then you might call that a delta of 1 (assuming you want 60Hz to be "normal"). If the time has only moved 8ms, that delta is 0.5, or if it's moved on 32ms the delta is 2. Basically Delta = time elapsed/chosen frame length. Get it? Then when you move ALL game objects you say x=x+Speed*delta. naturally x, Speed and Delta must all be floats. Same for any counters you have. My Counter:+1*delta. Be careful to CLAMP delta to say 2 just in case there is a huge delay caused by an external process (or window dragging), you don't want your game going catching up in a giant chunk or things will move through platforms etc. Better still, implement some fixed rate logic then delta can never go above 1. Better still, use my framework and plug your code into it ;-)
- I couldn't see any timer, so that would be useful so woudl "well done". Obviously if you mentioned it in a tutorial things would be clearer.

Basically the game is neat but all these extras are what will make it sellable if that's your aim, if not then don't worry, but they will still make the game better...

As for the fruit thing. What % of your audience will be 2 player? Maybe 5%? Cater for the single players and allow the fruit to be picked up mid air ;-)

Good luck with it.

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