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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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Sonic1+ years ago #1
Thanks again for your comments guys. I've uploaded an Intel Mac binary now for anyone holding out for it...


- About the fruit collection - when you have two player, it allows for the possibility of the other player stealing your fruit which I think is hilarious, and part of what made BB 2-player so heated!
- Also saving screen settings / controls will be done in the next update.
- Stopwatch reset - oops, a known B-bug! It's on the list.
- About the wings - actually this is not a bug - what happened was you almost definitely collected a 'large' necklace from the chest at the level end - you receive 'large' versions of the powerups when you collect the whole set (in this case both pink and white necklaces) - and they give you the powerup's permanent effect for two stages.
- That stage with the switch is another known b-bug - been meaning to sort it out.


- Joystick... Hmm that's odd. Were you able to use the pad to navigate the menus?
- Fruit disappearing - known B-bug!
- I think this is just an issue with photoshop 7's antialias... Easily fixable with Gimp
- As it stands, the clouds are actually background tiles with a scroll flag. I've decided this system is unnecessarily cumbersome and will simply put them in as sprites when I get round to it.
- This should also fix 'Castle of Doom' issue.
- I wonder if the worm had some other effect on it? Also did you perhaps jump on the heads of a '2-hit' monster like the red 'tofuman' or the purple 'octoman'?
- This is to do with using 'KeyHit' I think, have been having some problems with it.
- The boss could well be too hard. I just got used to it! There's a simple-ish strategy to beat him when you know how... Could just make his running speed slower I reckon.
- a pause before game over would be good, yeah.
- The reaper returns to the centre when you die, but goes for you as soon as you respawn. Dunno how to get round the win key issue though. If I had some kinda delta timing perhaps!

- Tutorial is high on the list
- Yeah you just have to kill everything - should put a 'well done' message on there. This is taken from Bubble Bobble. If you beat it while the timer's still green, you will get a chest (and sometimes a warp door) and this stops the end timer from going down so you can 'clean up' before opening the chest.
- I really like the idea of a summary - max combo, fruit collected etc - hadn't thought about that... Nice one!
- Not sure about this - see response to SpaceAce's comment.
- I'm still on the fence about this... But have decided to follow Bubble Bobble when in doubt (top / bottom only)!
- Another great idea - little RPG style text-box with your 'mentor' explaining would be really nice. Was thinking about having icons along the side of what powers you have equipped that flash when they're about to run out.
- Already started the map screen... Options in game - yeah, why not... Save and load - between each 10-level section I think.

- Mouse on the menu. Yeah.
- Will do it.
- That's the main issue stopping me from working on it now. :-(

Wow that was a lot of typing.

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