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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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Grey Alien1+ years ago #1
Cool, I finally played this, it's improved lots since the early version, but that was good too! I played it with my boys who are 3 and 6 and they liked it too, it was hard to get them to go to bed.

OK, apart from the fact that it's great, nice graphics music, fun to play etc, here are some possible bugs I noted (sorry if they've already been said above):

- I selected joystick as the control method, went into the game and there was no joystick control. Then I exited the game and went back to options and noted that it had reverted to keybaord mode.
- on the title page, the moving fruit disappear when they hit the edge of the screen instead of moving completely off, check your coords.
- in game, the clouls move at floating point coords which is nice but there is a flickering vertical lin on the right hand side of the clouds. this is probably because of one or both of the following: a) You should leave a 1 pixel blank border around all sprites so that the edges are antialiased properly to nothing when drawn at floating point coords. b) you need to "defringe" the sprite to remove the white alpha value from the edge of the sprite. Search the BMax forums for defringe and you'll find an ace exe that sorts out sprites.
- as the clouds move off the left side of the screen there is sometimes a glitch where a column of the cloud several pixels wide is not drawing, it's just blank and you can see the sky instead. Looks weird.
- On the castle of doom level there are windows. The clouds moved behind them except the middle one the clouds moved INSIDE the building but in a square block-like area where the window is. Check your z order there.
- When firing ice at the worm I experienced some dodgy collision detection where I'm sure it should have hit it, I mean I saw the ice on the worm sprite but it wasn't frozen. Also on a couple of jumps on frozen monsters they didn't break when I'm sure they should've...
- Pretty sure after a death where I was holding fire as I let go, the character respawned and fired ice off even though my finger was no longer on the fire key. I could be mistaken on this one...
- the boss was too hard I think. When it starts to fire if you are nowhere near a spring you are stuffed. I lost 3 lives on it and it was game over, didn't feel "good".
- When the boss fired for the final time, I didn't see the laser because I was holding space (my redefined key) to jump and it skipped immediately to game over. Perhaps that's my fault for having space as jump but it was weird I didn't even see my death! Perhaps the death anim should finish before a key can skip to the game over screen?
- One of my boys hit the windows key on level 1 when they were messing around and the reaper was flying around. Then the game made about 10 death noises rapidly and when I alt+tabbed back in it was game over. Seems like the game ran at super speed or something, or if you die on the starting spot does the reaper stay there too and keep killin you? I think it was probably super-speed...

some possible improvements:

- For the final game a tutorial is important like what bonuses to get and how the doors, chest work etc. Plus more basic stuff like how to fire and freeze and jump on baddies to kill them. This can just be a dialog that appears at the start of each level.
- I always a bit confused when the level ends. Is ti when I've killed everything? So if I don't have all the fruit then tough? Other games I've played make you get all the fruit and the kills aren't necessary. Depends on the plot I suppose (e.g. kill all monsters OR collect all fruit) but it feels like you are "punishing" the player as they can't have fun collecting all the fruit once everthing is dead. Perhaps every level needs an exit door?
- One level fades to anotehr, really a "summary" screen would be good with scores adding up etc.
- It would be great if you can pickup fruit that's in mid air not just when it's landed on the ground. Many times I tried that on auto-pilot but it didn't work.
- Both my boys assumed you could go off the side edge of the screen to get to the other side. I mentioned this when I saw the game the last time round.
- Explain different powerups when they are first picked up. How do I know how long they last as I couldn't see a counter - if there was one then it isn't obvious enough.
- Map screen ;-) Save/Load game. Options available in-game.

Sorry for typos, typed at high speed, got to put boys to bed so no editing.

I might be able to find more if I played for longer.

Hope these points help. This game is really good and has nice potential but needs some "pro-polish" to really make it saleable I think.

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