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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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SpaceAce1+ years ago #1
I have some actual bugs for you, now.

You don't seem to be resetting everything properly when a stage is exited. For instance, I got a stopwatch, which put the "slow" effect on all the creatures, then I QUIT the game and started over. When I did so, all the baddies still had the slow effect on them. I quit again and started another new game, and the baddies still had the slow effect on them.

Another one: I got the wings and died in a weird way (several baddies hit me as I was flying through a hole or something like that) and when I resurrected, I still had the wings and I kept the wings for a long, long time. The wings lasted that entire stage, PLUS I had them when I started the next stage and they stayed with me fo the ENTIRE second stage, despite the fact that I died at least twice. Then, when I finished the second consecutive level where I had wings, they suddenly disappeared.

On one of the early levels (it's the one that looks like it is in a cave, with a big open part in the middle showing a scene of boats and clouds; you start trapped in the bottom left and have to fall through the floor right at the beginning), I dropped through the floor, killed the single bouncing baddie on the top level then went into the main part to start killing stuff. There is a switch in the middle of the floor; I hit that switch while killing a baddie and, for some bizarre reason, two of the brown baddies that look like pieces of bread sort of teleported up to the top level where I couldn't get to them. The switch on at the bottom of the stage had a red arrow pointing to it even though I had already used it. I couldn't get the switch to do anything and I had to wait fro the grim reaper to come kill me so I could start over and fall through the floor to get to the two baddies that had moved up top.


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