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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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Sonic1+ years ago #1
Hi Grisu,
Disturbing eh? Sounds a little strong but point taken and I'll add it in.
I think the fruit on the main menu could be on every res, will tighten that up too.
How was the game for you anyway?

Space, thanks for the props!
1) Good idea, I'll put that in for sure. Was also going to do a tutorial at the start of the game, showing basic moves, how to combo etc...
2) Must have forgotten to pre-draw all the fruit like I did with the rest of the sprites. Will look into it. What's your spec by the way?
3) Hmm, the arrow does point down, but that could be flipped I suppose. I wanted the option for people to configure the up arrow for jump if they like it that way, but I know what you mean about traditional.
4) This is a relic of Bubble Bobble where you did have to chase the fruit and couldn't collect it until it landed. It works well in two player because of the competition element.
5) Should continue the screen refresh I guess when paused.
6) This might make it too easy to get to areas I want a bit more secret if you like - such as the level 'Release The Beasts' where the baddies are in 'cages'.

Thanks again for posting!

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