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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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SpaceAce1+ years ago #1
OK, I've been playing again, and, wow, this game is really, really good. A few suggestions:
1) In the early levels, consider having an animated arrow or something hint to the player that he can fall through holes in the floor. "Falling=dead" is so ingrained in the platformer part of my brain that I often find myself stuck for a few seconds before I remember I can safely fall through the floor.
2) When I first collect a prize like a gem or a fruit and that bar pops up at the bottom of the screen, I usually get a significant bit of lag as the bar comes up. Consider some kind of pre-caching for that feature so it isn't doing whatever it does that causes the lag.
3) It is traditional to push up to enter doors, but on your gae I have to push down. You might want to add/change that to allow players to push up to enter doors.
4) There seems to be some sort of delay after a fruit pops out of a defeated baddie before I am allowed to collect the fruit. This is a little annoying as it causes me to sometimes have to chase fruit around.
5) When I tab out and back to a paused game (in Windowed mode, at least), the screen is not being drawn. So, I end up with a window frame showing pieces of my desktop instead.
6) You may have left this out on purpose, but it would be nice to be able to fall down through a platform to the one below it with something like down+jump.


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