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Feedback request: Super Neko World

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Sonic1+ years ago #1
Super Neko World for OSX / Windows DirectX [UPDATED: alpha v0-21]


EDIT: Download now contains both Intel Mac + Windows Binaries! Yay! For those Macheads holding out for the new version, please enjoy, and leave your comments...


Pre-alpha v0-21 of Super Neko World (Windows + Intel Mac version)

For those of you wondering, this is the new working title for my cutesy platformer. It's exactly the same game, and even this name is temporary... I just thought I'd show you my progress with a new thread.

This version is a lot more rounded, graphically and interface-wise. The hiscores / redefine keys etc are all in there.

Truth is I haven't done any work on it in quite a while, except for the small polish I did today to get it uploaded.

I don't know if it's commercially viable, and there's the technical problems of frame-rate that need addressing before I proceed with it (it's quite GPU hungry and is slow on older machines - I need to implement some kind of delta timing or equivalent).

At the moment I'm working on demos, including my point'n'click engine (with its included scripting language + GUI), Amnesia (thanks for voting the screenie to number 1 - I was very chuffed indeed!) This is with an eye to getting a job in the industry. I'll also be looking at various C engines / options as I need to brush up.

Anyway, enjoy what I've done so far, this download is PC only for the time being. It goes up to the fourth screen of the second world. See if you can make it!

Version History:


As you can see the look of the game has changed quite a lot, and there's new main characters and baddies. It's been a lot o' hard work and late nights, but I think it was worth it! Let me know what you think.

It might be a while before the next upload as it's in an 'inbetween stage' right now and I'm going to polish it till it shines before I next put it online...

See you then!

v0-19 [PPC only for now!]

Pre-alpha v0.19 of Super Super Ice Balls (Mac PPC version)

1 - High Score Table
2 - Redefine Keys
3 - Windowed mode
4 - New Baddie Type
5 - Improved Weapons
6 - Many small bugs removed
7 - Secret Rainbow Bonus Room
8 - Thunder, lightning and rain fx
9 - Level Timer
10 - Other stuff I forgot to mention


So the game's been majorly updated, I wasn't sure if I should add a whole new showcase page...

Check out the new powerups available, there's 144 different collectibles now, many of which give you strange and interesting powers... as well as the shiny new two player mode! The game's getting to be quite fun now, and the code's 98 percent complete. There will be a few more tricks and traps to add, as well as different types of baddie.

I plan to implement a level timer that decides whether you achieve the bonus screens as well as the chests that now appear, as opposed to the current way of scoring high combos.

Then there's just lots of content to create, the title screens to iron out, story screens and the publishing to attempt!

Now the keys are different:

Player 1
Shoot - ','
Jump - '.'
Left - left arrow
Right - right arrow
Up (when flying) - up arrow
Down (when flying) - down arrow

Player 2
Shoot - left control key
Jump - left shift key
Left - 'a'
Right - 'd'
Up (when flying) - 'w'
Down (when flying) - 's'

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for your time.

Pre-alpha v0.18 of Super Super Ice Balls (Intel OSX version)

So, before I press on with my development I'd like you all to take a look at the progress of my latest game, 'Super Super Ice Balls' [working title]. It's based on a game I developed on the Amiga in about 93, and is still a work in progress. However, before I polish it up and offer up an alpha version for testing on sites like 'Indiegamer' and 'GameDev', I'd like to see what my good friends, the Blitz community think of it.


A combination of Mario Bros and Bubble Bobble, to put it in simple terms.

It's a single-screen platformer where you use your ice gun to freeze the enemies, then jump on their heads.

Jump on multiple heads to get combos - this can sometimes open secret doors to bonus rooms filled with lovely fruit! In this demo it is one player, although it is very much designed as a two player competition to collect the best bonuses.

There is a boss at the end of each world (8 in total). The demo includes one world only.


[UP ARROW / Joystick button 1] - Jump
[CTRL / SPACE / Joypad Button 2] - Shoot Ice Ball
[LEFT + RIGHT ARROW / Joypad D-Pad] - Move left / right


First of all I'd like to know if there's any technical issues. The game runs in 1024x768 at 60Hz. I also haven't tested the joypad input, so if there's a problem let me know!

Second, and more importantly, I'd like to know what you think of the 'feel' of the game, the way the character responds, the difficulty of the levels, are the graphics up to par for an indie title? Could it sell?

Let me know fellow Blitz developers with access to an Intel Mac!

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