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Monkey X - create games for iOS, Android, Xbox 360, PS Vita and more!

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Blitz Research Ltd is a software development company dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in games programming tools.

Our latest product is Monkey X, which targets the hot platforms of the moment - including iOS, Android, the web (Flash and HTML5), Xbox 360, Windows Phone 8, and more! Please see the dedicated Monkey X website for more details.

We also offer the hugely popular and successful Blitz range of products, which this website is dedicated to.

Our latest Blitz product is BlitzMax, a programming language that can compile for Windows, Mac and Linux. BlitzMax is the ultimate programming language for desktop apps - it's powerful and extendable language means there is a module for just about everything.

Our other Blitz products are Blitz3D for 3D games, and BlitzPlus for 2D games and simple GUI apps. Both are highly suited to beginners to games development, and both are free to download!

Find out more about our Blitz products Here.

Blitz Research News

Blitz3D Now Free and Open Source!
(submitted by simonh on 2014-08-03 18:35:47)

Blitz3D is now available as a free download!

Full details on how to download it can be found on the Products page.

At the same time as making Blitz3D free to download, we've also made it open source - please see the Blitz3D repository on GitHub.

For more information, please see this forum thread.

BlitzPlus Source Code Released
(submitted by simonh on 2014-04-29 15:56:00)

BlitzPlus is now open source!

Please see this forum thread for more details.

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